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Meet Jessi Agadoni of Merfleur Wellness in Coastal North County

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jessi Agadoni.

Jessi, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started your journey and how you got to where you are today?
Of course! My journey into holistic healing began with my own health story. I was always the sick sensitive child growing up, and as I became an adult, I began to experience physical imbalances such as PCOS, hypothyroidism, food sensitivities and many other uncomfortable symptoms. I visited countless doctors and specialists only to be told I was relatively normal and didn’t look sick. I was prescribed a few medications and told I’d most likely be on them for life, as well as that I might not ever be able to have children. Though well-intended, standard medical care was not able to resolve or truly explain what was causing my health decline and irregularities. Fortunately, through one progressive physician and a few family friends, I was encouraged to seek alternative holistic care and reassess my food choices. This was the beginning of my journey into the holistic wellness world and ultimately where I found answers, comprehensive care, and the origin of my own life’s passion and intent.

Once I entered into the holistic care space, I quickly found it too had pros and cons. No method or approach was perfect, but each one I tried helped individualize my healing path. Physically, I went through the gamut, trying vegan, raw, GAPS, Paleo, DF-GF-SF, and many other diets. I also saw various alternative care practitioners who each pushed me forward with their approaches and therapies.  Mentally and spiritually, I spent seasons diving deep and uncovered past pain, emotional confusion, unhealthy dependencies, incredible self-critique, and general identity loss. That was not fun, but identifying imbalance on all planes definitely helped me make tremendous progress.

This long decade of searching and healing ultimately ignited a deep passion for health, specifically for the body-mind-spirit connection. I fell in love with the intricacy of it all. I am a 4 on the Enneagram, can you tell? 🙂

Ultimately, though, what led me to pursue Nutritional Therapy, Bach Flower Remedy, and now Blood Chemistry Analysis training was my fellow women. I quickly learned that I was not alone in my struggle. There was and is a great need for education and support around holistic care, specifically for women of my generation and younger. As a practitioner, I now have the ability to come alongside, hear their story, and partner with them on their journey. This is why I created Merfleur Wellness.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Merfleur Wellness – tell our readers more about your practice, your specialties, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Well, thank you! I am very grateful to be in practice!

Through Merfleur Wellness, I partner with modern women to uncover their unique nutritional needs and curate a lifestyle that will return them to their whole, healthy, and authentic selves. I do this first and foremost through creating space for them to be heard. Every story and experience is both valid and valuable to me. I then utilize a few forms of functional testing to determine their present health state and we work from there!

My process is different from the standard RD, clinical nutritionist or weight loss coach because I do not focus on or count calories. I work with too many women who have eating disorders in their past. My goal is to reignite the pleasure and art of food, to see it as a gift that nourishes cellular function, softens skin, eases sleep, provides energy, tastes delicious, and so much more.

I also vary a bit from my peers within the natural nutritional world, because I incorporate more than just nourishing food and therapeutic-level nutrients. I also consider the emotional and mental state of my client. One of my specialties involves using Bach flower remedies to shift and release my client’s emotional and mental patterns. I listen to their story and formulate a flower remedy that will not only support their transition into a new lifestyle but also allow for emotional and metal processing and the release of past thought-patterns. This beautiful and gentle method is one of the most profound healing modalities I’ve experienced and it’s also my favorite way to support clients.

Another specialty of mine that is near and dear to my heart is coming alongside women who have been through the wringer. To put it simply, women who do not qualify for a diagnosis in our current medical system because their symptoms do not register as problematic on blood tests, but are very uncomfortable and frustrated with their current state of energy, menstruation, infertility, hormones, memory, mental clarity, sleep, metabolism, skin health, etc. I’ve been there, sometimes I am still there, and so I get it.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Yes, so I will be incorporating more methods of testing and evaluation into my practice this year and I am excited to reveal these methods in a few months! I also hope to do more Instagram lives and stories and events to provide education and support to women everywhere. Honestly, though, I am just simply looking forward to supporting more of my fellow women in their journey towards becoming their whole, healthy, and authentic selves!

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