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Meet Jessica Flores of La Jolla

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jessica Flores.

Hi Jessica, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
I’ve always been a go getter. I knew what I wanted and I went for it, no matter what it took to get there. Even if it meant working multiple jobs and long nights. Although I wasn’t always sure what career path I wanted to take, I always knew I wanted a business of my own. As soon as I graduated high school I started to play around with ideas to figure out where my passion truly lied. I was dead set on moving to LA from Idaho and going to a fashion institute. I had already been approved and had my living arrangements set up all that was left to do was leave. Right before I was about to leave I got cold feet, I decided putting myself $100k in debt for two year’s worth of schooling was not it for me. That’s when I found out about the esthetician program that a friend of mine had just completed at a local beauty school. I immediately scheduled a tour and decided the beauty industry was right up my alley. As soon as I had finished the esthetics program, I began my career as a lash tech in 2015. That’s all I ever did was lashes. I ran into a few bumps along the way with the first couple of salons I was working but I eventually landed a job in a really well known lash salon in Idaho, the original Lash Lounge. There, the owner took me under her wing and helped guide me into being the lash tech that I am today. At the time, Idaho was not as saturated with the amount of lash techs that they have now so after proper training and guidance, I built clientele in no time. After about a year and a half working as an employee at the salon I became an independent contractor meaning I rented my own space. That was the first time I had ever worked for myself and I loved the creative and financial freedom it brought. I worked as an independent contractor in the salon for about 6 and a half years and eventually decided it was time for change. When the pandemic hit and shut everything down I really struggled mentally, physically and emotionally as I’m sure everyone can relate. The first two weeks were rough, I lived on my own, I couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted to so it was really just me, my thoughts and lots of wine nights. I came down to San Diego with my family for a few weeks to spend time and try to process what was going on then decided to go back home to Idaho. I’m so thankful for that trip back here because it really opened my eyes. I went back home and couldn’t stop thinking about how there was so much more to life than my hometown. I was born in LA but raised in Idaho and it’s all I knew. As the days went on I thought harder and harder about what the next chapter in my life was going to be. At that point, my brother and sister in-law had been so kind to offer me their guest house plenty of times while I got on my feet down here since they knew I’d be starting from scratch and I’d have to build clientele. At first I thought I’d just start out working as an employee at a salon that would be less stress than having the responsibility of paying rent with no clients. As I was looking for potential salons I came across a cute studio in La Jolla with two chairs in it. I thought it was just one chair up for rent and although I knew I didn’t want to start out renting the place was too cute so I decided to get info on it. When the owner got back to me I found it she was actually trying to sell the whole business over. I was mind blown and completely against it at first considering I knew absolutely no one in San Diego at the time besides my family. The owner at the time was very sweet and reassuring that building clientele would not be hard and she had clients to hand over as well. A month later I came down to look at the spot and was immediately sold. The area was gorgeous, right next to the ocean. And the exact change I was looking for. A month after that, the paperwork was signed and I was a salon owner. July 2020 I moved here, in the middle of the pandemic, everyone said I was crazy but I knew what I was capable of. Prior to moving I did all I could to market myself on social media. The first week I was here I had 5 clients total. I didn’t let it discourage me though, I knew it would take some time because I was back at square one. The first couple of months were rough. I got a part time job at a call center for a little bit to have some consistent income coming in. I was working 12+ hours a day, getting little to no sleep with my mind racing 24/7. I was constantly trying to come up with new ideas on how to get new clients in the door. I integrated body sculpting and that helped. After my clientele picked up a ton I decided to move on to offer training but I knew the only way I could offer that was if I quit my part time job which terrified me. In the back of my head I knew I would be okay but I’m an over thinker that absolutely hates asking for help so I like to make sure that I’m always taken care of. Around February 2021 I quit my part time job which opened up my schedule immensely. From March to May had made over 12k in just trainings alone and I’m now at my salon full time. I set goals for myself from the second I got here, I gave myself one year tops to live in my brother’s guest house in Ramona and get my own place nearby. That’s exactly how long it took, I’m scheduled to move into my own place in one week and now have a full clientele. The process was not easy whatsoever, this last year was definitely meant for growth and I’ve learned a lot from every single obstacle I came across along the way. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. This is only the beginning.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
There have been plenty of challenges along the way and I’m sure there are plenty more to come. The biggest one for me would have to be comparing myself to other people in San Diego who offer the same services as me being busier than I am. I think it’s easy to get caught up on where you want to be and to lose sight of how far you’ve already come. I would have literal pep talks with myself when I was feeling really down, which was often. I got really into practicing self-love and listening to podcasts and reading books about self-growth. My biggest take away from everything is to always remember that I’m exactly where I need to be. I had to learn to be grateful for what I had and focus less on what I didn’t have. I had to remain thankful for my accomplishments that I had made so far while still working towards my end goal. Although it is easy to compare myself to others success I always remind myself that everyone has their own story and their own journey. What I’ve done is very courageous, not many people would pick up and move to a new area and start a business from scratch but I did and I’m proud of that. I’m now thankful for all the struggles I’ve faced along the way because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now, I wouldn’t have the knowledge I do now with self-growth and learning how to love myself and my journey.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
I currently specialize in Eyelash Extensions which I have been doing for over 7 years and body sculpting. I love what I do. It’s all about helping people with self-image. There’s no greater feeling than seeing your client so happy after a service. As women, we tend to be a little hard on ourselves when it comes to self-image, especially with social media. With body sculpting being so new, there can be lots of misconceptions and unrealistic expectations. My goal is to always stay up to date on all the lasted info with the services I offer to be able to provide clear communication with my clients so that they know what to expect out of every service.

So, before we go, how can our readers or others connect or collaborate with you? How can they support you?
I’m always open to new ideas and collaborations. I love to connect with local entrepreneurs. My instagram is @simitriwithjess and that’s the easiest way to support me and/or get a hold of me.


  • Fullset of lashes $165-$200
  • Body Sculpting $45-$105
  • Body sculpting packages 15%-20% off original price

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: simitriwithjess

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