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Meet Joann Ramos of Joann Ramos Yoga & Coaching in Downtown

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joann Ramos.

Joann, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I love this question because I’ve had many moments recently where I take a look around when I’m “working” and with a grateful heart wonder myself.. “How did I end up here?”

All of the things that I do for work now, (teaching yoga, coaching, online workshops, being in service etc.) all revolve around empowering, healing, inspiring others while being able to learn and tap into my creativity. Whether I’m teaching and speaking to a full crowd, or working with someone one-on-one, I am somehow contributing good in the world, and that’s priceless.

Yoga, personal development, emotional intelligence was never on the list of things I wanted to do “growing up.”

None of these things were on my radar. I was not raised in a health-conscious (mind and body) home, my passions were always in philosophy and creativity. I spent a lot of time thinking that work + passions were two separate things. I am grateful every day that I’ve broken through and figured out how to combine the two together. Similar to the way that many people start their journey to healing and personal development, it usually comes with a story of a test of resilience and challenges to overcome. I’m intentional about choosing the words “test of resilience and challenge.”

There was a long period of time where I used words like “anxiety, depression, dark times, etc.” to describe my life’s experience. But with the healing and empowerment work that I’ve done and have work through those moments, in the end, I see how it was those moments that have brought me to the level of gratitude, strength, and passion that I have to share the work of healing, empowerment, and happiness of others.

I remember picking up my first book about a decade ago around radical forgiveness. I honestly just picked up the first book at Barnes and Noble’s around healing, and that was it. From there, one book leads to another. And eventually, I found myself watching videos, listening to podcasts, etc. After a while, I desired to learn more and eventually found myself in workshops, seminars, training, and yoga.

I took my first yoga class at CorePower Yoga here in San Diego. I tried their “free week” promo. The profound impact that the first class that I took had on my physical and mental health was so profound. From there I went every single day. And in less than a year, I was certified and started teaching for CorePower myself.

I’m sharing all of these things because its important to me to share that there was no “one thing” that’s supported this huge shift in confidence and empowerment that I have today. It was an accumulation of all of these things. And as I’m typing it out now, I realize that the common denominator of all of those things was my desire, hope, want to heal, empower, and grow.

Has it been a smooth road?
It was not a smooth ride, it all happened in many challenging layers. Up until two years ago, I spent my entire life keeping work and passion separate. I spent almost a decade of my life working in corporate. I got a job at an insurance company while I was in college.

This job actually supported me with putting myself through college so even if it was not easy, I am grateful for it. But I was not happy. I did not feel like I was making an impact in the way that I wanted to. I did not feel like I was evolving or learning as much as I desired. I loved the people that I worked with, but the work itself was challenging. I argued with attorneys for a living (totally opposite of what I do now!).

And as much as I knew that I overextended my stay there, I was not really in a position to be taking a leap of faith. I was responsible for myself. I was also financially responsible for my family and I had a lot to lose. I spent years forcing myself to try to smile and be happy until it got to a point where I couldn’t even pretend anymore. I wasn’t taking care of myself, I lived for the weekends where I could just party.

Once I got into taking yoga, that gave me the calm and peace that I was looking for. It was a place where I was able to get real with myself (when you’re on your mat for an hour, you get to be honest with yourself about who you are, and what you want).

As I look back at it now, I realize that I’m the only one that made it that scary. Once I took that leap and step away from my corporate life, I realized that the whole thing could have been solved if I just told myself “I trust you enough to figure it out.”

And that is something I am telling myself every day as I embark on my entrepreneurial journey. It’s not about having the perfect plan (though I love planning and strategy!), it’s also about taking action and trusting that you’re making the BEST decision that you can make with the information that you have. And if that decision ends up in success, then celebrate. If the results weren’t what you wanted and expect, then awesome… learn course correct.

One of the biggest challenges I have now is marketing myself. Based on the experience and results that I’ve created with my students and clients, I’ve learned to trust and believe that I have a gift when it comes to healing and empowerment. But a part of doing what I do requires a level of having to “put myself out there” quite a bit.

And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sharing the learning, wisdom, and inspiration, but I love to share and post when I am genuinely inspired. I can’t get myself to post on social media like clockwork, though with the direction that things are going, I get to stay connected and relevant with my audience.

I have to be authentic and am committed to being authentic all the time. Anytime you see something that I share, you can count on me that it is from my heart and fully thought out. I don’t half-ass any of the learning that I share.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Joann Ramos Yoga & Coaching story. Tell us more about the business.
My business is focused on women empowerment. Through yoga, 1:1 coaching (in-person and online), group coaching (online), I support women with getting clear on their gifts, their dreams, and identifying what’s in the way. A lot of times we are just one habit, mindset practice, shift, learning lesson, and a nugget of wisdom away from massively up-leveling our lives in business, career, and in relationships.

A lot of times I get asked: “What is life coaching?” That’s a tricky question to answer when I think about the level of peace, shifts, and changes my students and clients experience in their careers, confidence, and relationships. The results are powerful.

A lot goes into this process i.e. mindset practices, emotional cultivation, yoga, etc., but the most important is the Inspired Action piece of it all. I guide all of my 1:1 clients with accountability week after week taking action to break the small habits that create massive results. If you have a dream and can imagine it, then you have a path. If you have a path, then you can start taking action. Regardless of how big or small, take any step, any step of action in that direction. And trust yourself that you will figure it out.

After being in the personal development space for quite some time, I know that what sets me apart is how much I LOVE people. I really do take my clients wins as my own wins. And I am fully invested in the growth and success of everyone on an individual basis because I know that this is the way to shift the direction as a collective.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I am just at the very beginning of this journey and the direction is limitless. A lot of what I do now is in person (yoga and coaching), and I am just at the phase of expanding my reach to women all over the country by expanding my tribe online. My vision is to partner up with schools and organizations that are focused on our youth, and sharing yoga, and programs that will support children with emotional intelligence.

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