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Meet Jon Pasquariello of Pasquariello Design

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jon Pasquariello.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jon. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I’ve always loved tinkering in design and exploring the cool (nerdy) side of web technology. It is such a fun field of knowledge in my opinion — at times challenging, but solving a problem or learning a new technique is so rewarding. I’ve gotten into a routine with my son where he will regularly ask if I learned anything during my work day. If I had, I’ll describe it to him, usually on a topic that is hard to explain to a six-year-old, but I’m trying to show him the excitement one can have in learning, and that work can be interesting and creative. He wants to be part of my team when he grows up! Yes!

After dabbling with Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for some time, I deciding to pursue a degree in the field, while working full-time. My wife was a rock star and held down the fort with our little one as I added school to our hectic schedule, and then stepped up again when we got pregnant and had our second little boy while I still had 8 or so months left. Teamwork!

After graduating, I started working with a local Seminary as an SEO contractor. That was, and continues to be, a blessing — one of my best clients! I got my foot in the door there and quickly started doing other areas of web work like design, site management, social media, etc. I instantly knew that this area of IT was my playground and I loved the work.

That was the start of my client book and a pathway that would lead me to embrace my Pasquariello Design dream as a full-time career.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I will say yes. It was a cautious, planned and a hard worked, smooth road. I am by nature a cautious person and now, with a family that I’m responsible for, even more so when it involves something that can affect them. I worked long nights growing my business to the level that I needed to leave my stable, comfortable, secure position with my previous employer. I had to make sure I had as many ducks in a row as possible, before taking that leap, because I had to make it work.

I remember a few days before I left my job, I was sitting at my desk with this young guy that had just started with the company a few months back, fresh out of high school. We were talking about my new business and how big of a change that was going to be. He paused and then asked me, “What if you fail? What if it doesn’t work out?”. I looked at him, and in a very “old guy”, not being prideful or arrogant way, said, “I won’t. I can’t. It isn’t an option. If something isn’t working, I’ll readjust and make it work a different way. I have responsibilities and a specific role that I must uphold. I won’t fail.” Gosh, I felt old talking to this fresh-to-the-workforce “kid” about my non-option to fail! BUT, it was the truth. I prepared. I planned. I saved up reserves. I was doing this to succeed, without the option of failing. This could have been a very bumpy road, but thankfully it wasn’t — it was a cautious, planned, and hard worked, smooth road. (And I’m prepared for bumps that may come!)

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Pasquariello Design – what should we know?
Everyone always tells you to have an elevator pitch—a solid, quick, casual and “off the cuff” response (that you’ve actually practiced a million times, so you can sound impressive and knowledgeable). Yeah, I didn’t ever come up with one of those. When I broke into this fulltime, I simply told family and friends, “I own a web design and digital marketing business.”, which, face it, almost everyone has a nephew, brother/sister, or cousin that “does web design”.

I was going to let my growing portfolio and client interaction do the talking. I wanted people to be able to find me on Instagram (Favorite social media platform!!!) and have those posts and those comments from my clients are my elevator pitch. I wanted to work and get my clients results that supported their goals. I’ve always said, my goal is for “your” business to show its best possible online presence. I am a hardcore advocate in the power of the internet as a business tool, from getting a business found on Google to wowing visitors with a well-designed, easily explored, and memorable website.

What are you known for? What sets you apart from others? If you asked my clients to answer these questions about Pasquariello Design, my hope is that they would say, “Jon truly cares about our project, its outcome, and how we might improve upon it, and he takes ownership in the businesses he works with.” I purposefully use “we” and “our” when speaking or emailing with clients, because I want them to know that I am taking this seriously and adding my passion to theirs. We are going to make this awesome!

That passion and creativity are helping businesses succeed, whether that is through their website, search engine exposure, marketing materials, or social media outlets, because I understand just how much work it takes, and how personally invested owners are in their business — that’s how I started.

I believe good work, performed at a high level, while fully committing yourself to the goals and interests of a business owner, transforms and grows my own business to be that much better. We are all in this together.

What role has luck (good luck or bad luck) played in your life and business?
Good luck, in that I met and married an amazing woman who has constantly supported me and, when I was starting out, played a pivotal role in expanding my business beyond the Seminary contract, introducing me to a new batch of clients that sprouted my growing referral network, making up the majority of Pasquariello Design today.

My wife, Molly, has been a big part of what connected me to the small business community. She owns a small business herself and watching the passion and energy she puts into her work inspired me to work with like-minded individuals. The majority of my client book consists of small shop makers, freelance creatives, and small business entrepreneurs.

I look at my business as solid work and follow-through on what I was lucky enough to be blessed with.

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