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Meet Kayla Trautwein

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kayla Trautwein.

Kayla, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
People are always a bit shocked when I tell them that for most of my life, I experienced perpetual anxiety, sadness, pessimism, obsessive negative thoughts, and the belief that I was destined to be unhappy. On the outside, I was a leader and high-achiever but was filled with an overwhelming sense of dread and anxiety in everything that I did.

I was lucky enough to go away to college (UCSD), and at the age of 20, I took a course on ancient Greek philosophy. For the first time, I realized that I could question why I thought and felt the way that I did instead of just accepting my experience as truth. I reasoned through questions like, “Why is it that I get so disappointed, worried, sad, and frustrated? Is my life truly more difficult than everyone else’s or is there something I’m misunderstanding?”

After taking another philosophy course and continuing to uncover the sources of my emotional distress, I had the realization: maybe I can’t change what’s happening outside of me, but I can control the way I respond. This was unheard of for me up until that point. My thoughts and emotions were so automatic, obsessive, and intrusive, that I didn’t believe I had any control over them. However, accepting that realization was my first tiny step toward change.

Over the next six years, I embarked on a long and arduous journey trying to change myself for the better using the wisdom I had learned from ancient philosophy. Whenever I had a negative thought or feeling, I stopped myself, questioned my reaction, and chose a different response.

In 2017, I quit my job and left the US to travel for 6-months. When I came home, I had no idea what I wanted to do, however, I did know that I didn’t want to go back to an office. While I was mulling over my options, I wrote a practical philosophy book which really helped me internalize all of the wisdom I had been preaching for years. Around that time, I also learned how to work with my subconscious mind and began creating recordings to change my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The results were astounding.

In March of 2019, I decided to take the leap to start this coaching business. It’s based upon eight timeless truths that empower you to change the way you respond to life’s challenges, effectively creating a beautiful sense of inner peace and happiness. I teach my clients the wisdom consciously and then we reinforce the work at the subconscious level which is what’s consistently getting them life-altering results in a matter of 8-weeks. I got certified in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistics Programming this year which has really deepened my understanding of the subconscious mind.

I started off with 1:1 coaching in April, ran several group programs over the past few months, and am preparing to launch my program in online course format in early 2020. It has been the most rewarding ride. It’s crazy to look back at all the time I spent changing myself, never knowing where it was going to lead. However, my greatest adversity became my greatest strength and what I believe I was put on the earth to do… help others gain control over their thoughts and feelings and learn to ENJOY LIFE 🙂

Has it been a smooth road?
In the beginning, I made a common mistake that entrepreneurs make when they enter a market. I launched without really talking to anyone or doing market research first. Back then, I wasn’t as confident in myself, and I thought that if I asked other people for their opinion, I would second-guess myself and never get started.

My initial pitch was that I helped people overcome negative thoughts and emotions. I realized very quickly that most people don’t want to talk about the fact they experience negative thoughts and emotions, and it was kind of contradictory for me to be helping people overcome negativity, and then be talking and writing about negative stuff all the time. Luckily, I finally bit the bullet, did market research interviews and changed my messaging to reflect that I help people create inner peace and happiness. I thought it sounded cliche at first, but really, that’s what everyone expressed they wanted!

Other than the initial messaging faux pas, I’m very lucky and grateful for how smoothly everything has gone. The program and my teaching skills have definitely improved, but the core wisdom has remained the same. All of my clients have experienced consistent results, even the first ones before the messaging change. 🙂

We’d love to hear more about your work.
I have an 8-week coaching program where I help people create inner peace and happiness. The program is based on 8 timeless truths, that once internalized, allow your sense of peace and satisfaction with life to flourish. I call them the 8 Pillars of Inner Peace.

As I mentioned in another question, I’m a certified Hypnotherapist which has allowed me to make powerful recordings that help my clients internalize the wisdom at the subconscious level so that it becomes part of their automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

When you internalize the 8 Pillars of Inner Peace, you:

-Understand how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape your reality.
-Stop worrying about things outside of your control.
-Cultivate a true sense of happiness not determined by your external circumstances.
-Develop positive character qualities as antidotes to unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
-Let go of forming judgments about other people or attaching negative meaning to circumstances in your life.
-Make decisions that harmonize with your true wishes instead of out of fear, the desire for validation, or the expectations of others.
-Recognize the magic in life through positive coincidences, opportunities, and people who direct your beautiful life’s journey.
-Transform challenges and adversity into healing and positive growth.

What I’m known for and what sets me apart is that I come at inner peace and happiness from a logical and analytical perspective. This really appeals to left-brained people (for lack of a better description). For most people, just telling them to meditate, think positively, or stay in the present doesn’t give their brains the “math problem” they can work out to change their response to life’s inevitable challenges. It’s kind of like the difference between memorizing information for a test vs. actually understanding why the answer is right using critical thinking. I break down the 8 Pillars in our sessions and then the recordings I make give my clients enough repetition to where the wisdom gets internalized and becomes second-nature.

People trust me because I know what it’s like to struggle in constant negative thoughts and emotions. I relate deeply to every client I work with because I’m not just someone spouting cliches, mantras, or platitudes at them; I’ve actually experienced what they’ve experienced.

I’m most proud of the dedication I’ve seen from my clients and the fact they are all getting consistent, life-altering results. This program works. It’s 8-weeks and it takes daily effort to create the changes they’re looking for. It’s a lot of work. But in perspective, to spend 8-weeks investing in your personal growth to change thought patterns and emotions that have held you back your whole life is a pretty sweet deal!

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
San Diego is a great place to launch a business, especially a coaching business. As I mentioned, I was the Director of EvoNexus and I worked with 100s of entrepreneurs over my 3 years at the organization. Compared to other startup hubs, San Diego has more of a collaborative nature, rather than cut-throat and competitive.

For companies that need to raise investment capital, there’s still room for improvement, however, there are many organizations in town that are doing great work to bring investors to the area (EvoNexus, SDVG, Connect, TCA, etc.).

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