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Meet Kelsey Treviño

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kelsey Treviño.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Initially, drawing was just my way of escaping reality. It was a hobby which provided me a space where I could hone my creative freedom in solitude. Nothing came more naturally to me than being alone and lifting a pencil to a blank surface, eyes following behind my hands as they guide material and thought. Art gave me the ability to create something entirely new, a manifested glimpse into my mind. But with time my interest in art ripened into an obsession. I fell in love with color, as well as the history of art practice, and began to question how I was perceiving my surrounding world.

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to make art in a formal classroom setting that I chose to take my talent more seriously. Sharing a space with other artists, and having the ability to exchange ideas while in the midst of creating a new work changed the way I made art completely. My creative process no longer relied on isolation, rather giving and receiving feedback from other artists has pushed me to challenge myself creatively, taking risks with each new work and pushing the boundaries of my own artistic limits.

Please tell us about your art.
My artistic style varies and my work will often appear either whimsical and colorful, or downright demented. This really depends on my latest tastes in music, or art genres. My artwork is also heavily guided by my emotions, and it’s through the inclusion of color that I display an array of feelings that were encountered while making the piece. As a result, my arrangement of color is very meticulous and is constantly changing as the painting develops.

I like to think of my art practice as just that, practice. I find myself constantly in an experimental mindset when approaching a blank canvas. I aim to learn something new with each artwork through challenging how I approach painting, sometimes things work sometimes they don’t. It’s all part of learning about myself as an artist and understanding where my strengths lie, and where there’s room to improve. Overall, I enjoy the challenges of making art and of creating something never before seen. It is through experiencing my art that I invite viewers to challenge their perception of reality, and to see the world in a completely new light.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
I feel that the conditions for artists vary by artist. Each individual has a completely unique experience and therefore comes across a completely unique set of opportunities. In order to succeed we have to face the challenges that come with being an artist, and most importantly these challenges include obsessively making art. Even if this means coming home after school and work, and still painting until two in the morning like I often do. In my own experience, artists have encouraged me to be different and to experiment with new ideas. As long as there’s a consistent fresh creative thought happening, I think art will always be interesting.

San Diego’s art scene has been very encouraging. Pushing me to submit work for shows, attend events, meet other artists and to seek out exposure. What cities and communities can do is provide space for artists to showcase their work, provide more opportunities for exposure. Regardless of where you’re at, mutual support between artists is among the most crucial factors in determining what the conditions for artists are going to look like. Be supportive, be interactive, be creative and the rest should follow.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
Instagram is where I update on my latest artworks, and exhibits. I’m working on releasing a website, and hopefully having prints available for purchase in the coming months. There’s always something exciting going on, so please check it out!

Contact Info:

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  • Instagram: @kelsey.trevino

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