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Meet Loren Patrick Murillo of Loren Patrick Music

Today we’d like to introduce you to Loren Patrick Murillo.

Loren Patrick has been DJing for 16 years. Blending genres from classic rock to electronic dance music, his collection of digital and vinyl albums offer a wide range of entertainment for any occasion. Located in Southern California, Loren’s experience includes public, private and corporate events at numerous venues including restaurants, bars, clubs, reception halls and more.

Loren’s interest in DJing began at age 15 when he started experimenting with scratch techniques and juggling records of all types in his bedroom. In college, he began to develop his style at local venues in Chicago, where musical reputation has been present for many years and continues to evolve. Loren has been entertaining for weddings, informal or formal events, parties and mixers here in San Diego since he moved home in 2009.

Has it been a smooth road?
DJing has been a blessing for me, although, every gig has its own struggles. It is not an easy hobby and you must pay a lot of attention to detail to not only please your direct client but also the guests they have invited to their event or celebration. I have been lucky to work with very genuine clients and individuals who understand the music industry and how fast it evolves to catch the attention of any target market.

When I first started DJing in the public sector, I was very intimidated by the crowds and more experienced musicians I played side-by-side with. Public events are their own monster. Requests, booing and bad looks sent your way are very typical. “You can’t please everyone,” is a statement to keep in mind. Always striving to do so, is all you can do.

Controlling a dance floor or club scene is a very fun yet daunting task as well. I have played music to excite crowds and fill dance floors, and, I have played music that has evacuated dance floors. Now, while focusing on Private events such as weddings, corporate parties and company mixers, I am able to customize and tweak my sets to cater directly to the demographic I will have in front of me while working. In doing so, I coordinate meetings before the events to completely dial in the taste of music and genres the client would like to hear.

Very little critiquing is done at these events and it gives you more flexibility to be yourself and present your uniques style and approach. More than anything else, the satisfaction of executing a flawless event for a client, builds my passion for and drives me to get better at what I do.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Loren Patrick Music was created to provide top-tier musical entertainment for any event within the Southern California area. The company has also entertained parties and crowds in Northern California, Malibu/Los Angeles, Mexico and many more locations during its time.

The company was created after many years of DJing solely for fun and passion for the art. I was fortunate enough to open for some headlining artists and perform at recurring events to get my name out into the industry and decided that the business should be born.

I am most proud of my company for it’s commitment and loyalty to its mission. My style of DJing comes directly from the original roots of what DJing was founded upon, two turntables and a mixer. With a highly over-saturated market these days, it is “ahead of the game” to actually know how to blend music and how to count beats per minute by ear and not just press a play button that does the job for you.

My client’s respect and are usually in awe of my background and feel very comfortable with me in control on the day of their event. Due to my knowledge and understanding of the trade, I am able to connect with individuals during meetings prior to events and assure them that I am very capable of fulfilling any requests they may have.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
San Diego is a great location to have a DJ service. I feel that the location is very diverse and will always have a need for entertaining any group or demographic. Another big factor is the weather. San Diego is a great destination for travel. This brings more weddings to the area than many others in the United States. Being able to hold an event (indoor or outdoor) all year round, makes it easy to be creative but also allows for more options and opportunities.

I would most definitely recommend starting in San Diego. As a DJ, you have so many options as mentioned. These options range from bars and clubs to weddings and private family functions. The best way to get started is to network with other local DJs and find a way to get your first foot through the door. As a less experienced DJ, I would be competitive with other vendors. I would lower my prices and packages to ensure a date and then do the best I could to have my name referred to others. A lot of times I would be asked for my business card and just that is all you need to grow your client base.

Do not get discouraged and remember not everyone will like what you are playing with every song or set. No one is successful one hundred percent of the time and you can’t learn or grow if you don’t fail.

Contact Info:

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  • Phone: (619) 372-2273
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  • Instagram: lorenpatrick_music
  • Facebook: Loren Patrick Murillo

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  1. Blake

    July 31, 2018 at 1:03 am

    Loren is the DJ for our wedding and I couldn’t ask for a more professional and accommodating experience!

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