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Meet Madison Montgomery of Lotus Lash Studio in Encinitas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Madison Montgomery.

Madison, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
In 2012, while working for a Swiss company (in the world of stem cells and regeneration) my division was made redundant globally… a complete surprise to all. In one phone call, eight minutes long, our lives were instantly changed. So, I spent two months surfing at the beach, figuring out my new plan. I brokered a contract for a similar position, however, four months into it, life imploded. I decided to leave the medical degrees and the medical world behind, move to the west coast, where I could be warm and live in an endless summer, while still doing something that was not only client-based but focused on females & creativity. Where people wanted to come to see me and were so happy to share time together. Something that was mine, no more other people making changes to my life… and I have had a love affair with Encinitas since I was in college.

I had thought about being an Aesthetician on/off for a handful of years… and LOVED getting my lashes done… it was peaceful, I had someone taking care of me, focusing on me AND I felt SO glamorous! I still remember the first time I had my lash extensions done! I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror (which is SO not me)! That one little thing, made my eyes pop, gave me so much confidence, a more youthful, feminine look AND I would awaken like that! As well as leave hot yoga or work out STILL feeling that way!! No more looking like Alice Cooper with mascara running down my face… it was like MAGIC and I was hooked! So, when I decided to re-invent myself, I wanted to offer that same uh-mazing experience to other women…

My skillset from the medical world translated immediately to lashes. I was accustomed to working under magnification, with tiny objects, instruments, etc… I was great with patient care & patient education, I went to school at Xtremelash, passed out biz cards on the beach and had some surfer girls come in, fell in love with my work and posted on FaceBook! My new adventure was a go! That little weekend on the beach taught me so much about the SoCal Boho natural look. I had no idea at the time, it would be my signature brand.

It was (and still is) an interesting journey. I was very specific about what I wanted to create and many told me I would never make it. I had a vision of very natural sexy lashes for women to wear. Lashes that showcased their best features. Women are all SO different. Different shape eyes, different size eyes & I wanted to showcase that individuality as well as have the look fit their lifestyle. I wanted and do specialize in creating something special for that individual. I don’t lash every client the same way because the same recipe will not work on every eye. I find a lot of places are just “lashing” versus creating a design that will look great on the individual client. That I why I just published my ebook: The Art of Lash Design, it’s available on my FaceBook page: @LotusLashEncinitas

I truly hope to help others that love this business create a viewpoint of “one size does not fit all”…

I do individual lashes, not volume because I feel it has allowed me to be more creative while keeping the integrity of the client’s lashes on the forefront. Integrity of the lash health is very very important to me, as well as the tribe the studio has created. It has been far more awesome than I had imagined.

I have just published an e-book; “The Art of Lash Design”, available on my website & FaceBook page; @Lotus Lash Encinitas, and am now writing a book about this entire journey, as well as booking speaking engagements to inspire other women who want to re-invent themselves midlife… if anyone had ever told me that this would be something I would do, I completely would have laughed and told them they had the wrong woman, but I would have been the one wrong. I absolutely LOVE it!

I have been blessed with amazing friends, women sharing their stories, and women showing support in so many ways. We all laugh about the “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” saying because I had NO IDEA how many people I would connect to thru this career… I am SO full of heartfelt gratitude for all that share time with me. It is because of these amazing women that I get to do something I love, something that not only brings me great joy but brings so much joy to them, while also giving them the same confidence boost. Not only that, but the amount of time, (time is money) a woman can save getting out the door in the morning can not be ignored. Today’s woman has a crazy busy life. Any amount of time shaved off a daily ritual can be a huge help….

My LashArt is on my Instagram

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
LOL! Is it ever really a “smooth road?” I envy those that can say YES! Like anything else, of course, I have had my challenges. Getting the word out there consistently, without being pushy and by having conversations with people about what beautiful lashes should look like, the reality of lashes, lash health vs the women we see compiled in magazine photo’s by filters. I am so over the overdramatic caterpillar lashes that look crazy and overpower a woman’s entire face. It’s not natural… I love the less is more, look… When you see a woman (in my opinion), you should be a beautiful face, not; “OMG, she has caterpillars on her eyes”! I do realize to each his/her own, I prefer an understated elegance to my LashArt.

Please tell us about Lotus Lash Studio – what should we know?
I proudly admit I am a LashAddict! It is this addiction that helped create my business, Lotus Lash Studio, here, in Encinitas, CA. I am a Master LashArtist & specialize in individual lash extensions designs… I am known for my innate attention to detail, education of clients, lash health & overall client care… what I am most proud of is that it has been built by scratch, with love, sweat and tears… I moved here from the east coast and I re-created myself, & my life.

I think one of the secrets to studio success is that it’s important to give clients time and attention. What is their lifestyle? What do they hope to achieve? I keep expectations very real. You can only work with what a person has. I am very transparent and spend a lot of time in the discovery and design phase of the consultation. A picture speaks a 1000 words and keeps people on the same page where the words ” I want to look natural” mean 100 different things to 100 different people. These clients are walking billboards of my LashArt… I want them to be happy to the core. So, I photograph their natural lashes before I work on them. With beauty, the way it is, no one remembers what “real natural lashes” look like. Our perception is skewed very quickly… myself included.

I am most proud (of course of my work), but in addition to that, what my studio has become. A very intimate place where women feels respected, heard, understood, safe, honored, and cared for, from the heart.

I think what sets me apart, truly, is my honesty in keeping expectations real, a huge amount of life experience, a diverse education in science, patient care & my absolute love to be of service to people… it is with genuine pleasure that I am of service and I practice gratitude daily for my blessings.

One of my keys to my success is definitely discretion. I have a high profile pro-athlete clientele.
How they look is their brand… it’s important to them that the assistance they receive from my LashArt appears naturally glam… frankly until I met some of them, I had no idea that they did the same thing the rest of us do prior to a competition or event! They get spray tans, highlights, mani-pedi & lashes just like the rest of us… it never entered my mind they “created” the look/brand. I had always believed they were just genetically blessed…

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I don’t think any of us get anywhere truly alone. I have met wonderful people that have supported my efforts and dreams by sharing my Instagram, their experience, sharing with their friends, etc… my business has been built by word of mouth, women sharing with women, and helping those that have had a not so great lash experience somewhere else. I have done a very large amount of corrective work and when people are happy, they share the experience.

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