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Meet Marc Emmelmann of Green Carpet Growing

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marc Emmelmann.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Marc. So, let’s start at the beginning, and we can move on from there.
I’m the founder of Green Carpet Growing. We teach people how to grow cannabis through personal instruction. Our claim to fame is running grow classes and providing home-grow consulting, training programs, and doing so with a hands-on and experiential approach. How so? Our grow classes and training programs take place in our homes.

Why’s that? Because there’s no better place to learn to grow cannabis at home, than at someone’s home-grown! Myself and my head teacher, Rick, even offer video chat appointments to help people grow cannabis at home. Before I started Green Carpet Growing, I really wanted to grow cannabis myself because I was repeatedly dissatisfied with the quality of cannabis flower I was getting, or with the lack of reliable availability when I found something that was smooth and worked for me.

The rising prices of cannabis were also not favorable. Once I realized I could liberate myself and grow for myself, I became inspired to help myself and then help others. I got trained by a handful of grow teachers. After a series of divine appointments — I was getting personal instruction in my home by multiple growers. Then I launched Green Carpet Growing, and the public fell in love with us. We’ve already been profiled on Buzzfeed’s Bring Me, NBC 7, and on the front cover of the business section in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

I’ve always sought out opportunities to help others, and this has been consistent throughout my professional life. I’ve worked in safe homes, group homes, churches, schools, and many local non-profit organizations including the San Diego Performing Arts League, San Diego Actors Alliance, and Just in Time for Foster Youth. I also have helped a number of small businesses in San Diego with their branding and online marketing by running my own marketing business.

When I was focused on that, I enjoyed helping small businesses and start-ups do online marketing effectively and efficiently. Now I bring that same spirit of helping others into my home-grow consulting and training with Green Carpet Growing. By far, this was the best decision of my life. Someone had to do it — get out there and teach and show the world — that growing cannabis at home is viable — and not the terribly difficult and confusing thing many cultural myths insist.

Nope. It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, and you don’t have to be a “grow-master” to grow high-quality cannabis at home. Besides the many San Diegans we’ve taught, we have had students from all over the world including Mexico, Canada, Austria, France, Thailand, Brazil and more. Today I am writing a book on how to grow cannabis indoors and in the near future, working to bring Green Carpet Growing to other cities in California and around the world.

Nothing compares to the joy I get seeing people learn to grow cannabis, simply and sensibly, from the start! I’m enthusiastic to be sowing into the revolution sweeping the world — I truly believe growing your own high-quality cannabis is your individual right and I’ll always support that!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Starting this unique business has not been a smooth road, not by any stretch of the imagination. I get a lot of headaches, so being a business owner is challenging. I loathe the days I have to call students to reschedule their much-anticipated grow class because of a migraine I woke up in the morning with.

Finding the right fun and passionate grow-teacher to accompany me was very challenging, but thankfully I found teacher Rick — and we are the bees-knees of cannabis cultivation education if you ask me. Lots of growers don’t know how to communicate to new beginners, or they just don’t have an interest in teaching. So when I was introduced to Rick from a longtime friend, I realized it was worth the long agonizing wait for “the perfect teacher.”

The ultimate struggle is that Facebook does not allow us to advertise, and to be honest, as much as I hate to admit it, this is the reason we aren’t getting more training program clients and grow class students. We are getting good traction and results on Google, if you search “grow classes,” you should see Green Carpet Growing right away. Once Facebook and Instagram get with the program — business is going to be booming which is to say, the world will be learning to grow their own cannabis at home!

Please tell us about Green Carpet Growing.
Green Carpet Growing teaches people how to grow quality cannabis at home. Sure there are online courses for cannabis cultivation, but nothing compares to approach: face-to-face training and personal instruction. That’s what makes Green Carpet Growing different from the other training companies that only offer online classes or downloadable videos. The magic of connecting with us by video chat or having us in your own home cannot be replaced, and this is what makes Green Carpet Growing remarkable!

Just yesterday I received an email from someone who completed a year-long Certificate Program with an online cannabis training program, and he said he was “interested in some hands-on at this point.” Yikes! A year-long program with no-hands on? Sounds like torture to me. OK, I’m being facetious. But seriously, Green Carpet Growing to the rescue! We are now working on setting up a training program in our home-grow “labs” with him.

Green Carpet Growing also makes weekly appearances on the West Coast Cannabis Tour Bus in San Diego by doing a little home-grow crash course with plants. Tour guests experience my DIY demos, learn how to smell cannabis flowers properly, and get all their first-timer questions answered.

As for being proud — besides getting featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune on the front cover of the business section, and being profiled on NBC 7 and Buzzfeed, Green Carpet Growing has also been featured on cable news in Japan. That’s right, Japanese cable news came to a Green Carpet Growing grow class! I’m also grateful for the sponsors who support Green Carpet Growing like Dark Heart Nursery and Spiked Soil.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
If I had to start over, I can’t imagine I’d do too much differently. I’ve been creating a new niche, and trailblazing home-grow training and education has been thrilling, challenging, but worth it. There’s no sense in dwelling in the past, onward we go!


  • $59 grow classes
  • $75 hr home grow consulting

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