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Meet Meghan Miklavic

Today we’d like to introduce you to Meghan Miklavic.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I am originally from a small town off of the coast of Portland, Maine. Growing up near the water, my work is largely inspired by the natural beauty of the coastline. I have always loved spending time at the beach and it is where I feel most myself. I paint in an abstract style primarily with encaustic wax, acrylic paint, watercolor, and I incorporate sand into certain pieces of my work.

I received a bachelors in Fine Arts and Psychology and love teaching, using art as a therapeutic tool and creating my own work. I have used therapeutic art with patients in hospitals, various support groups, children and adults with special needs, and many others. I think art is such an important part of a community and I love to be able to share it with others. My parents have always been so supportive of me pursuing art since a young age which I think can be rare so I am really grateful for that. My boyfriend is also really encouraging and positive about my paintings which really helps me in the day to day work.

I currently live in San Diego, California, near the coast, where I continue to paint my version of the ocean. When I am not painting I love running, dancing, and spending time at the beach.

Please tell us about your art.
I have always been fascinated by the natural beauty of the ocean and its coastline. I like to create work that puts me, and hopefully the viewer, at ease. Everyday life can be so hectic for so many people and I love to share my art to inspire a small moment of calm at home. I like to use peaceful colors and long flowing brush strokes in most of my work.

My paintings are primarily inspired by the serenity of the ocean, specifically before and after a storm. As a storm approaches, it pulls warm air from the atmosphere for its fuel, creating what we know as a “calm.” This moment silences your surroundings, leaving you humbled by the ocean’s power and beauty.

This calm isolates your heightened senses, the saturated colors around you, the air on your skin and the power of mother nature as the ocean begins to churn. These peaceful, awakening moments before and after a storm inspire my work the most. These moments are when I feel I can breathe deeply, focus, and really appreciate the small things. I try to encompass these small precious moments in my paintings and in the chaos of our busy lives.

My hope is to share my own visual and emotional narrative of the ocean and the world around me; my fear of it, my peace with it, and my love for it. My dream is for viewers to find their own emotional journey and connection in my work, and to find parts of their own stories in my paintings.

Given everything that is going on in the world today, do you think the role of artists has changed? How do local, national or international events and issues affect your art?
I think art is an extremely vital part of local communities as well as on a national and international level. To me, art is such an effective and powerful way to communicate and relay messages. There are no language barriers with art, so it can reach so many people, especially now with the internet.

In my opinion, in terms of creating movements, sending positive messages and expressing emotions I don’t know if there is a more powerful language than art. I think that everyday events definitely affect my art, whether it is a conscious or subconscious choice. I try to keep my work positive whether it is inspired by an uplifting event, or whether it is used to keep spirits up in times of sadness.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
I have been very lucky in the last few years to have shown in galleries on both the East Coast and West Coast. I have wonderful friends and family who always make an effort to see my work which always means so much to me. I am new to showing my work in the last few years in California and it is wonderful how art is such a huge part of the communities here. I have really enjoyed visiting local art galleries and getting the chance to see other artists’ work as well.

Currently, my work can be found locally in San Diego at Emerald C Gallery in Coronado and at the ArtNSoulon101 Gallery in Encinitas. My work is also on my website for purchase, as well as additional information about my process and my story.

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