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Meet Michael Langdon of Chroma Drum in Vista

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michael Langdon.

Michael, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Starting back in 2015, Michael first discovered the Handpan, commonly known as the “Häng” or Handpan. The magical sounds of this instrument struck his heart deeply and inspired him to explore this new world of sound. As he dove deeper and deeper into this new world, he felt a tremendous heart calling to try crafting one, just for fun. After attempting to build his first drum, Michael was not just hooked, he was obsessed. Every waking moment he researched metallurgy, welding, tuning frequencies, (some) physics and anything that he felt would gain his knowledge and understanding to create the most high quality tongue drum ever. Through rigorous trial and error and constant refinements, Michael began to make a name for himself and his obsession quickly became the love of his life.

When Michael started selling his instruments, he noticed two very important things – the people who started to enter his life, and how much more grounded he felt through constantly playing these instruments. Without realizing what was happening, it was the practice of embodiment that helped Michael transform his life and that the instrument was helping him to get out of his head and into his heart. From that moment he pledged his life and his mission to be of service to the world in creating these sacred vessels to help others receive the medicine he found in himself. As they say, “You are your own medicine” couldn’t be more true, and these tools help you to utilize your essence and your medicine. They are so intuitive and simple, yet powerfully creative, inspiring, and healing.

Has it been a smooth road?
Not at all. When I first made the prayer “I would do anything to see that my business is successful” I was in for one heck of a journey. The universe was going to teach me some very humbling lessons as my mission was never supposed to be about “financial success”.

I moved to Portland to expand and work with a business partner, long story short, left me and another person homeless. I lived in my car and worked in my warehouse for nearly 2 1/2 years. In that time I had no distractions, no people to tell me how I should do things, It was just me and my art. It was hard, but my art was purely me and I couldn’t be more proud. I do feel very connected with my guides, as through this entire journey there was always a guiding voice that my intuition was connected to. The voices helped me through the darkest times of my life. I slept with the rats, lived minimally, yet I knew all I needed was to be close to my work, have a place to sleep because I knew that my work was going to change peoples lives and help usher in a new consciousness to this world, that so badly needs it.

Over the years of building, I have overcome many serious injuries to my neck and back. Although very fun to build, it is extremely taxing on the body. May 2019 I suffered from three disk herniations that was so bad I thought my career was over for good. I only started to build again in November 2019 and have been making a strong comeback.

Tell us about your company. What do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for, etc. What are you most proud of as a company? What sets you apart from others?
At Chroma Drum™ we build and manufacture beautiful sounding and aesthetically incredible steel tongue drums. I am the all-rounder. I’ve done everything from developing the entire manufacturing process, building my website, marketing, photography, everything. I’m completely self-taught, I never had any mentors before starting, which made it more exciting for me to learn a new and very uncommon trade. Today, certain parts are outsourced such as water jet cutting to make work more sustainable.

Chroma Drum is known for its aesthetics and sound quality. I developed five unique styles that are iconic to the brand which is done through a very unique polishing and burning process. We also offer 10-15 unique sound models all with a unique vibe that will suit anyone.

As a company, I am most proud of the mission. At my core, I’m an artist, but even deeper than that, this work isn’t about me at all. I built this company with a mission to help people in a multitude of ways. I believe that music can heal us from the inside out when practiced properly with the right intentions. I’m here to spread that message and teach how we can all step more deeply into ourselves and be more aligned and connected.

What sets apart Chroma Drum from other manufactures is just about everything. The aesthetics, sound quality, our mission. Our drums are designed with a proprietary dampening system that helps isolate vibrational energy within the acoustic chamber. This system gives our drums a very powerful and deep sound you won’t hear in any other brand on the planet.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Yes! I moved down here to expand my business because I realized the potential that was here. I would recommend that whoever is starting a business that you need to be aligned with your purpose, goals, intuition, and let those guide you wherever you need to be. It is hard to say that about any business because we are all here collectively to serve in our unique ways. I do believe that there is a huge abundance here in San Diego and there are LOTS of great communities and niches to serve.


  • Basic builds start at $500 (Comes with case and playing mallets)
  • Iconic series start at $650 (Comes with beautiful adornments and etched designs)
  • Pearl Series starts at $650 (Our newest offering)

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