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Meet Michael Pritsker | CEO, Happy Head Massage

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Michael Pritsker. Michael is the CEO of Happy Head Massage and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Michael below.

Hi Michael, so great to have you join us again. For folks who might have missed our earlier conversations, can you please take a minute to briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Michael Pritsker. I’m a businessman, chiropractor, stand up comedian, and former mma fighter. I’m also the father of two wonderful, smart, handsome, little…cats named Tootsie and Mr. Gajillionaire. I got two teenage sons too but the kittens are easier to handle. In San Diego I’m known as Mr. Happy Head. I’m the founder and CEO of Happy Head Massage which currenlty has 7 locations throughout San Diego.

How has Happy Head Massage become the go to place in San Diego to get a massage?
A great massage without the spa price. That concepts is the main reason that has driven the success of the Happy Head. We give people an upscale spa like experience and an exceptional massage at an affordable price.

What services does Happy Head Massage offer?
Happy Head Massage offers several styles of massage. These range from full body massages like Swedish and Deep Tissue done in private rooms, to the Asian Style reflexology massage done in a group setting, starting at only $49 for the hour. We also offer upgrades and additional services like CBD massage oil for an even more relaxing experience, and chiropractic care to eliminate neck and back pain.

The Happy Head name is pretty funny and your advertising is not conventional. Why did you call it Happy Head Massage and what’s with all the funny advertising?
Yes the name is funny. It’s also memorable. It also gave us a few problems finding locations which would allow a massage place to open with the name Happy Head. The name was specifically called the Happy Head to put a light on the massage industry, both the good and the bad. The name has helped us raise money for various organizations that help the support the fight against human trafficking. A funny name that supports unfunny causes.

How did your company survive through covid?
Our customers helped us survive through covid. Numerous supportive emails and letters from our happy customers was our driving force. During our time off our attention was focused on improving our services and establishments to be better than ever. Since we’re reopened, our customers have shown us amazing support and keep coming in for a great massage without the spa price.

What are you doing to protect your customers?
Everything we possibly can. Cleaning, sanitizing, temperature checks, masks, you name it. We should change our slogan to a great clean massage without the spa price.

What is your plan for the company for the future?
Wherever my customers go, that’s where we’re going. The residents of San Diego have made the Happy Head what it is today. Today our focus is to give the San Diegans the best massage experience. We’ll see where we take it from there.

It was so great to reconnect. One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you?
Check out the Happy Head at There’s a link there to sign up for some of our outrageous emails. For some of the best deals, follow us on Instagram at @happyheadmassage. If you’re looking for me and you’re not selling me something, just google Michael Pritsker and stay out of the adult section.

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