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Meet Olivia Morrissey

Today we’d like to introduce you to Olivia Morrissey.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My first poem was ‘Your Heart Beats’ at the age of six, and I wrote songs from elementary to high school, mostly love songs. My songs turned to short stories, and my stories turned to articles, and they have now come full circle to my first piece, as I create my first poetry collection on returning to one’s own heart and love.

I grew up a very sensitive only child in the woods of Rhode Island, and I often escaped to books or my journal to understand and feel understood.

In time, I dismissed my passion for prose as a side hobby in the pursuit of my undergraduate degree, and found myself a year and a half out of college holding crumbled remains of a toxic relationship’s broken heart, memories of a South America backpacking trip, and a degree I knew my inner child could not make use of.

I am now a published poet and author working on a full-length poetry collection, servicing reiki, yoga instruction, guided meditation, self-love guidance programs, and sacred circle facilitation.

But two winters ago? No. Two winters ago, I was truly at a standstill. I was at square one. I was at the cliff’s edge of the greatest journey I had yet to experience: the journey back to my own love, truth, and happiness.

Has it been a smooth road?
A toxic romantic relationship just out of college left me utterly disheveled. I had sacrificed much of my truth, my love and my physical health for this partner in some self-proclaimed attempt at being a savior, and I became the most fragile ghost and shell of a woman that I ever believed possible. I scared myself, and the little fear that remained, outside of my empty body that January, and I made it my mission to figure out the self-love that everyone preached of.

A friend and I road tripped across the country, and I set up a safe haven in San Diego, California, to figure out some way to become human again. Writing and the healing community of San Diego led me back to that: I have just finished my first collection of poetry on this wound-filled experience and the succeeding journey back to my own light.

I have also decided to extend the collection to encompass the second part of my journey–my new navigation of living life in a space of love– so you’ll have to stay tuned on the full book release. In my two years of healing, loving and forgiving, I have lived out of my car, spent consecutive 10-hour days writing in cafés and over $8,500 in personal growth and healing, and questioned and believed in myself every step of the way. I wouldn’t change one breath.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I am first and foremost a lover. My heart is my greatest strength, and it is the crux of the woman I am today and the gift I have come to share with this world. My business is healing through love– healing of my own and of others. I am an author and a poet, and my work has been published on elephant journal, Thought Catalog and YogiApproved.

I am a certified Reiki 1 and 2 healer, and I combine my alchemy of words with my energy work to create personalized mantras based on my clients’ energetic, physical, mental and emotional experiences. I am also a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, and I aim to weave this practice into my calling for linguistic and energetic healing.

One of my deepest passions is sisterhood, and I have taken part in countless women’s circles and a few courses over the past two years. My life’s-work is in reclaiming divine feminine energy within the individual and the collective. I believe this is done by breaking ourselves back into the love we were born as– in perfect equilibrium– and by restoring sanctity, honor, and respect for feminine nature as it harmonizes to sacred masculine energy.

I am proud of my journey. I am proud that I chose love, and healing. My journey was not simply the wounding or the light that happened to me; it was what I chose to do with my experience. And that has made it all worthwhile, meaningful and treasurable.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I am in gratitude for the healing community and opportunities that San Diego has gifted me. I believe this city beckons the wounded with its eternal sunshine, swallowing the jagged pebbles we have become in its river-mouth, only to smooth us over time and send us back on our way.

San Diego truly is a city wholesome and welcoming of creatives, healers, and conscious souls alike, and my growing and healing process wouldn’t be the same if I were elsewhere. For the healer seeking safe haven and reception, come, and be prepared to show up in your own full illumination–after all, everyone is a healer, but only you are you.

For the poets, writers, and word-alchemists– come, and reach out if you’d like a listing of the city’s cafés ranked by ambiance, steady Wi-Fi and vegan food options. As for my healed heart and me? We’re seeking refuge in a space with a lot more lushness and a lot more wet– but I will never forget how fully San Diego held me in my fragile and blooming time here.


  • Reiki: 60-minute Reiki session with energetic assessments, prayer, guided meditation, sacred song and page-long summary and mini personalized mantra: $77
  • 60-minute Reiki session with in depth (2-3 pages) summary and personalized written mantra created from unique energetic experience: $111
  • 30-minute Reiki session with energetic assessments, prayer, guided meditation, sacred song and page-long summary and mini personalized mantras: $44
  • 30-minute Reiki session with in depth (2-3 pages) summary and personalized written mantra created from unique energetic experience: $66

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