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Meet Phé

Today we’d like to introduce you to Phé.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I started performing at a very young age, always drawn to the stage whether that be through music, theatre, musical theatre, or dance. Performing was a space in which I grew to feel very comfortable and most like myself — even if I was playing another character. It gave me the freedom and creative outlet to explore the different parts that I was made up of and allowed me to share those parts of myself with others. Because the performing gave me such comfort, I spent most of my free time in rehearsals, dance classes, practicing the alto saxophone, or making up songs and plays with my little sister and friends. I was just always creating.

From grade 3-9 I was a part of a fine arts elementary school and high school, which “taught through the arts”. All of our core-curriculum classes incorporate fine arts into the teaching method. So for History class, we would make little skits, and for science, we would build these intricate pieces of art to explain what we were learning etc. In grade 10, I transferred to a new school that didn’t have such a program, but still found a way to incorporate the way I knew how to learn into the everyday curriculum. I would write songs and raps to help me remember the stuff for exams and tests, and my friends and I would make music videos for our class projects.

While I always knew that I wanted to do something that involved music or performance, it wasn’t until I started college that I really made the conscious decision to be a solo artist and a songwriter. In my second year at the Berklee College of Music, I wrote what ended up being my debut single, “Incredible”, and it was from there that I knew I needed to pursue my career as an artist. I had done some work singing background vocals on records for
Aloe Blacc, and Canadian band Marianas Trench, but nothing had brought me as much joy as sharing my story and my music with people, and hearing that what I had to say was touching people and helping them to heal.

And now here we are! I’ve graduated college, am living in LA, have released 3 singles, am finishing up my debut EP, and constantly just writing new music — both for myself and other artists. I definitely have a long journey ahead of me and am constantly just trying to learn and grow as much as I can, because every new experience just enriches me as an artist and a person, and helps me to better express and communicate through music.

Please tell us about your art.
I am an artist and songwriter, and I focus mainly on alternative RnB music for my own artist project — but also write a ton of other genres as a songwriter for other projects.

When I started writing, it was simply a way for me to understand stuff that I was going through and to make sense of the space I existed in — within the grand scheme of things. My debut single wasn’t written to be my debut single. It was written because I was experiencing these new feelings that I had never felt before and needed to get all these thoughts out of my head and process them in a way that made sense. It wasn’t until the song was done, that I realized that I had created something that represented me as an artist and the energy I wanted to put out into the Universe.

So I very much create from where I’m at, and what I am going through. My songs are inspired by the stuff that I need to work out with myself. Sometimes that means the songs come super easily, and sometimes that means I am writing the same song but different for weeks on end. There isn’t really a formula for me.

My hope is that I am able to use my platform and my music to give young people a space in which that can heal and explore their vulnerability in a safe and positive way. I want people to feel seen, heard, and understood, and create a community where people can just exist as they are, because that’s what music did for me growing up.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
I think right now music is more accessible and coming out more frequently than ever before. It’s all about what’s the newest and what playlists you can get your stuff on, and that makes it hard for up-and-coming independent artists to break through some of the noise that’s out there. There’s just so much music out there, and so it’s sometimes hard to get your music to the people who can help break you as an artist because everyone is trying to get their stuff to them.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
I’ve got music out on Spotify and Soundcloud, and a lyric visual up on Vevo! You can keep up with new releases, shows, and everything else I’ve got going on via my socials below <3


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