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Meet Phyllis Hall of ®

Today we’d like to introduce you to Phyllis Hall.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Phyllis. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
WithMeAlways®.com is an online business. We offer gifts of love for family and friends, which currently are my own creations. Our creations are very meaningful and help people feel connected to their loved ones. I never imagined that something so special would come out of my suffering and sorrow, or that my life would end up so amazing and filled with joy, but it did.

My company story stems from tragedy and a mother’s loss. I was starting life all over as a single mom when my son and stepson died together in an automobile incident. The pain of losing my sons was excruciating and overcoming grief became my greatest challenge. My heart was truly broken and I shut down completely. But I knew my life would be destroyed if I didn’t fight harder than the strength I actually possessed. I did my best to get help through each day, one minute at a time, but it was all I could do to simply breathe. Each step I took was so burdensome. I surrendered my life to God, I knew I couldn’t survive without His strength.

I had to keep going, I had a daughter to help get through college and I needed to find a job and place for us to live. My mind wasn’t working like before, so I fought to get it back, somewhat. I took a memory class and then a filing class at the local college. I had to figure out how to function and chose to feel the pain and sorrow rather than to mask it. I did nothing that could lead me down the path of self-destruction, like sedatives or alcohol. I needed the one brain cell I had left, lol.

I felt nothing except pain and heartache. This frightened me because I could no longer feel the love that I knew I carried in my heart. And, I KNEW that the only way it could heal was through the power of love. No doctor could cure my broken heart and life.

I began to long for a piece of jewelry to remind me that nothing could break our bond of love. My sons’ love was “with me always”, in my heart, just like mine was in theirs. I held on to this thought and it gave me strength. I wanted a design that expressed transcending love. It also had to have a contemporary look, so that it complimented my wardrobe. I planned to wear my family necklace every single day, and on special occasions. I searched and searched for a necklace but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

One night, in a quiet moment, a simple ‘heart and angel’ design came to me, and I understood it was meant to be a symbol for people everywhere who, like me, are bonded by love. I named this symbol Angelheart®; it is what I called my son. I took the design to a local jeweler and asked him to craft three pendants to be worn on a chain. I had each Angelheart® personalized with my children’s birthstone. As I was putting on my necklace, for the very first time, a woman walked into the jewelry store. She took notice of the exquisite design and ordered one for herself. This was my first sale.

I wore my necklace proudly and the Angelheart® Symbol of Love continued to sell on their own. I got a business license and then patented and trademarked the design.

Shortly afterward, the famous singer Jewel bought 150 Angelhearts® for her Everyday Angel Fan Club. Another door opened and it wasn’t long before I was set up with a major manufacturer in the US. Grandmothers and moms love wearing them. Parents give them to their children. Sons and daughters buy them for their mothers. Service members give them to their loved ones, and friends use them to express their special messages of love.

Every piece has its own special story and my customers wanted to know mine. It wasn’t always easy to share it, which spurred an idea to write a book. I ran with it. The story began as a fairy tale about an angel, but it changed when I decided to play with it, and make it about my boys and our journey together. It turned out becoming a fable and through playful, its words came straight from my soul. I wrote it as if I was reading it to a young child. It ended up becoming a fable for all ages. “It’s one of a kind,” I was told by a president of a children’s author association in Los Angeles. She commended my work and loved it.

This encouraged me that I was on the right path to meet the goal of the book – to help others of all ages who have suffered a loss to deal with grief in their own way and believe that life’s tragedies truly can be turned into life’s treasures. The book has been selling like hot cakes.

The book is a heartwarming story that highlights the strength of family love and that time spent together is precious and fleeting. It’s a story about a little boy named Angelheart® and his parents. Their son was given a very important job … to polish the stars and keep them bright for the angels to find their way home. He reminds his parents that whether they are together or not, their love would always be in their hearts. “With Me Always”® helps people to express the love that is in their heart to people they care about. It is intended for both young and old. My granddaughters love reading the story to me!

With Me Always®, Inc. supports the good works of charities that provide loving services to others. Our customers can select the charity they wish to support at checkout. Our partners include LifeSharing (an organ and tissue recovery organization for Imperial and San Diego Counties), Kids for Peace, The Mitchell Thorp Foundation and Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation. I have an international vision for this company and made a promise when I created my products that they would do a lot of good. My son believed very strongly in organ donation and I was honored when LifeSharing told me that they wanted to work with me. We deliver gifts of love and LifeSharing delivers the gift of life!

What an amazing business. It’s a blessing to help people feel connected and bonded to their family and one another.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Previous to my sons’ death in 1993, I was a successful restaurant owner. But I was flat broke and gave up my business assets in favor of peace just before the accident. I was in the process of rebuilding a new life and had a new career in tourism when the Angelheart® design idea came to me. I continued to work full time (14 years) and worked evenings and weekends on creating my business. Doors opened naturally from the very beginning.

It’s amazing how I connected with the talent I needed as I took on new projects. It was a walk in faith and my life was being renewed, through miracle after miracle. I put in thousands of hours into preparing for the future. I also had a tremendous learning curve in areas I had no experience. It was exhausting at times, but I never gave up and am proud of the business structure we have today.

Last winter I began working full time on my business. In the past, I sold only to people who discovered my jewelry because it was difficult to find time to fill the orders.

Although With Me Always® has moved forward slowly, it proves that my creations will endure the test of time. I’ve many repeat customers from the beginning. Somehow the right people find my products, I’ve sold to customers in England, Australia and all over the US. We hosted our official “business launch” in November of 2017.

The outcome was exciting. People were lined up for the book signing and at the jewelry tables. Our customers shared their personal stories with me while I signed their books, it was a powerful evening. I predict great things happening for With Me Always® in the future!

So, as you know, we’re impressed with ® – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
With Me Always is a very unique business and we are proud that our products become a catalyst for acts of kindness and love.

I’ve had several opportunities to have a heart to heart talks with my customers and quite often one will tell me that their purchase created a life-changing experience or special bonding moment. One of my customers bought his girlfriend an Angelheart® necklace for Christmas and he called me to say thanks for giving him the best Christmas of his 42 years of life. She cried when she received it, he cried when he expressed his love for her and the Angelheart® necklace was a meaningful gift. They sent me a dozen long-stemmed roses!

The Angelheart® Symbol of Love is an exclusive and trademarked design available only through WithMeAlways®.com. The design along with its story sets it apart from all other angel designs. We truly appreciate our customers and each sale is a special opportunity to offer love, support and encouragement. We are blessed to be sharing in their joyful moments, or, to help someone longing for a loved one feel connected.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
I will be focusing on speaking engagements this year. I’m very excited to be speaking at a woman’s conference next year. My company story is intriguing, inspiring and true. Last Christmas, the With Me Always® storybook and Angelheart® jewelry was featured in an CBS News segment and in the SD Tribune newspaper. I’ll be putting some effort into Public Relations promotion. My personal goal is to touch millions of hearts through the testimony I was given to share, especially with parents and grandparents!

We will also be working on social media outreach and retail sales this year, so please ask your favorite jeweler, gift shop or bridal shop to consider stocking our products. We definitely would like to be in hospital gift shops and on military bases. The opportunities are abundant!

Long term, I would love for With Me Always® to become know Internationally, and a family owned and operated business should my granddaughters ever wish to get involved. They are still too young, but they sure love wearing their Angelheart® necklaces (with my birthstone) and reading the With Me Always® storybook.

Daymond John’s (from Shark Tank) business partner, Mike Huska, loves my company and helped create the business plan for With Me Always®. But God holds its master plan, so I’ll have to wait and see where He leads this company. My company was formed to honor Jesus and encourage people to love one another. There’s nothing like working with the Holy Spirit. It sure makes for an exciting experience! After all, love is a divine exchange!


  • The With Me Always® storybook is available with or without scriptures, both sell for $12.99.
  • Infinity Angelheart® Symbol of Love necklaces start at $179 and go up depending on metal, Sterling Silver, 14 KTY gold or 14 KTW gold.
  • Angelheart® Symbol of Love necklaces start at $120 and go up depending on metal.
  • Angelheart® Symbol of Love pendants are available separately and start at $90 each.

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Phyllis with Nichelle Medina, CBS, Channel 8

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