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Meet Rebecca Allegri of The Mini Apartment Blog

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Allegri.

Rebecca, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I can’t tell you how many dreams and ambitions and callings I’ve had since I was in elementary school — I wanted to be anything and everything. I’m heavily right brained; I loved anything having to do with art. So I immersed myself in photo classes and got my own camera equipment in high school — I was set on becoming a National Geographic photographer.

So I entered photo contests, dove into networking, and bought every book about photographers who inspired me such as Annie Griffiths, Ansel Adams, Eliza Skidmore and Jodi Cobb. I began my own wedding photography business 11 years ago, and through those years entered photo contests and traveled all over the west coast for the sole purpose of taking photos. I found so much joy in being behind the lens, capturing life around me. I went to San Diego State University for college and pursued the Arts — I took a class in almost everything that allowed me to express my passion for making and creating.

Primarily, I focused on graphic design, painting, and film photography. I was still chasing the dream of being a NatGeo photographer, but that calling was pushed to the back burner after I discovered my love for museum studies in 2009 — collecting art, preserving it, curating it, and designing exhibitions became my new love in life.

After college, I pursued event planning and curating for museums which led me to move to Portland OR. I discovered that I loved designing things that people would find enjoyment in experiencing, and so began my dream of being an exhibition designer for museums. This led me back to San Diego State for grad school, where my thesis was focused on the American Rhetoric of Preserving Memory. During this time, I worked designing exhibitions for SDSU’s galleries and curating shows and event planning for the New Americans Museum in Liberty Station.

I’ve never been one to sit still; I’m always thinking of new ways to use my talents and gifts to create functional things to be appreciated. I developed a love for calligraphy, crocheting, and jewelry making during grad school, so I launched an Etsy and sold those things.

The last venture I embarked on was creating a blog in 2015 — The Mini Apartment! In the deep part of my heart, there is a love for writing and storytelling that burns bright and constant. I would describe myself as a real-girl who has always had a gift to encourage and empower other women. I wanted The Mini Apartment to be a place that cultivates real community, a place to talk about the hard things, a place to show the real side of life rather than only the highlight reel.

My goal with my blog is to encourage women to hold fast to their inner real-girl and let her shine: to celebrate who they are at their core, to embrace the mess and know that there are others like them who are living authentically and intentionally. I wanted to create a space for a community of “real girls” to share their stories to show that there are women out there who are down to earth, who have faced hard things, and aren’t afraid to show the REAL side of themselves in the midst of the highlight reels that we see all over social platforms.

There is a small pocket of real-girls online who are making beautiful things happen in their marriage and motherhood journeys – and that is the community I wanted to surround myself with and highlight on my blog. And so the concept of “real-girls” posting about real life was born. I now have a “guest post submission section” on my blog where women can submit guest post ideas to be published on the blog that relates to finding magic in their journey through marriage + motherhood!

Though I still long to be a NatGeo photographer who travels and documents life, and I still have a love for painting and jewelry making, and I still love the idea of becoming a museum exhibition designer again by profession… all of these have been set aside for now (besides my blog of course) so that I can pursue my dream of being a mom. I now have a one-year-old daughter, named Izzy June.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It definitely was not a smooth road! But because I said “yes” to let my dreams take flight, I started three successful businesses over the last ten years (a wedding photography business, an Etsy, and a blog), it allowed me to work as a curator, photographer, and event planner across California, Oregon, and Washington, and allowed me to learn to bloom where I was planted.

My journey to where I am now – on the brink of 30, with two degrees tucked under my belt, and the ability to work from home in San Diego while I raise my baby – was one that was divinely guided. It’s been a beautiful ride full of self-discovery, obstacles, trial, and error, embracing my identity, and cultivating a community of real-girls who support, inspire, and encourage me to be my best self.

There were times of hard struggle and darkness, and times where I got lost trying to find myself. There were times where I questioned the direction that my life was going, as does any artist. There was always the burning question in my mind of “what if this doesn’t work out?” …but luckily, my heart always immediately followed with “oh, but what if it does!”

For having such ambitious dreams and chasing them all over the West Coast, I would say that though the road to where I am today was difficult and long, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I love knowing that I can start to chase a different dream at any time; it’s never too late to take that leap. I am a strong believer in taking chances and saying YES to your calling. These times of dream-chasing shape us into who we are meant to be – dreamers, doers, and artists destined to greatly impact the world.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into The Mini Apartment Blog story. Tell us more about the business.
The Mini Apartment Blog exists to inspire and encourage women who are entering the seasons of marriage + motherhood to live vibrantly, stay happy, and stay sane, as we all learn how to find magic in everyday moments.

Here you’ll find encouragement, humor, and a community of real-girls with amazing stories of struggle, bravery, and courage. I get messages every day from women saying they have been searching for someone relatable they can be in community with, someone who demonstrates authenticity online, somewhere they know they will be understood and embraced for who they are.

I’ve been told by so many women that stumbling onto The Mini Apartment’s Instagram feed gave them someone real they could relate to, someone who’s life they can look at and say “wow, that’s me. I can relate to her. We could be friends in real life. I feel like she totally gets me.” And that is exactly the motive of my brand – to create an intentional and raw community of real-girls who don’t play the numbers game of being on Instagram to gain followers and likes and views. Sure all those are great, but that is not my intent with why I’m on this platform.

My purpose and my passion are to let other women know “Hey, there are real-girls here, you are welcome here. You matter, your story matters, and I want you in my community.” There is power in posting intentional, relatable, and genuine content online, and I hope that my blog and platform continue to spread the message of authenticity and realness within marriage and motherhood lifestyles.

Something I started recently that I am so excited about is my Featured Real-Girls Essays section on my blog – basically, a way for wives and mamas to write a guest post about their experiences, struggles, triumphs, and stories relating to marriage and motherhood. When I announced this on my Instagram and the submission page went live, my email inbox was flooded with women who wanted to be a part of that community! I love knowing that The Mini Apartment Blog is seen as a safe and real space for women to empower, uplift, and encourage other real-girls through their stories.


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