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Meet Lon of Lon Art in Pacific Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lon.

Lon, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I was born in The Netherlands, where they have very strange ways of naming their children. For instance, I was born Regina Eleonora, yet they called me Lon. On top of that, my last name is very long and very unpronounceable, so I never use it. Instead I go now by the name Regina Lon, Lon for short.

My work as a visionary artist started when I first came across photos of crop circles in the early 90’s. I felt an instant jolt of joy and recognition. By the time my mind caught up with me, I felt confused over the undeniable excitement that I’d experienced. Like many, I went down the path of trying to approach these beautiful appearances in the fields from a linear perspective, which automatically turned into a dead-end street. There simply were no logical or linear explanations that were acceptable in my current belief system at the time that I was brought up with, yet I felt a deep sense of fulfillment looking at the crop circle designs. I felt inspired and strangely connected. It was as if they were ‘talking’ to me … and I understood what they were communicating. I had no doubt that crop circles were expressions of a language … a language that was not taught in any school I knew of …

I started studying crop circles and came across the term ‘sacred geometry’. Sacred geometry can be describing as the architecture – the blue print – that is at the core of everything in the Universe … plants, sea shells, the way a wave brakes towards the shore, star formations in the cosmos … it is even at the core of you when you look at how your cells and molecules are designed and work together.

Using my background in graphic design I started combining elements from crop circles and sacred geometry to create expressions of concepts that are at the core of the human experience. Concepts like Healing, Compassion, Prosperity and Romantic Love. What I create this way can be describes as modern-day mandalas; often circular based designs, patterns and shapes.

These designs – that I call Activations – have been called “living art”, because they evoke feelings and emotions in people. They help people to move beyond their analytical mind. They help them to remember who they are at a soul level.

I discovered that I can express somebody’s essence in this manner as well. I can tap into their energy, into who they are at a soul level and create their ‘portrait’ in sacred geometry, shapes, forms and colors.

Now at least half of my work are Soul Portraits of beautiful people that allow me to capture their soul essence, the other half are collective Activations based on concept I feel that need to be re-visited and re-defined.

In 2016 Beyond Words Publishing contracted me to create an oracle card deck based on 44 of my Activations. This “Activation Oracle” card deck and accompanying book was honored with the 2016 Nautilus Book Award, an award that seeks to recognize books and publications that “make a difference and inspire”. The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle are some of the people that have won the award. The deck has been translated in several languages and is for sale all over world now. I personally use this deck on a daily basis in my readings with clients.

And, I am happy to be able to share that my publisher and I have recently agreed to move forward with a follow up deck, so currently I am working on the next oracle card deck, that is going to be all about “The Sacred Geometry of Relationship”. At the moment I am taking on clients that want their Soul Portraits to be part of the new deck. It’s very exciting because their soul expression could be touching thousands of people all over the world through this deck. I believe that we all come to this planet, our soul carrying certain attributes that we are here to expand upon and share with others. By sharing, the beautiful expression of your soul might inspire others when they work with the oracle deck. Thus, we can be connected and touch each other in ways we never imagined!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It’s been an interesting journey to get to where I am today. A decade ago the world was still very different, not nearly as awake as many are now. The idea that we are spirit in body, an energetic being in physical form on a temporary journey here on earth was not nearly as embraced as it is now.
And here I was, discovering that geometric forms, shapes, colors and symbology speak to us in a very different manner than words do. I was exploring multi-dimensionality – including my own – and learning how to communicate beyond what was common.

Many times, I tried to walk away from my strange creations and go back to conventional graphic and web design, but they kept pulling me back in. The joy I felt when I was creating them, the sense they made when I tuned into them and understood what they were telling me … I simply could not stay away.

Things got easier as my following kept growing. I got so much positive feedback; people telling me about the profound transformation they experienced since working with my Activations, more and more people ordering their Soul Portraits, finding me for readings ….

By the end of 2015 I had built up a substantial portfolio and I was ready to find a publisher. I reached out to Beyond Words Publishing as I knew that they were the ones that helped made “the Secret” big, so I figured they might be open to my work. They took me on immediately! I couldn’t believe it! The founders and owners Richard Cohen and Michele Ashtiani were wonderful. They made me feel very welcome and part of their family. Under their professional guidance and their team, we created the Sacred Geometry Activation Oracle Deck.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Lon Art – what should we know?
Lon Art is about deep personal transformation. I assist people in shattering their illusions and stories of themselves and help them to reconnect with the essence of their soul’s purpose. I use sacred geometry to create ‘live art’; multidimensional meditation tools that encourage the analytical mind to step aside so we can enter the domain of the subconscious and connect to the quantum field, the space of infinite potential.

In my readings I help people to understand that the stories we tell about ourselves have many different layers and that by becoming aware of the details we can start to understand how we attract circumstances and people into our lives. By changing our story, we can change our life. We can become conscious creators of our reality. Naturally, I use the Activation Oracle deck during a reading.

Having a personal Soul Portrait created is very powerful. It is a reflection of what you look like beyond your physical body, expressed in geometric forms, shapes, colors and symbology. It is a reminder of who you really are and at the same time it will activate you towards becoming this best version of yourself. By meditating or looking at your Soul Portrait you allow its high vibrational and multi-dimensional properties to interact with your energy. It can evoke emotion, and e-motion is energy in motion. By getting energy to move, energy blocks can be dissolved and new energetic connections can be made.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
To do what I do, and actually have made a living out of it, I had to completely, totally and undeniably believe in what I do. As far as I know, there is no one else on this earth that does what I do; meaning, use sacred geometry design to build a complete body of work that supports deep personal transformation. All of my work is based on the belief that we are so much more than what most of us have been taught in school. It is cutting edge thinking and I realize I am at the forefront of helping a new kind of paradigm around what it means to be a human being emerge.

I would say that the most essential qualities I need are perseverance, an open mind and heart, an insatiable curiosity about the human design and its evolution, and a huge sense of humor. And of course, a few invaluable, unconditional loving and supporting friends that have picked me up every time I would fall from my horse, and put me right back up there … oh, but those are not qualities, are they? :)) Couldn’t have done it without them though. 


  • Personal Soul Portrait – $750 as a promotion to become part of the new oracle card deck
  • Readings – sliding scale starting at $125 p/hr
  • Activation Oracle Card Deck – $19.95 – for sale at Amazon and Beyond Words Publishing

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