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Meet Ricardo Bloodsaw

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ricardo Bloodsaw.

Ricardo, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I was working as a manager at Costco, looking for a way my family could have an income while spending more of our time together. I began researching Laundry Delivery. By picking up laundry in our custom laundry bags, having it washed at a trusted Fluff and Fold service, and returning it clean, the next day, we are giving our customers their time back and allowing them to take their lives back. No more living with a pile of laundry always waiting to be done. Having someone else do the laundry is more affordable than most people think. Through creative marketing, we hope to bring the knowledge of that fact to everyone in our city!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Parts of the road have been smooth, everything seems to come together organically. Other parts have been rough. So far, we have independently funded the starting of our business, which has been challenging at times. Wondering where the money would come from for certain projects, and then coming up with a creative solution for funding. Other obstacles we have faced and overcome were bag design challenges, securing a laundromat to work with, my wife, our primary delivery driver, broke her leg, delays in obtaining the tools necessary for our marketing strategy, etc.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Refresh is a laundry delivery service. We specialize in providing hotel hospitality to your door step by picking up and delivering the laundry and dry cleaning. Like an “EASY” button for your biggest and most time consuming chore, we are Refreshing the way you think about laundry. Let someone else do it for you! We are the perfect solution for anyone overworked, overtired, or overwhelmed, by taking away the ever-present, never ending chore that is laundry and giving them their time back. By keeping costs low, we hope to make our service affordable and appealing to all. One way is by offering many different discounts such as, “Student”, “Hero”, “Senior”, to our customers.

What were you like growing up
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when I was 3-4 months old. I grew up in North Las Vegas, the low income part of town, in some projects named, “Weeks Plaza”. Single parent, an only child, just my mother and me trying to survive life’s daily challenges. She worked for and retired from, The Clark County Court for as long as I can remember. Yes, I was a latch key kid, yes, I lost that key multiple times and yes, I got my butt whipped for it lol. First grade, I can remember walking home from elementary by myself, waiting for my mom to get off work between 5:30 or 6 pm, a schedule she would continue throughout my high school years. I watched her work herself to exhaustion providing for me. For how bad my neighborhood was, I remember my childhood being pretty awesome. She gave me everything I needed and more! I’ve always been silly and outgoing and never had a problem making friends. Although I was an only child who’s mother worked all the time, and had no father, I hardly ever was alone unless I wanted to be. Las Vegas is a desert, so in the summer all I did was swim, my favorite thing in the world was jumping off the diving board. I was naturally gifted in gymnastics so I love doing flips on the diving board and splashing the lifeguard! If there was ever a, “Who can make the biggest splash competition”, I’d kill it with my jackknife. I’ve had years and many, many summers perfecting that jackknife! I grew up dreaming a lot since we didn’t have much, you tend to pay attention to what everyone else has. Having all that time before my mother got home made me very independent at an early age. I had to figure things out for myself. I’ve always been a dreamer.

My first dream was to make it big, pay all my mother’s bills, and tell her she didn’t have to work anymore. After 8th grade, gangs started to get bad in my neighborhood. I got a gun pulled on me because this OG blood liked my red earmuffs. I hid that from my mom for about a week before she found out. We moved to Henderson, the south side of Las Vegas, the next week. It was the right move looking back. The new neighborhood school I was about to attend would change my life. I went from a school where the majority of students were Mexican & Black, at my jr. high, to me being the minority at this brand new school named, Green Valley High. I meshed well right away with everyone! Green Valley prepared me for San Diego, CA. I met so many cool people from different backgrounds than mine, dating girls outside of my race for the first time. My high school was some of the best years of my life and to think I cried when my mom moved me away from my old neighborhood.

Even though I had a great time in high school, being at this new school made me realize more than ever what we(Mom&I) don’t have a lot of, and that’s money. This new neighborhood was safer in the suburbs of Vegas where million dollar homes surrounded the apartments that I lived in. Kids drove Mercedes and BMW’s and lifted trucks to school while I rode my bike I got at Target or Walmart to school. I wanted to be rich and have things like my classmates so badly, it was all I thought about. I moved to San Diego in ’96 with no plan, hardly any money in my bank account, with just a will to succeed in something, anything, but I had no idea what that was. I worked odd jobs, starting as a delivery driver, and leveled up to the top spot or one of the top positions before getting bored and quitting. I started working at Costco in June, on Friday 13, 2003 and that job taught me a tremendous amount about business and customers. Costco taught me how to keep the customer coming back, how to manage people, how to set yourself up for success and also how to make others around you be successful. Costco let me make a lot of mistakes and learn from them while getting paid for it! I definitely would not be as far along as I am with Refresh if I had not gotten the experience I did from working at Costco, all the managers I worked under, good and bad, had a part in shaping me.


  • 25 lb bag 3-4 loads $25
  • 35 lb bag 4-5 loads $35
  • 15 lbs delicate bag 1 load $15
  • Dry Cleaning

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