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Meet Shundarrius and Kendricq Williams of K.W. Presents

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shundarrius and Kendricq Williams.

Shundarrius and Kendricq, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Kendricq Williams and I, Shundarrius Williams, are brothers from Lena, Mississippi. We grew up in an active duty family and have had the privilege of traveling and living in several countries around the world. We’ve lived in Guam, England, Italy, and a few states here in the U.S just to name a few locations.

I, Shundarrius Williams, am 22-years-old and a graduate from the University of Mississippi. I moved to San Diego on June 2nd, 2018, exactly three weeks after walking across the stage and receiving a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. I moved here from Oxford, Ms to be closer to my immediate family, who all moved here a year prior.

This move was also encouraged by my dream of impacting such a big city ever since childhood, I have always expressed the deep aspiration of wanting to become an entrepreneur. In high school, I was known for doing photography (events, sports, and graduation photos) every now and then as a hobby, but I never considered it as a business venture. I took a break from photography in 2014 when I moved from Naples, Italy to Oxford, Ms for college.

While in college, I was an avid volunteer for the local Boys and Girls Club and did some photography for many of the events and activities that we held for the children and community. I was also involved with journalism, as well as a volunteer firefighter and had the privilege of practicing photography during a few trainings. Kendricq Williams, 18 years old and a graduate of Junipero Serra High School moved to California in May of 2017.

Kendricq had expressed the desire to become a photographer for about a year or two prior to the start of this fascinating journey filled with exploring San Diego. He has done several freelance photo shoots for family vacations, sports events, and even a wedding.

Kendricq began to explore photography more when he started receiving several compliments on his work and was even invited to workshops with professional photographers. Saturday, June 9th, 2018 was the day that initially sparked the flame for the both of us to become serious about photography, as this was the day that we both set aside dedicated only to photography. The original plan was to do a photo shoot for myself and for Kendricq to become comfortable with a new camera.

We started out taking some pictures around the Clairemont area, then worked our way to downtown, and we ended the session at Sunset Cliffs. As our first time at Sunset Cliffs, we took advantage of the beauty and perfect natural lighting. Upon finishing our shoot in Sunset Cliffs, we noticed a video shoot in progress. We were inclined to approach the music artist, Ace Don Hasan and his videography crew, to ask if we could get some photos of them working. To our surprise, the crew agreed, and we immediately began to work.

That experience from June 9th led us to create an Instagram and Facebook page for our business, K.W. Presents. K.W. Presents is what we’ve both decided to name the business because Kendricq is a key team member in the business and the word “presents” because we didn’t want to marginalize ourselves by using any word that implies that we only do photography. We have tackled photography, and now we are working toward doing videography, promotional marketing, and more.

K.W. Presents is about the experience and the creation of high-quality art. Since June 9th, we’ve had photoshoots at Torrey Pines, Potato Chip Rock in Poway, a video release party in Point Loma, family photo shoots, and brand promotions for a family friend and her business.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
No, not at all. The path we are on has been filled with obstacles. Some of our biggest struggles have been with timing, motivation, and promotion. Of course, there are many other struggles we could mention, but these three are the most important to us. Each struggle has taught us something different.

Timing has been a big struggle because in the beginning, we were really excited and it seemed as if what we wanted for K.W. Presents either wasn’t happening or wasn’t happening when we wanted it to happen. Now, we are still very excited about K.W. Presents, but we’ve learned to have patience with ourselves and not get discouraged because the timing isn’t right.

Motivation has been another big struggle. Keeping our heads up and continuing to push and drive this business to where we want it is a constant battle emotionally and mentally.

We come from a hard-working family and refuse to do less than our best. We take pride in our work and are our own biggest critics. There’s always room for improvements, but we’ve learned to acknowledge that at that moment we have done our best, then we make proper adjustments, and continue pushing forward.

Lastly, promotion was a big struggle for us as well because in the beginning, we were both new to San Diego and we had to build some form of reputation. We both started from scratch with this business venture and had to get our names out there to the people of San Diego. The question that had us conflicted was “where would we start?”

Our answer, social media. We tagged and hashtagged different kinds of people, pages, and tags in our photos for exposure. The result has been great. People have reached out through email, DMs, comments, and so forth. We say all of this to say, Trust Your Process.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
K.W. Presents is best known for photography and our bond. Every booking that we participate in is a partnership and Kendricq, along with myself are always present together. We want the people that we work with to be comfortable.

Photography, the main inspiration for us to even start this business, is what drives us to continue to push K.W. Presents to the next level. Although photography is what started K.W. Presents, we use the presents to ask the question, “Presents what?” The answer is a vision, an experience. Presents is used to keep our business from being categorized and marginalized. There is so much potential in K.W. Presents and the two of us are just scratching the surface.

I specialize in working behind the scenes. I’m at every booking, but prefer to handle the business aspect of photography. I oversee the social media pages, keep track of the schedule, edit the majority of the photos, and manage the communication with the customer. I am fully capable of being behind the lens, and sometimes I do jump in to help with shoots, however; many times I will introduce my idea to Kendricq and let him act on it if he chooses.

I am most proud of K.W. Presents, because of our ability to take on someone else’s vision and help breathe life into it. We have a routine before each shoot that involves providing a high level of customer service through communication with the other party on what is expected for the outcome of the shoot on our end. What sets K.W. Presents apart from other companies is our vision, versatility, and drive.

We constantly remember the beginning of K.W. Presents to keep us humble and motivated. Our foundation is built on providing high-quality work for an affordable price. Overall, the goal is to brand K.W. Presents to the point where we no longer require an introduction. We cover events such as listening/video release parties, video shoots, birthdays, maternity pictures, and etc.

What were you like growing up?
I am the oldest sibling out of three boys and am from Lena, Mississippi. Lena is a small town in central Mississippi that was recently placed on the map a few years ago. Growing up, my family had to move every three to four years because of my father being active duty military. I’ve lived in Woodbridge, Va, to Dededo, Guam, to Ocean Springs, Ms, to London, England, back to Mississippi, and Naples, Italy. I didn’t understand why I had to move around so much when I was younger, and in turn, began to resent having to constantly start over in my friendships. Looking back, I am so grateful and humbled for the opportunity to travel the world because it has allowed me to become who I am today.

Of all the places I’ve lived, Guam was by far my favorite, although; Italy has more memorable moments. My favorite childhood memory is my 16th birthday. I was living in Naples, Italy and wanted to go to Spain to celebrate my birthday. My parents made it happen, and I spent my 16th birthday in Madrid, Spain exploring and navigating through the city. I had the opportunity to speak the language, visit El Real Palace de Madrid, as well as venture into the popular Museo de Cera. This is my all-time favorite memory of my childhood. Madrid was also one of the first times that I’ve ever gotten to experience taking pictures.

I always excelled in school, but outside of school, I played sports. Football, baseball, track and field, volleyball, you name it, and I’ve probably played it. In high school, my mother bought a professional camera, a Canon DS126311, and on weekend trips to Rome, Ischia, Sorrento, or elsewhere I would always make sure to have the camera and to take plenty of photos. Eventually, when I became comfortable with the camera and happy with the photos I would take, I began to edit pictures using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. At the time, photography was my favorite hobby, and as a result, I became well-known for it.

In 2014, I graduated high school in Naples, Italy, I moved to Oxford, Ms to attend college at The University of Mississippi while my parents and brothers stayed in Naples. This was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in life. Dealing with homesickness and trying to focus on school, I put photography on the backburner. After graduating from The University of Mississippi, I moved to San Diego to take a gap year before applying to Law Schools. I’ve become a fan of hiking, and I’m interested in learning how to surf.

Currently, I am working full-time and still pursuing Law School admission for the 2019-20 academic year. HOTTY TODDY!

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