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Meet Stephanie Orlina of Power in Joy in Clairemont

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stephanie Orlina.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Stephanie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
It has been a long journey. When I was in my early twenties, my painful childhood was wreaking havoc on my adult life, and I sought help from a therapist. For me that was the beginning of my journey as a life coach. The therapist was helpful, but I needed and wanted much more. I had this innate desire to feel better. Thus, began my love affair with the personal growth and self-help section of any bookstore I would ever step into.
The books that resonated with me, I read and practiced what it taught. This went on for years and the hole that was created within my heart from my childhood, began to heal. By this time, I was getting years of experience, knowledge and wisdom from these teachers through their books. I worked for the Postal Service then as a letter carrier. I liked my customers, and being outside walking my route, however this wasn’t my passion. During that time, I often asked anyone I met what they did for a living, and my second question was if they liked what they did for work. Most people said no and every once in a while, someone would say yes. I was always in awe of those who loved what they did for work. Wanting to be one of them, doing work I loved. During this time, I had no idea what I liked to do. Reading and applying these books to my life was more of a survival mechanism and it satisfied my yearning to feel better. I would eventually leave the Post Office and start a Personal Assistance service. It had a little more of what I liked yet still wasn’t my passion. At that time, I remember walking with a friend at the beach and she said to me, “they say do what you love!” I replied, “I like reading personal growth and self-help books” and she replied, “well you can’t make any money doing that”. Little did either one of us know then, that yes, I could and would. In 2002, I was all fired up. I had just purchased Anthony Robbins Personal Power Program, which became the catalyst to me discovering Life Coaching. Shortly after that, I began coaching clients and I was hooked. I’d found my bliss and my passion. The work I was meant to do. Over two decades of reading, learning and putting it all into practice, had given me the education and experience to help others. I knew what I was coaching them worked, because it had worked so well on me. Experience, knowledge, wisdom and intuition play a huge part of my coaching practice today. I am a life time student and teacher. When the movie, The Secret, came out in the original documentary, a woman named Esther Hicks was in it. I discovered her work and began to practice the Art of Allowing. Becoming a practitioner of this art, has put it all together for me. As I began practicing the art of allowing, I began to create an inner foundation that my family and friends began to notice a real shift within me. They recognized a consistent and improved confidence, happiness and positive attitude. The shift was gradual and it has stayed for many years now. I now have an inner foundation that has given me the strength that no matter what happens, I cannot be rocked off it from other people and outside situations. It’s pretty amazing what practicing the art of allowing has given me. I always wanted my life to be fun and easy. The art of allowing has given just that. Once I began incorporating the art of allowing into coaching sessions, clients began to have quantum leaps forward in the most wonderful ways. The first teacher I ever listened to was Dr. Wayne Dyer. A friend had given me one of his cassettes. Funny, because fast forward ten years and I sat in the front row at USD to hear Dr. Wayne Dyer speak. I made sure I was there early to sit in the front row and then later to have my picture taken with him and his daughter Skye. Many years after that evening, I saw him once more in Anaheim, at the “Co-creating at its Best” event, where Dr. Wayne Dyer met with Abraham-Hicks. Even funnier, my good friend Collin and I, had our picture taken at the event. We’re actually in the photo montage at the end of the DVD of that event. Spirit has a way of delivering something beyond our greatest wishes. Abraham-Hicks and the Art of Allowing is a big part of my coaching style. Dr. Wayne Dyer is the first teacher I ever listened to. To be in one of their published events for purchase, makes my heart sing. There are many different styles of coaching, and the Art of Allowing is what makes Power in Joy different. Our clients love it. We all have incredible powers within us, to be, do or have anything we want. Yet we misuse the biggest one of all, what we think and speak about. Unfortunately, many people talk about what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right. I believe it’s only because many of us were never taught the power of our thoughts and emotions. My intention is to share the art of allowing with as many people as possible, so that more people are feeling and living empowered lives. Knowing we have a choice is liberating. As I was preparing for this interview, I was led to the last movie Dr. Wayne Dyer filmed. I felt called to share it with you. It’s called, The Shift. I feel truly blessed I am now one of those people who if someone asked me, “what do you do for a living?” I can answer, I’m a life coach. When they ask, “do you like it?” I can reply, “I love it, it is extremely fulfilling!”

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
As the saying goes, fall down 7 times get up 8. That has definitely been my experience throughout my journey as a Life Coach. Part of my struggle was trying to make myself behave in a way that I thought I had to be in order to be a Life Coach. I remember when I first started coaching, a friend of mine was also starting her own business doing what she loved so we decided to trade services and practice our craft on one another. When it was my turn to coach her after her session, she said to me, “you weren’t being yourself”. I was stiff and acting how I thought I needed to act to be a life coach. I learned a lot from that experience. I still sometimes struggle with this one especially when it comes to networking and marketing. It’s funny because the times new clients have come to us, has been when I was relaxed, being myself and enjoying myself. It has never been when I was trying real hard and doing all the things, “they say”, we should do to get more clients. For me, it has been about relearning how to be attractive to our awesome clients. I’m definitely a work in progress and improving as I move forward. I’m thankful my business has been predominantly referral based. It took me awhile to accept that I was self-educated. I struggled for years thinking I wasn’t good enough. Thinking I couldn’t help people. Luckily, every time I’d let go of the coaching, it kept calling me back. My heart and soul, knew I was meant to do it, and I kept getting up every time I’d fall down with doubt. I remember watching a show on a man who was hugely successful making surfboards. They asked him where he learned his incredible ability to make these beautiful surfboards. He replied, “I’m self-taught”. It spoke to me. I admired his work as many others had, and most people thought he had to have gone to school or have some sort of formal education to create what he had and be successful. He showed me, I too was self-taught and it was more than good enough. I’m thankful I saw that show. I believe Spirit was talking to me and showing me, I had an education, it just looked different than most certified coaching credentials. The last time I fell down, I picked myself up and stayed up, no matter what. I’m thankful I did, and so are our clients.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Power in Joy – what should we know?
We are a coaching service that helps clients shift their attention towards more beneficial thinking. We specialize in teaching clients, the art of allowing and the art of feeling good. This style of coaching, is different than most, in that it assists clients in flipping their inner switch. Law of attraction, enhances the benefits of these tools and techniques, enriching clients with fulfilled and enjoyable lives. We offer individual and group coaching. We offer talks on topics like, “Creating the life you love”, to community groups of all sorts. Our intention is to connect clients to their inner power, so they feel better most of the time and help them build an inner foundation, that they can depend on no matter what. We’re proud to be making a positive difference in our clients lives. Life is supposed to be good for us all.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I want to thank every teacher and seeker who followed their passion. They created material that helped me along my journey. To name a few, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Barbara De Angelis, Anthony Robbins, Donald Neale Walsch, and especially, Abraham-Hicks. I want to thank my husband, Lou Orlina, for who I owe much for his constant support and my family. I also want to thank all of my friends, and especially, Samantha Conboy, Terri Roetker, Jill Friedman, Crystal Daigle, Collin Daniels, and many, many more. You know who you are. My cheerleaders, Anne Wayman, my Aunt Michele Yepiz and Dr. Kris Brew. Thank you to all of my advisors over the years. Thank you to everyone who I have known throughout my life. Interacting with you, has played a part of who I am today, both personally and professionally. Most especially, to all of our amazing clients, I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for showing up! I must thank my Higher Self, for always guiding me, picking me up when I would fall down and for believing in me, for without you, I would still be delivering mail, and definitely nowhere near as happy as I am today. Thank you!!!


  • Complimentary 30 Minute Coaching Consultation
  • Individual Six Month Coaching Program $200/hr. Three to four times per month
  • Group Coaching Six Month Program $150/hr. Three to four times per month

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  1. Carolyn Jaynes

    March 16, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Beautiful story, Stephanie. I’m so happy for you.

  2. Tobey Geise

    March 25, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    Loved reading your journey Steph! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

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