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Meet Stephanie Zito of Be Green: Be Beautiful

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stephanie Zito.

Stephanie, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
After my kids were born, I became even more aware of what I products I was using on them from sunscreen to bath products. I was concerned about some of the ingredients that are actually unsafe for us and looking for better solutions. At the same time, I started to see that convenience with the kids, for me, was taking over being ‘green.’

Rather than buy bulk, I was buying products in individual packets, buying juice boxes, going out and getting throwaway cups with straws. I couldn’t believe how much I was recycling or putting in the garbage. It was too much.

It’s been a journey and 2 years ago I joined a company called Beautycounter, to help educate people that what we put on our skin matters for us and our earth. And I wanted to help people access safer, high performing skincare with a company that actually has products that don’t harm the environment and practices to reduce their environmental impact. They are a B Corporation which means they put people and the planet before profits and do things like use recycled cardboard for the eye makeup palettes.

In 2018, I offered a challenge to my Beautycounter customers for Earth Day: “Be Green: Be Beautiful.” I was moved by how many people ditched their sunscreens that harmed coral reefs for reef safe sunscreen and the number of people who moved to no straws in their drinks or bought a metal one to carry with them.

So I started “Be Green: Be Beautiful” to spotlight people and products who are doing good for people and the planet. Be Green: Be Beautiful’s goal is to move us all toward products that are safe for us, for our oceans and earth, and reduce our environmental impact. The Be Beautiful part is about being yourself and feeling your best self!

Has it been a smooth road?
Not always! As a busy mom who’s carved out working from home – by design – the challenge has been getting really organized with my time. I’ve gotten really good at combining work and being with my kids. Beautycounter is so easy to share with the kids present – like meeting a few moms to talk about safer beauty over a park playdate, doing a product drop off at school drop off or pickup, and having a friend host a ‘kids welcome’ social for me during the week. I think as moms we get really creative to maximize our time.

I’ve been able to carve out ‘adult’ time on evenings and weekends for networking, events, Pop Up Shops, and socials.

I actually think that becoming a Beautycounter consultant and sharing Be Green: Be Beautiful has helped me become more efficient with my time. I’m more present with my kids and having time away from them gives back to me, so I come back more refreshed as a wife and mom to really be there for my family.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Be Green: Be Beautiful is a movement to do better for people and our earth. I encourage people to make simple, daily changes that reduce our plastic use and support companies that are actively making better choices for people and our planet. As part of that, I am a consultant for Beautycounter’s safer skincare and makeup. I offer Beautycounters’ products as a safer, high performing option on the market.

I’m most proud of a few things! Be Green: Be Beautiful is truly about collaboration and working together. We can make a bigger impact when we work together and value collaboration over competition.

I’m proud that Beautycounter is a B Corporation and just received it’s the highest rating so far this year! B Corporations are businesses (including 7th Generation and Patagonia) that are verified by the nonprofit B Lab for their positive impact on people and planet.

Their vision is that businesses can do good and turn a profit. For example, Beautycounter uses recycled cardboard to package their makeup compacts. As for products, their sunscreen is formulated without chemicals that harm coral reefs, so it is reef safe.

I’m proud that Beautycounter is not just about selling the product. It’s about advocating for change so that the next generation will have cleaner products on our shelves because of better laws. And Beautycounter has been instrumental in helping pass several laws that help protect workers and consumers from harmful ingredients in our personal care products.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Yes! San Diego in general and my home in North County is amazing for my business! I’ve been part of many collaborations, having a Beautycounter booth at Sip and Shops or Pop Up Shops at a local business. San Diego business owners are fabulous at understanding that we are all stronger together through referring and partnering with one another. I’ve enjoyed doing events with other vendors who are all super supportive of one another.

We are also fortunate to be the city of entrepreneurs, so it’s been fun to spotlight some local entrepreneurs on Be Green: Be Beautiful who are doing good for people and our planet. People here are very receptive to Eco-minded ideas. And many people are choosing better ways to eat and be fit, so skin care seems like that last frontier to be healthier. I love that people here are super receptive to learning more about what ingredients to use and what to avoid, for us and especially for our oceans, which are our playgrounds her in San Diego!

I truly feel that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone here. I would definitely recommend if someone is starting out to start out in San Diego! There are plenty of entrepreneurs and small business owners to collaborate with and cross-promote our products and services so everyone wins!

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