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Meet Tomás Guerrero

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tomás Guerrero.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Life is a circle, and as someone said, “more than the dream, it is the hope intensified by the dream “. A story, as I understand my scripts, it is a long list of smaller stories that enrich the following one and so on. When I was a child, I only wanted to draw and now as an adult, after having had several professional experiences and after having taken different ways that have enriched me vitally, I think I have the safety of contributing a beautiful work to the sector of comic. Portuguese writer José Saramago said, ” If I do not have anything to tell, I will not tell anything “. I totally agree, and I am convinced that now I do have things to tell.

Please tell us about your art.
Basically, what I really love is to tell stories across the images. I am an author of comics/animator saturated of the 3D animation world. I have been working for companies of the United Kingdom, Panama, Spain, Morocco, USA, etc., using expensive machines, enormous human teams… I felt the need to simplify. To simplify and to personalize my work, to return to work with paper and ink, to tell stories in graphical novel format that approach in spirit to the Joseph Conrad, Jack London or R.L. Stevenson’s stories. Stories with a hard and direct line liberated from sheens and trinkets. And certainly for a public more adult that require a special and honest work in their conception. I want to surprise the reader, who moves to the bookshop, spend his money and his time buying my work. I try to obtain this by a reflexive eagerness, without doing concessions to a superficial work, with stories where my minor worry is the rapid “success” in a way as the comic, called sequential art. But I prefer my graphical aesthetics of composition than the sequence of panels more or less arranged like it is expected in this art, to obtain an effect more individual, personal and recognizable. Leaving the reader alone, in an exercise of investigation and tearing -my compositions frequently have several different readings- but with certain beauty. As the Jesus Chocolate of Tom Waits.

I have 3 Saints: Leonard Cohen, José Saramago, and Sergio Toppi, where I always return when I get lost to find the way.

Do you have any advice for other artists? Any lessons you wished you learned earlier?
To reach the success as an artist, the essential thing is hard work, investigation, drawing (in my case), need to communicate, drawing again, experience, to have lived and suffered, reading, drawing without limitation, and a little bit of luck. They say that the poet has feeling and language, and the writer or comic artist experience and language. I really believe that you can narrate, draw, compose, etc., only if there is a life experience behind you. We must remove the expression “rapid success” in the vocabulary of the people starting in this art, and replace it by work, effort, and illusion. I have never been happier professionally than when someone buys my work asking me to dedicate it. This is for me the success.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
People can support my work (thing for that the stomaches of my children will be grateful) asking me illustrations or pages of comic, showing my work to acquaintances, to the gallery of art owners, following me on the social networks, sending me a message of encouragement, or simply taking a coffee together. I would be really charmed with it! Because man does not live by bread alone.

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My previous comic: “Stalin’s desertion”
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Tomás Guerrero

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