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Meet Tory Dube

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tory Dube.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
After suffering from a decade-long eating disorder and crippling anxiety, I hit an even deeper low when I lost a boyfriend and sabotaged a dream job within the same week. In a state of sheer panic and despair, I started googling, ‘How do I feel better?’

I can’t even remember how I ended up in the Bahamas at an ashram, but apparently, something bigger than me stepped in and booked a 9-day stay at a meditation retreat.

I had never traveled alone before or meditated. I expected to feel lonely, scared and broken – but I had no idea that the message that would come through every day would be, ‘Tory if you want to be who you’re meant to be you have to fix this eating disorder thing.’

Thank goodness, I was so desperate and fatigued that I didn’t question the process because that week inspired me to immediately enroll in a program for Mind-Body Transformational Psychology upon my return back to New York City.

Fast forward four years, loads of testing and pivoting with hundreds of clients, I now work as a Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist for women stepping into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact.

Has it been a smooth road?
Oh GOODNESS, no. I initially enrolled in the holistic nutrition program with the intention to learn ‘everything’ about food, so I could eat ‘perfectly’ and still arrive at the body I so desperately desired. In order to do the holistic nutrition program, though, I was required to also get hypnotherapy and life coaching certifications.

I remember being truly enraged over this. I thought, ‘How the hell am I going to coach someone else into happiness when I am such a disaster?’

Even after graduating from the program, I didn’t fully understand what holistic wellness was. I was still coaching around food, pushing clients to maintain a healthy but incredibly strict diet. I quickly learned that the peace we seek has nothing to do with food, it has everything to do with our capacity to trust ourselves and the unfurling of our lives.

Over the years, my practice has continued to pull the lens back to look at the biggest picture of what this human experience is all about. Food is an essential pillar in our work, but it’s surely not the only path to the health we seek.

In dedicating my life to this mission, I’ve had many months where I didn’t know how I’d pay my rent or ever find another client again. But again, I am so thankful for all the hairy moments, as I had to learn to trust my self if I wanted to truly teach others to do so.

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
I am a Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist, guiding women into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact.

I started an online school called The Excellent Example Academy, where we move through 10 modules of what I call emotional & mental agility. We think that self-esteem, joy, trust and new opportunities are born from big, dramatic acts – but they’re really result of little moments of intentionality and consistency.

As a hypnotherapist, I understand the mechanics of our subconscious mind, and each training comes with hypnosis that is designed to literally reshape one’s internal self-image. What most people don’t understand is your capacity for success is literally determined by what you believe to be true about yourself. When we can expand your belief system, you have access to new thoughts, beliefs, and impulses that reflect you actually want to be.

There’s a misconception that this internal work has to be isolating, long, tedious and boring. Uh, not in my universe. I used to be a stand-up comedian and writer, I bring that same joy to this process. You don’t need to meditate for hours, have a feather earring or do green juice fasts in my community.

I am most proud of the impact this work has made not only on my clients but in the lives of their friends and family members. The women in my crew are, and it’s an honor to be a part of their journey as we curate a more loving future for our children and the generations to come.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
The last few years in this industry have bred many social media influencers that have hundreds of thousands of eyes on them – but are perpetuating debilitating truths about what it means to be a healthy, powerful woman.

I think the biggest shift will be a demand and dedication for authenticity on social media. Numbers will no longer be appealing (seriously, it won’t be long before 10K followers is the equivalent to 0) but actual INFLUENCE will.

The content and soul of the message will matter so much more than the number of likes on a staged photo. The big shift I am banking on is MORE coaches, more women standing in their brilliance and guiding the next generation of leaders into position.

As Ram Dass said, ‘We’re all just walking each other home.’ The more we use our relationships with one another to stop comparing and instead to start valuing our unique gifts, the bigger the chance we have to create real change.


  • The Excellent Example Academy (lifelong membership): $2900 or 12 payments of $275.
  • The Excellent Impact Intensive (for new coaches building an effective, profitable business): $7200
  • 22 Days to Unstuck (a video course of small daily steps for your big shift): $184
  • Tropical Transformation Retreat (Yoga, Mindset & Wellness Retreat in Mexico): all-inclusive $1755 – $1895

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