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Meet Trailblazer Alexis Hill

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexis Hill.

Alexis, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I’m 18 years old and I started my blog A Scorpio’s Style back in December of last year! I have been wanting to start a blog for years now but never really had the courage to do so until a couple of months ago (thank you to my best friend Paulina for encouraging me to just go for it). I was always scared of what people would think of me starting a blog and getting judged. But, it finally hit me that you can’t let people get to you and interfere with your dreams. So, a couple months after I graduated high school, I decided to start my blog and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! I know I’m a small blogger but ever since I started, it has opened so many new doors for me! Plus, it’s like my creative outlet and makes me happy because I’m writing about stuff that I love! I consider myself to be a lifestyle blogger because I write about a variety of things like fashion, beauty, etc…

Furthermore, I think my blog is helping me grow as a person and writer, which is super good because I’m currently a Journalism major in hopes of becoming a red-carpet correspondent one day! Look out E! News and Entertainment Tonight I’m coming for ya real soon! To continue, over the past couple of months I’ve tried to write blog posts that talk about the current trends or hip places to go, so people are more intrigued to read my blog. Also, I do my best to be consistent with blog posts so I can continue to grow, but sometimes, I need to take a little break to focus on school because education is so important to me! Another thing, that has helped me to get where I am today is my internship! I intern for Jessica Carroll, an on-camera host and digital entrepreneur, she is seriously the best and continues to teach me a lot of beneficial skills that I’ll definitely use! She is also so sweet, helpful, and gorgeous! I absolutely love interning for her because I’m learning and growing so much every day! I cannot thank her enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity! You guys should totally check out her website All in all, I feel like I’m barely getting started with my blog and career, so I can’t wait to see how much a grow in the next couple of years! But, a few things that have helped me and my blog get to where I am today is confidence, perseverance, friends/family, and my lovely internship with Jessica!

Has it been a smooth road?
For starters, my life isn’t perfect and neither am I! I always like to tell my friends that I’m cooler on Insta because I feel like that’s true sometimes, lol, reality can get stressful and hard at times but I just have to remind myself to push through it. Trying to become a big influencer online and grow an organic audience is hard, especially because there are so many other people out in the world trying to accomplish the same goal. I have definitely faced a few struggles but they have made me a stronger person (as cliche as that sounds). First of all, I for sure go through a writer’s block here and there, sometimes, I just have no clue what to write about or feel uninspired to write anything at all. But, when that happens, I take a break from my blog for a couple of days and brainstorm with my blogger friends on what I should write about next.

Also, going on Pinterest for inspiration helps me too! Usually, I’ll bounce back in a couple of days with a variety of ideas to write about on my blog! Another struggle, that I face sometimes is not feeling good enough! I’m sure we’ve all had those days where we’re scrolling on social media where we can just feel our self-confidence meter going down. Nowadays, society has beauty standards that aren’t realistic to achieve and can harm people’s self-confidence. With that being said, I’ve definitely had those days where I’ll question the design of my blog, the quality of my Instagram pictures, or if I’m “pretty” enough. But, at the end of the day, we all have to stop comparing ourselves to others and learn how to self-love. I also think that if we just put down our phones or laptops for a little bit and take a break from social media that it will be good and refreshing for our souls.

Furthermore, having confidence and being yourself is the best thing you can do! I always like to think of confidence as a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets! All in all, my advice to anyone who is just starting their journey is to just go for it and have a positive mindset that you can achieve anything you want to do! Whether, it’s a blog, business, or book just remember that you can do it, especially if your heart and soul is in it! I know sometimes it can get hard to not compare yourself to others because it’s a natural thing to do among us humans, but try your hardest not to and remember that you’re a strong beautiful person who can accomplish anything. Last, there’s this quote I seriously live by because it holds such a special place in my heart and reminds me to keep going even when times get rough. With that being said, always remember that “she believed she could, so she did” and you will accomplish all of your goals!

We’d love to hear more about A Scorpio’s Style.
I created my blog A Scorpio’s Style as a way to share my love for all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related! I don’t want to say I’m just a fashion blogger because I’ll talk about makeup, cool pop-up museums, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Also, I go to Los Angeles a lot for events or to simply explore around the city (it’s like my second home), so you’ll be seeing a lot of it on my blog. Personally, both my blog and Instagram are all things pink, girly, and floral so I would say I’m known for those things! My goal is to have an aesthetically pleasing blog design and Instagram (so far so good, haha). Like I said, earlier I’m still growing as a blogger/influencer but one thing that I’m really proud of is inspiring others! Sometimes, I’ll get messages or comments from people saying them that I inspired them to start their own blog or get a particular clothing item because they like how I styled it. It’s the little things that make me proud to have started my blog.

Also, if you go to me “About Me” page on my website, you’ll see that I talk about how I want to inspire others in their everyday life and encourage them to chase their dreams, just like how I’m chasing mine, which is 100% true! If my blog can help someone work up the courage to start their own that would make me feel so good inside knowing that I have a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Another, factor that sets me apart from others is my writing style in my blog posts. I try to write the way I talk (which may make reading a little bit more fun), as well as being genuine and relatable! I also think of myself as a friendly person and I will always take the time to respond to comments, messages, and reciprocate nice gestures (and of course thank them:) ). If someone needs my help with editing pictures or creating content I’ll always be willing to help and point them in the right direction! All in all, I hope as a growing blogger/influencer I will be able to inspire others to chase their dreams and spread positivity.

Finding a mentor and building a network are often cited in studies as a major factor impacting one’s success. Do you have any advice or lessons to share regarding finding a mentor or networking in general?
My advice for networking, in general, is just reaching out to people! I know that’s so cliche to say but it’s true. Trying to grow as an influencer on Instagram is hard because there are so many other people trying to do the same thing. I’m currently in this group chat on Instagram with 12 other bloggers who I all love and adore so much. We, of course, use the group chat to tell each other when we post something new, but most of the time we’re talking about random things and trying to get to know each other better! It feels like we’ve all been friends for years because we all get along so well. I hope that all of us can meet up one day! Furthermore, this relates back to networking because if I didn’t reach out and say a simple “Hi!” to some of these girls I wouldn’t be in that amazing group chat! I think it’s super important to connect and engage with other people who have the same goals and niche as you do. It’s always great to have a support system when trying to grow your brand.

Another tip for networking that I find useful is hashtags! Using a couple of hashtags relevant to your content online will increase your audience and engagement so much! Plus, you’ll make new friends along the way as well! So, it’s a win-win situation. As for finding a mentor, try to surround yourself with great, supportive friends and family! Maybe try your school counselor or one of your favorite teachers! They honestly have great advice and know so much that could help you! I also think that reaching out to someone who has been in your specific industry longer, would make a great mentor! You can learn so much beneficial information from them that can help accelerate your brand!

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