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Meet Trailblazer Draya Love

Today we’d like to introduce you to Draya Love.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Draya Love has been a few solid years in the making.
She had a pre-Draya Love life that was a whirlwind.
I started early, I had a son at 20 yrs old and got my undergrad in business so I could provide a good life for my boy.

I married an old friend of mine at 24 yrs old and he had a baby boy as well.
We ended up raising our boys together in Eastlake for over 15 years. I did all the typical mom thing in all senses. I was extremely committed to my family.

I eventually went on to get my MBA. And was fortunate as I always had high-level jobs and I got to work remotely often. I worked in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. As I kept pushing myself beyond healthy and reasonable limits, my body decided to give me the big F you… and I eventually “developed” lupus and fibromyalgia. Too much stress, pressures, life, bullshit and denial of my true inner self.

So, I went off of work at 39 years old to take care of my body and go within.
Six months later, my husband of over 15 years (friend 25 years) said he didn’t want to be married.
I was floored. It was horrendous for some time. Separating the family, the boys, between Northern and Southern California. Somehow trying to piece it all together.

At that point, I had no idea that my X husband did me the biggest favor ever.
He gave me the ability to give me myself.
So, I did. Through a series of events and people and life… I finally began to really listen and learn.
I took my health back in my hands and eventually got off of up to 9 medications. It’s been SUCH a process.
I had a 3-year engagement that was lovely in many ways. It changed my heart so much in a good way.
I started growing at warp speed and eventually many people in my life couldn’t take my growth…
So, I had to separate.
From many people, I still love but can’t/couldn’t take me.
I feel much safer from afar.
Because my growth makes many people feel uncomfortable.
I understand that now.

After doing the typical business thing for my entire life, I knew I didn’t want to be “sick” anymore.
I hated the stigma and the energy it put upon me… but still knowing I had to balance that with my relentless physical pain that I still deal with removing. How do I manage all that?

Re-training myself to create something exciting, fun and manageable. I needed something that I could live with; that wouldn’t get me sick again.
Creating a career based on things I love. Things that support my natural gifts; this made it easy for me to speak about. My life, my pain, it’s my story.
As I was accelerating, my clarity was on fire. I was developing gifts that were so powerful for me and others.

My intuition, the tools I have been trained in and the overall ability to know exactly what a situation needed.
I was truly changing and I was changing everyone I came in contact with.
Through the crystals, the Soul Contract Readings, the Spiritual Mentoring, whatever clarity I am able to help offer a situation. Spirit/God/The Universe has been so generous and I am so grateful to share.

So, here I am. Sharing the details of my experience, the raw deal.
Teaching others how to find their own superpowers in the midst of their life.
Hoping that others will be able to make some sense about what life has been presenting to them.
I have a blog, a vlog, a podcast, a great pinterest site and many resources for people to find their way back to themselves.

Because all we can do is lead…

I also provide energy work at Hillcrest and OB Markets with my business partner, Hulu Amen Ra, every week. Check us out!

I hope that my wild story will inspire you to see how much it is that you may not be seeing.
Helping people wake up in the middle of their experience.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has been an extremely rough road as I couldn’t find the support I needed. Religion messed with me. It creates fear-based thinking that kept me in fight or flight. Realize that God is everywhere and in everything. God is in our moments with ourselves and with each other. Spirituality/God/The Universe is interactive and is within us. It will work with you in every way you are willing to engage. Play with your life. Play in your life. Engage in your experiences as a willing grateful participant. We don’t need church or organized religion for that.

Listen to yourself most of all. NEVER ignore your intuition. Ever. It will only be a lesson for you if you don’t follow yourself.

Your body will ALWAYS talk to you. Listen to it. Honor it, be loving and kind to yourself. Your body knows when you are lying to it so stop trying. Honor it with love and kindness and give it the ability to express what you have been repressing. Our bodies aren’t meant to hold in old anything. Allow yourself to release.

There are no coincidences. Ever. The universe lines up everything perfectly if you are crazy enough to see the lessons and beauty in it all. Pay attention.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Draya Love – what should we know?
I provide content first. I try and leave breadcrumbs for people so they can find their way back to themselves.
In every way possible. Podcasts, blog, Vlog, Pinterest posts and many website resources. I provide this so everyone has access to what I am talking about. This is a long process back to ourselves and it is a self-paced journey as well. The blogs are my heart and my true feelings. The Vlogs are as well and there are some truly informational things with my business partner, Hulu Amen Ra where we break down many of the harder concepts and bring in down into digestible format for people to be open to. They are all on my website and my youtube channel as well. I provide oracle card pulls on Instagram, my website and facebook to keep people in touch with God (because we forget).

I work with clients doing Soul Contract Readings. Soul Contract Readings utilize the Kabbalah and the ancient Hebrew alphabet to decode your name into 7 numbers. These will reveal the energies your soul chose for this life to create your reality. It details your * Karma/Challenges * Talents * Goals and Dreams * Soul Destiny & Life Purpose. This helps you place your life experiences in perspective, show how you’ve evolved into the person you are today and provide direction to achieve your maximum potential in this life. It provides the clarity we have all been looking for.

I also work one on one with clients finding out what it is has manifested in their life and get people back on track. I do relationship overlay readings and family readings that are truly life changing. It’s really helpful.

I am in the Hillcrest market Sundays and OB Market Wednesdays with my business partner, Hulu Amen Ra with Hu Nectar. We are addressing all energy related wellness topics. Come and visit us.

The work is completely personalized and provides amazing clarity!

Do you recommend any apps, books or podcasts that have been helpful to you?
Many. I love Pinterest because it is so easy to organize my ideas there!

Books, The Sophia Code, The Subtle Body, The Mindbody Prescription, Soul Contract Decoded

I love water baby tarot on youtube, she helps guide me in so many aspects! I also love Dr. Sebi resources, Caroline Myss, Byron Katie, Matt Kahn, Gregg Braeden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Alan Watts.

Also, the weedmaps app keeps me close to my local dispensary as well. No stress here.🙂

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Image Credit:
Sam Salerno for most of the photos (except one in green shirt).

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