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Meet Trailblazer Fetu Escoto-Dyke

Today we’d like to introduce you to Fetu Escoto-Dyke.

Fetu, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Let’s get you the inside scoop (in short) on how we got to Wellness and Self-emPowerment Coaching. Have you ever heard of epilepsy? More on that later, let me fast forward to owning my event planning company that I sold due to being aware of the tole on my health and family needs, you could fairly say, I was ready for a change and so was my husband. Although being married, I had a partner in support of my event planning business, I was the President (oh ya, big deal “Titles”, which add to stress and seriously, are they even necessary?) LOL!
Ok back to my event planning company: I was managing all parts of my business, with the exception of payroll and labor. Anything you can think about for a business, from a license, branding, marketing, press, hiring, wedding clients, non-profit and corporate accounts, inventory, vendor contracts, building relationships, styling to problem-solving and then some… I was managing. My health had been pushed to its limits and I was noticing my husband getting sick more often than normal. All due to stress, fatigue and poor nutrition. You know, when you have that “feeling” (a.k.a intuition), but you keep pushing like you’re some kind of a super-hero? That side of your brain saying; “you got this… Hustle woman… all eyes are on you to not make this “Real” (as if we need some sort of validation). Right? Absolutely not. The only validation we need is from ourselves and guidance from God.

Two things were very clear to me: our health was being compromised and our time as a marriage was being compromised. These two things in life are non-negotiable for us. Our health and our marriage being compromised because of career choices. I didn’t even mention how my husband worked full-time as Department Supervisor (oops, there is that “title thing” again.. LOL!) of Therapy and Rehabilitation all the while supporting my event planning business one hundred percent. He would even attend my broadcasts, bringing all the setup, I would need for the television appearances and take pictures for us. I was averaging anywhere from 60-80 hours a week and my husband was averaging 50-60 hours at the hospital and 20-30 hours a week for my event planning business.

As you can imagine, we needed to shift gears and we made big decisions. We decided we would look into adoption, sell the business, move back to San Diego and I would work from home building a more purposeful lead life, utilizing my knowledge, expertise and gifts and my husband would continue as a Physical Therapist and make a bit of a shift too. We decided we would invest in coaching classes and leadership training to enhance the leadership and mentoring skills and experience we already had. We’ve always understood our passion for helping others to heal so they can live more freely whether it be mind, body or soul. What we didn’t realize was how we lost ourselves in our careers and had to re-focus and connect to our soul to heal our mind and body before we could truly evolve into our purpose.

We launched Purposeful Pair in 2016 and we are excited to say our Wellness emPowerment Coaching has been received with grace and positivity! Many of our clients are experiencing breakthroughs on their mind-traps that interfere with believing they can move forward in a positive life no matter their circumstance, learning how to connect to their purpose and are improving their health with our simple wellness coaching and practical advice for exercise. We have conducted collaborative workshops, Live Guest Appearances on Real Talk San Diego, Speaking Engagements and Co-Founded Authentic Soul Retreat (wellness for the mind, body and soul). I am beyond humbled and proud to say not only are we living our purpose while helping others, we continue to strive for improved communities through advocacy, volunteering time with compassion by raising approximately $5,000.00 in 2017 for various select non-profits and I was recognized and acknowledged at the city and state levels for my nomination of Women of the Year Advocate. When it comes to wellness and advocacy, it’s part of our lives in harmony.

Has it been a smooth road?
Oh! you know the saying, “the struggle is real”? I bet you do! It’s true. I would be a liar if I sat here and said, “it’s been an easy road. Gosh, there are so many things I’d love to share but for now, I’ll start with this, be sure you have a good attorney “in the back of your pocket” or at least in your Rolodex. Unfortunately, greed is an ugly monster and so is misery. Often times, when you’re happy and succeeding in life, in reality not everyone will be happy for you and some will try and pull you down. My advice on that note, prayer is powerful, hold strong to your truth because that’s your integrity and people will respect honesty over money when it’s all said and done. No matter what, believe in your dreams and make them a reality. If you’re going through something difficult, remember it’s only temporary and there is a reason. Life will happen, so have a backup plan. Have an emergency account and someone you trust that can stand in place for you when life happens. My husband and I have strong family values and what we learned is having an emergency account and someone that we can trust is one of the keys to running your own business/being an entrepreneur.

You don’t need to have a spouse to support you, save your money and start small. Word of mouth is a great way to start, and when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, your work will show and people will share. As your saving to design your dream career, look into loans or investors for women or young leaders. Apply for various awards and do community work. Volunteer, our communities need us and showing community support is a way of communicating to your investors or loan advisors, you care and want to see community improvement…you are invested in a better tomorrow.
If you are married and do have a spouse, it’s best if they are 100% invested and support your business venture. Have discussions, do your research and be able to share the research and be prepared to listen to their opinion but back up your research in a caring and confident tone. Be steady, patient and understanding…this is your dream and they can be part of it, but I suggest, don’t have the expectation they will/need to be. If they are not willing to encourage or support you, I will say this, it will be a challenging road but do not give up on your dream because someone else had a opinion.

We’d love to hear more about Purposeful Pair; Wellness emPowerment Coaching.
It’s not everyday we’re out there “shopping” for a Wellness Coach and for that matter, Wellness emPowerment Coach. While there may be a “dime a dozen” of Wellness Coaches, how often do you see Wellness emPowerment Coaching? Not often, right? Most people aren’t aware of what Wellness emPowerment Coaching is or what it entails. In the most simplistic form, we focus on the mind, body and soul to connect you to living a purposeful life. We believe our entire being functions on all elements in order to be well. You can look well on the surface, but if you’re not in harmony with your mind and soul, you’ll continue falling into patterns of destruction or distraction. We must understand who we are, not what someone else thinks we are or what they want for us. We focus on you. Most people can be intimated to walk into a gym and some are unsure where to start, but want to improve or enhance their health habits of their current status. In fact, we specialize in utilizing practical solutions that are effective for long-term results and working with people of diverse levels of wellness; from previous injuries to clients who have no injuries or limitations. We meet you where you’re at in your wellness journey and work from this point, building your inner and outer confidence. We treat the physical level (or what most of us know as fitness) include your mental health and tap into your inner you to improve your wellness and emPower you to live your purpose with fierce authenticity.
We are graced with pride and humility when we see our clients implementing the techniques, strategies and advice into their lives. Witnessing actual breakthroughs, and emotions of gratitude whether it’s because of how we’ve helped with wellness changes (physically or mentally) and living their purpose. Seeing that smile with sparks in their eyes, or reduce pain because of their physical improvement that’s how we know we made a change in the world.

Do you feel like there was something about the experiences you had growing up that played an outsized role in setting you up for success later in life?
Yes, most definitely. I believe all our experience in life contribute to the person we are today. Interestingly, my older sister and I are the only entrepreneurs out of six siblings. My dad raised me and my older sister when he was in his early 20’s. It’s pretty extraordinary and rare that you meet men who take on being the sole provider, full custody of their children. He had help from what I like to refer to as our “tribe”, he often worked overtime and weekends so our tribe would lovingly step in. We were always surrounded by a strong family, full of humor and compassion. I believe the diversity in our family, the influences of my dad: strong work ethic, steadfast loyalty to family, fierce determination and he is a man of his word. He is a strong leader and loving at the same time.
I struggled in school and excelled in creative arts. I began to learn how much of a leader I was becoming when I took on cheerleading, gymnastics and dance company all at the same time while maintaining my grades. I would choreograph and instruct other dancers through our dance program at the age of sixteen. Why? not, only because we had the opportunity but because as a child, I dreamt of being a dancer and I was going to succeed at creating this dream into a reality. To my surprise at age sixteen, I was nominated to enter the Competition for Young Women of the Year award. The beauty of this nomination, never expecting and I began to understand how living your passion connects you to your purpose.

Besides the challenges coming from a single parent household and changing schools, my dad would have the challenge of me being diagnosed with epilepsy and what that meant for my future. Reflecting on my epilepsy diagnosis, it was scary as a child but the way I was raised was to not allow my epilepsy to interfere with who I am or my goals. Epilepsy is a part of me, it doesn’t define who I am or my dreams. The challenges of living with epilepsy, the values my dad instilled in us and my childhood experiences created a greater understanding of compassion, the mind-set that nothing is impossible with determination and authenticity, that is how you shine and lead…it’s not make-up or titles. When I am focusing on emPowerment coaching, I guide you on your path, emPowering you to discover your strengths, identify your inner self & beauty, and lead your life with purpose and fierce authenticity. If I may use the metaphor of the butterfly…our coaching first facilitates the focus inward for discovery, development & understanding of self (the caterpillar into the chrysalis stage); undergoing changes, enhancements and growth (metamorphosis); and emerging confidently presenting the inner, true, authentic you to the world (beautiful butterfly wings) and live your purpose.


  • $87 (twice a month) Wellness Coaching: Guiding you along your path to greater wellness with consideration of physical limitations. We address brain health, nutrition, strength & flexibility to injury and prevention and create a program suitable for your physical needs.
  • $197 (one month member) Wellness emPowerment Coaching (Body, Mind & Soul): Physical wellness (exercise program), nutrition advise, mindset and perspective improvement and positive strategies/activities, relationship with self to enhance living your purpose with fierce authenticity. We include a professional photograph of you embracing your emPowered state of well-being.
  • $25 minimum donation (per session) Self-emPowerment Coaching: Because you matter and loving your self genuinely is key to happiness. We will share how to embrace your passions/gifts/talents to living them with purpose. We will use our powerful strategies, resources and activities to break-through mind-blocks. Our goal is to align you with your purpose, discover what’s waiting to be unleashed and rock your purpose with fierce authenticity so you are living your dreams and goals.

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