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Meet Trailblazer Joey Alvarez

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joey Alvarez.

Joey, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
As I watched my mother put on lipstick, I wondered and was fascinated not only with how she applied it but why. Years later I soon understood why and how a red lipstick can change your thought and attitude. I then fell into the would of beauty and wanted to learn more about it to all the different shades and how it all works together to create beautiful art on ones face. My frienemy in 12 grade (now Bff’s) showed me a picture of himself in drag and at the moment I was so curious to that life he then placed a makeup palette and a brush in my hand and said to me “here… do it yourself and learn”. She then became a baby Drag Queen to the name. “Alexis”. She was my way to express myself and to run away from home and my feeling.

I came out when I was 14 years old and I was hard but pretty much everyone was excepting to it. There were a few family members that took awhile but my Mom and my step mom still loved me for me. I think it was a little difficult because I come from a Mexican gang related family and in that lifestyle, most men are big and tough. But I wanted to stay true to myself, so I here I am “Gay and Proud”.

I was a very rebellious teen shorty after my father died from drugs and alcohol. I was hurt I was confused, there were many dark days to which I felt that I had no reason to be here. Depressed and teen years lead to hard drugs and alcohol to not feel. A couple of years doing stupid shit and putting myself in danger lead to finally coming to a realization to I don’t want to end up with needles in my arm for the next big high. I stop hard drugs before I moved to Los Angeles cause I new I would have gotten worse. Alcohol, weed, and cigarettes were my substitute, still putting myself in danger many times with fall and friends, in the streets in the club, anywhere there was alcohol I was there. I bounce from place to place and job to job to then my big sis asked me if I would like to move to NJ in 2007. There, I fell in love with a boy and shortly after my big sister asked if I was going to stay or go back home to San Diego. I then moved into a long-term abusive relationship on the other side of the country by myself. Alcohol had a big part and my pass issues as a kid.

I grew up in San Diego a great place to raise a family but in my family, it wasn’t the best, don’t get me wrong I had some great times as a kid, thanks to my adopted mom (my dad’s sister, a mother of 6). Many stories to how and why I was placed in my stepmoms arms. Very grateful now, then I should be had been before. She did the best she could have with not so much control over the people around us, there was verbal and physical abuse also drugs and alcohol took place in many situations. So, being around all that was ok for me to bring into my relationship including the hurt and pain I still bottled up inside.

The love I gave him was the love I saw and he didn’t deserve any of it, nor did I. We tried so hard many times but after my last episode of rage and depression and ended in jail, I knew it was never gonna work. I thank him still for pushing me to be the artist I am today.

Being on the East Coast made me tough and learned to grow up a little faster. I lived in NY but so lonely and depressed made me hit the bottom every day before, in between and after work. There, I got news one of my best transgender friend Mercedes love to shot her self. I moved home and felt somewhat better. I then fell back in love with another verbal abusive relationship yet this time, I found myself more of the dominant one and again alcohol was involved. I some got a slap in the face to I to need to do something with my life. I then had a friend that was a hair stylist that encouraged me to go to school. I know I had to eliminate the toxins in my life including my relationship with this man and my relationship to alcohol. I knew if I continued to drink I would not make it through beauty school. I quit cold turkey to leave that in the past and make a better life for not only my self but for my family. I wanted to better myself and I mostly wanted to be HAPPY.

I had a goal to register in school and quit drinking on my first day. March 21, 2016, was the day I told myself to not struggle with this and to push through. Wow, it was hard the first few months but I knew if I wanted better for myself then I had to believe in me. Single and loving school was my high. A day after my stepmom’s birthday, I got a call to go to the hospital where my real mother was at. I forgot to mention that my stepmom never lets me know or see my real mother, I spent many summers and vacations with her and my brother n sisters while she was not always coherent. She still never fully quit drugs and alcohol. It then took a toll on her body and in my second semester in school she passed. It hit us all hard and my different ways and some of us are still coping. I have learned to expect it after the first year to not live with the pain to let it cause me not to push forward. Her last days, I lived with her and I remember how she would say how proud she is of me not drinking and going to school. I have some guilt in some of the things I could have done or wish I did better. She’s with me always and I pray to her, I can feel how proud she is of all my better decisions I have made in the past two years.

It’s been a battle but I wouldn’t take it back cause it’s made me stronger than the week depressed insecure boy I was once. I have grown and still growing each day to a better life. I can actually think and know what I want in life and who and what I deserve. I’m a better person and I have learned to believe in myself cause I’m worthy and I matter. I don’t want to leave her with negativity, I want to leave from this planet knowing I did all I can for myself and my family and friends. I want to leave a story to touch someone’s life to help or inspire to live there dream and to never give up. I’m here to spread my love to others and to say to you “DONT FORGET TO LIVE A GREAT STORY”!

We’d love to hear more about Joeyzworld.
My work is classic but edgy.

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