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Meet Trailblazer Megan Gunsorek

Today we’d like to introduce you to Megan Gunsorek.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I am the founder and facilitator of The Morphic Field. The Morphic Field is a cutting-edge transformation modality which combines the power of shamanic healing with the latest breakthroughs in science. I want to tell you a little about my journey to my future self and how I founded The Morphic Field.

First off, The Morphic Field is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. When you enter The Morphic Field, you open a portal to another dimension of yourself. The Morphic Field reveals our energetic blocks- these blocks can be trauma passed down from our ancestors as well as blocks created from our own personal trauma.

We all can agree that everything is energy, right? In The Morphic Field, you are able to transform the energy of what has been blocking you or holding you back into a resourcing energy that can propel you forward. I facilitate you to clear these blocks and clear your Life Path and we then alter the trajectory of your Future by placing the energy of Your Future Self into your Morphic Field. This then enables you to journey on your Life Path to Your Future Self, you become more aligned, confident, happy, fulfilled, successful, purposeful, intuitive, peaceful, connected to your Source and living a life you love.
When you work with me and The Morphic Field, the journey to Your Future Self becomes inevitable.

I am able to facilitate others along their magical journey to their Future Self because I first took this journey myself. A few years ago, I was in still living in Ohio when I hit an “all-time low”- I was all of a sudden physically sick with seizures, anxiety attacks, was in the hospital with serotonin toxicity, you name it, I had it. And after many short-lived career pursuits – financial controller, restaurant owner, magazine columnist – I was feeling directionless. I so desperately wanted to finally find “My Thing” in this world. I imagined myself with my own business, feeling fulfilled, happy, healthy, helping others, using all of my talents, and with financial success. I KNEW that the future was possible. I could sense that one day, I would find it, but I didn’t know how to find it or what “it” was. I was extremely frustrated! I was slowly getting my health back on track when my husband and I decided to divorce. I felt like I had hit rock bottom… THEN, I literally had a dream one night where I met my future self – who had some messages for me to hear… I listened and I followed these message. Since then, I have been on this guided journey which led me to sell everything, say goodbye to family, packed the car with my dogs and follow the guidance of my Future Self to Southern California.

I was led to Encinitas, California (I shortly after find out Encinitas is an energetic vortex and spiritual mecca) where the unfolding of this magical co-created journey to my Future Self continued. My intuition heightened and clearer messages seeped into my life via synchronicities, coincidences, dreams, and simple internal knowing. AND it was here that The Morphic Field and I began to openly work together. I trained to facilitate Family Systemic Constellations which is a German modality that heals trans-generational trauma by accessing The Morphic Field. During this time I healed and transformed much of my familial and personal trauma. In the midst of my training, I became aware that my purpose was to expand the work, wider than the realm of Family Systemic work. The stronger I built my relationship with The Morphic Field, the stronger and more clear this guidance became – The Field supported me as I uncovered my gift to facilitate others to become their Future SeI have been given the ability to enter The Morphic Field portal and alter the course of your Future. I have also been given the ability to transfer this ability to you.

I am now the Future Self that I met during a dream that one night just a few years ago, that beautiful, healthy, fit, sexy, happy, successful, peaceful, trusting, and fulfilled woman. I get to facilitate people to transform themselves through THE greatest source of transformation in the Universe. I live in absolute heaven and wake up every morning looking at the ocean from my bedroom window. Looking back, I could not have even imagined such a beautiful, synchronistic, and poetic journey to my Future Self… AND just as we grow and evolve, so does our Future Self – I now have a NEW Future Self that I’ve uncovered in The Morphic Field. This Future Self is bringing transformation all over the world.

I believe I was taken on this journey to Become My Future Self so that I can now facilitate you to take YOUR journey to Become Your Future Self. Now, it’s your turn…

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I’ve had many challenges and setbacks in my life. I learned over time how to transform struggles and blocks into opportunities- to “flip” it. It is not about the challenges we experience, but it is the story we tell about the challenges we experience. I learned that when we allow ourselves to fully feel emotions during our struggle with self-compassion – the pain, fear, disappointment, sadness, etc., it is then that we can reach a healthy, sweet spot of neutrality. From this neutral space, we can feel for what’s calling us next, we can intuit what the Universe is planning for us, and we can create our future by taking steps toward our Future Self.

Wise words to pass on to young women: The words you think and speak create your experience, choose them wisely. Begin to create a powerful relationship with your Future Self now and you can create the magical life of your dreams.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about The Morphic Field – what should we know?
The Morphic Field is not your average coaching program. I facilitate you to access your Future Self and tap into your greatest potential. When you access The Morphic Field you partner with the greatest source for transformation in the Universe. In The Morphic Field, you receive endless information about how to best access your dreams. You create your life path, navigate around stumbles, and transform blocks into resources for your journey. In this partnership, you experience yourself in your greatness, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and living a life you love.

I am most proud that I can teach people to enter The Morphic Field and become THEIR OWN facilitator which means they can channel their Future Self, transform blocks into resources, and create a powerful, magical life they love.

What sets me apart from others is that I am accessing a newly discovered shamanic field called The Morphic Field that allows people to uncover the underlying dynamics preventing them from becoming the Future Self they desire. In this field, we reveal lingering energy that is actually passed down trauma from our ancestors as well as personal trauma – that we experience as blocks on our life path. With this cutting edge discovery, we are able to instantaneously transform the energy of these blocks into a resourcing force, propelling us to our Future Self. In this field, you LITERALLY channel your Future Self, your ancestors, your past self, the parts of you (your shadow self), your partners, and anything else that supports you on your journey.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman just starting her career?
Allow yourself to explore options, to uncover what works and what doesn’t, and to leave situations that don’t feel right. Sometimes, you make a commitment then uncover that it’s not the best situation for you- allow yourself to change your mind. This is a good thing- you are getting to know yourself better. Make sure you honor and respect who you are. It is so important to create strong, healthy boundaries and learn to keep an open heart at the same time. Most importantly, treat yourself with kindness, love, and self-compassion.

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Megan Gunsorek

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