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Meet Trailblazer Robyn Langdon

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robyn Langdon.

Robyn, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My journey as an entrepreneur started in 2007 when my husband and I started a new church plant in Western PA out of a movie theater. I thought it would be a strictly spiritual experience but soon learned that it required marketing, business knowledge, and the ability to promote a new endeavor. Thankfully, we were quick learners and had a great time with the people of our church building something that left an impact on many.

The next step in my journey was when I started a new business with doTERRA selling essential oils and other natural supplements. I named my business “Oils from the Nest” because they were products close to my heart that I knew would help many people. I continue this business today, helping people feel better naturally and growing a dynamic team of people who help others with their health. In this business, I’ve had to learn confidence, self-care, recruiting, leadership, coaching, and much more.

Most recently, my husband and I have started another new church plant in El Cajon called Crossroads Church. Here we aim to meet people at the crossroads of their lives and show them the light that is Jesus because we believe His light shines brightest in dark places. This newest endeavor has taught us how to market and communicate to a specific audience and target group, as well as how to develop leaders around us to champion our cause as a team.

Has it been a smooth road?
Well, of course — the road has been smooth all along.

Nah, just kidding! My road has been full of obstacles, twists, turns, potholes, and hurdles. One of the most important lessons I tell others who follow me is that we learn best by failing forward. I recommend Brenee Brown’s book, Rising Strong because she explains the process of rumbling with your failure, finding wholeness, and moving forward in strength. That is the process all successful people follow, every time. If you think you can avoid any or all of that, you’re in for a rude awakening. If we don’t expect opposition and difficulty, we become blindsided and tend to give up too soon and too easily. If aren’t prepared to fail, we have no business even trying.

One example of an important lesson I learned through failure was in recruiting partners in my doTERRA business. I had to learn the hard way that not every person who says they are committed is capable, and not every person who seems capable will remain committed. I’ve got to give everyone a chance who wants one, but my expectations are guarded until they prove themselves to be BOTH committed and capable. I’ve learned the hard way not to count on people before they’ve proven themselves or before I’ve had the chance to train them properly. Now that I know that, however, I have a much higher rate of success when it comes to recruiting the right people in the right positions. One of my coaches taught me that unclear expectations always lead to frustrations, so I’ve learned to communicate clearly upfront that I’m looking for capable and committed leaders to join my team. Clear expectations win every time!

We’d love to hear more about Hope from the Nest.
To be honest, I’m still finding my specialty. I’ll try something new for a while, find some success, and then learn that the market is changing and that doesn’t work anymore. As soon as I find a niche, my niche moves or changes or wants something different. And I think that’s the nature of our current society. If you’re not changing, you’re not relevant.

In a broad sense, I help people feel better. I do this spiritually in my personal interactions and as I lead at Crossroads Church. I do this physically as I empower people to be the essential oil experts of their own homes. I do this intellectually as I write posts, articles, and books. In the next few months, I’ll be releasing my first self-published book, Consuming Fire, which is a historical fiction about King Josiah of Judah. I do this emotionally when I lead church services once a month at a local jail. I tell the inmates, “My job today is to give you more hope that you had when you walked into this room. When I’m done, you can tell me if I did a good job or not.” And 100% of the time, they’ve told me I do my job well. Helping people feel better, filling them with hope – that’s what I do best. That’s why I call it Hope from the Nest.

As far as what I’m proud of that sets me apart from others, I think that comes down to the quality I offer. When I was choosing the brand of essential oils I wanted to sell, I looked for quality and learned that doTERRA rigorously tests its oils and has the most tested and trusted products on the planet. That was huge for me. When my husband and I build a church service for Sunday, we have one standard: Simple Excellence. If it’s too complicated, the message gets lost, and if it’s not excellent, it’s not worthy to be called by Jesus’s name. Again – quality is imperative. When I went to publish my book and my editor said it needed a fourth round of proofreading, I found the best editor I know and wrestled through every comma and phrase with her. If it’s not as close to perfect as possible, it’s not ready for print. I hope people have that impression of me. While I’ve forsaken the god of perfection, I continue to value quality in everything I do and promote.

As for what I’m known for, I think it might be authentic kindness. A lifelong friend said to me recently, “When I first met you I was skeptical of you because you were so kind. I kept waiting for your facade to wear off, but it never did, You’re genuinely the kindest person I’ve ever known.” And while I might prefer to be known as a powerhouse business mogul, I suppose kindness is an acceptable reputation, too.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman just starting her career?
The most important piece of advice I have for young women who are just starting is to be authentic. Don’t cover up, don’t pretend, and don’t fake it. Everyone tries to be someone she’s not, at one point or another, but in order to stand out and be successful, you have to be YOU. I’ve wasted days, months, even years trying to become someone else who was successful, thinking it would make me successful too. It didn’t. I wasn’t successful when I did that, and I didn’t even feel good about my work. What I’ve found is that every woman was created unique on purpose FOR a purpose, and not until we accept and embrace that fact will we be able to express our success in the world.

By design, we’re different and when we reflect that truly and confidently, our success manifests, as if effortlessly. I’m not saying you won’t work hard – you will! But it won’t FEEL like work when you learn what you uniquely do best, and stop fighting against the current, trying to be someone you’re not. Are you sweet? Be sweet in your success. Are you strong? Be strong in your success. Are you creative? Be creative in your success. But you won’t be able to do any of that until you get alone with yourself, know her, learn her, love her, and be her. Socrates said: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom,” and I would add to that, the beginning of success.


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