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Meet Weston Boucher

Today we’d like to introduce you to Weston Boucher.

Weston, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Since age 13, I’ve been drawn to create in whatever format I have the opportunity to be a part of. I’ve left myself open to the freedom of different chapters by way of the various professions that I’ve pursued. Early on in high school, art and ceramics led me to owning my first guitar, which then led to playing professionally in bands for 15 years as well as studying classical guitar and composing original music for film & TV. Backing up to post high school, I had a 7 year span in the video game industry in production, which came by way of a bold walk-in interview request at 19 years old. During a work trip in England for a month, I purchased my first SLR camera. Upon return the rolls were developed and peers affirmed my potential as a shooter. I eventually left the video game company at the right time with severance pay and used the funds to start a photography studio with my now ex-wife. It went on to become very successful in the portrait and educational workshop realm of photography. After over a decade in, a staff of 5 and a large business in place, we parted ways and I went on to establish myself as a solo shooter. In that time a colleague invited me to attend a Harley Davidson casting for models who could ride motorcycles well. I went on a whim and the rest was history. I began working with Harley regularly, and took it upon myself to approach several top modeling agencies through contacts I made on set. 6 years later, I have spent 50/50 in time on either side of the lens as a photographer and model. Through modeling, I’ve also been able to piggy back my love for health & fitness, partnering with some great sponsors to contribute to that industry via my lifestyle. Songwriting still remains a constant passion behind the scenes in my spare time, along with VoiceOver, so it’s clear I’ll always be magnetic to creating. I just lack a sense of purpose without it. There’s lots of pockets of time in the creative field, so I tend to find satisfaction by filling in those gaps with whatever project is currently in my sights. I am beyond grateful and feel blessed to have worked alongside so many talented creatives over the years. As without them, I would’ve never been inspired or encouraged enough to take so many leaps of faith.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I think “smooth” is relative to one’s ability to let go of control to some degree and accept that life plans may not look as linear as imagined. Although there were terrifying moments, years of sweat and tears, and some humbling, low years along the way, it has made me who I am. And for that I’m thankful. I remember unexpectedly losing my job in the video game industry after assuming that it was my career path entirely. I felt so lost, as I knew nothing else at that point professionally. So jumping into the fear and risk of vesting all of your severance into a new photography venture from ground zero took a ton of faith. Struggles then came with the sacrifices of owning your own business and how it affects all of your relationships. Working alongside my wife at the time took a big toll on the dynamic of how healthy marital roles are supposed to look. The workload kept us from weekends with family, friends and ultimately postponed planning for children. And once it could’ve been feasible, things dissolved in the relationship, and post-divorce I was faced with a state of reinvention in both personal and professional identity. As within a portion of my divorce process and following years, a promising relationship blossomed, but when that did not pan out either, the motivation in the face of so much transition and loss really puts your professional pursuits and demands in a daunting place. My pursuit of music in the 11 year band that was alongside this chapter also abruptly ended when our lead singer and close friend tragically passed away during the finalizing of our biggest studio album to date. Some significant deaths within my family during that span truly were insult to injury as well. Now having overcome all of these obstacles, standing on my own two feet again, I can better manage the struggles of the constant hustle that comes with being self-employed. In summary, when working for yourself, your personal life tends to blur lines because you are the sole person responsible for your future at any given moment. There is no one else to step in, you ARE the company.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Weston Boucher story. Tell us more about the business.
Some colleagues have referred to me as a maven in some ways. As I definitely dabble in quite a few creative formats throughout each year. The majority of my workload falls in the categories of photography and modeling. I photograph for sportswear brands, well-known fitness and social media influencers, agency models and some product as well. I’m represented by 4 modeling agencies and tend to specialize in print modeling for various household commercial brands (Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Indian Motorcycles, LG, Pottery Barn, Southwest Airlines, Ford, Capital One, Mattel, Hyundai). I also do a bit of commercial acting. At the moment you may recognize me in an commercial as “Oscar Lavista” lol. When I’m not involved with a camera, I’m songwriting, recording VoiceOvers, and providing and preparing content for my respective social media platforms for the aforementioned. What I am most proud of is my ability to adapt and be versatile amidst the challenges and demands that come with so many creative dynamics. I think that in the same token, this is also what sets me apart from others.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I believe that you can avoid or invite different forms of luck depending on the choices you make and the environments or lifestyles you put yourself in. While you will get both regardless, I think you can defy odds and capitalize on good or bad luck by way of attitude and wisdom. The struggles, challenges, highs lows, wins, and losses were and still part of priming me for the next chapter to come. As without perspective, you can’t see where you may need to put your energy at any given moment. Good and bad luck have revealed to me what’s truly important. Quality of life. Quality Relationships. Faith. Loving Yourself. These factors have such a great deal to do with how you do business, and how you’re perceived professionally as well. As your core reflects outward into all of your decisions, even if we don’t know it sometimes. It’s really fear that is the ultimate inhibitor, while good luck and bad luck are simply life. Overcome fear, well, the sky’s the limit.

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