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North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 10.12.2017

Kelley Hudson

When I was going to school at UCSD I began taking photos of student art works because I was an art history major and that was going to be a part of my job. But then my friends started getting engaged or asking for graduation photos and I just kept snapping. Read more>>

Christopher and Melissa Cage

About two and a half years ago, my wife and I relocated from Los Angeles here to San Diego with our 4 children with just a leap of faith, determination and a sense of hard work. When we first moved out here we didn’t even have a plan we just knew we were gonna come out here and just hustle hard for our kids to give them the life that we did not have as kids. Read more>>

Marc Bennett

I opened the first tattoo shop (Propaganda Tattoo) in Pt. Loma in 2005. I was a body piercer at the time. I grew out of piercing as I got older and also the piercing industry was slowly dying out. In 2008, I went to barber college and in 2009 I opened my 2nd tattoo parlor in the College Area which included a 1 chair barber shop in the back. Read more>>

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