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North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 10.19.2017

Jamie Piper

From 2000-2003 I was attending school at the University of Washington, majoring in psychology with an animal behavior emphasis. My area of focus was canines, and I did research studies at off-leash dog parks, worked as a dog walker and pet sitter, volunteered at a friend’s dog daycare, and was generally surrounded by dogs seven days a week. Read more>>

Catherine Taylor

I went to college for photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. NYC is where I really fell in love with photography and working with people, taking portraits. There are just so many different personalities there and it was fun trying to capture that on camera. I interned with a couple of editorial portrait photographers after college and on the side, I started doing family photography. Read more>>

Sage Justice

I started off photographing nightlife (bar and nightclub events) when I was 18. I got paid $15/hour, got to get into a bunch of 21+ bars, and was able to attend a ton of concerts for free, which I was stoked about at the time. After a year, I realized that it wasn’t very lucrative and that I would need to learn more about photography other than just pressing a button if I really wanted to turn photography into a career. Read more>>

Ginger Rees

I was the girl that didn’t have much body hair and non-existent eyebrows, so I didn’t really care about getting rid of any strays that may or may not be there… While in cosmetology school, however I found the love of hair removal. ‘The hair is there and then it’s gone’ Instant gratification! (Ok, maybe in 15 minutes) I never had any intention of owning my own business but after working in the waxing industry for someone else for a few years I thought about it. Read more>>

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