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North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 10.26.2017

Victoria Larsen & Diane Richards

We originally started out as three separate beauty businesses in one location. We merged last year when our friend and business partner passed away from cancer on the hair side. We are now a one stop shop for all your beauty and grooming needs under the Clean Slate name. Our location has a great feel and the staff is passionate about what they do. Read more>>

David and Leah Warder

Our story could be a long one and quite romantic if you ask us. We met in high school as neighbors, we were best friends for years through college and relationships, traveling and living in different places. We were both introduced to massage at a young age. We have family friends who own Healing Hands School. Read more>>

Christa Cascolan

I sparked an interest in hair fashion as a child but it wasn’t until my teen years that I became more certain of it as a passion or career path. I grew up in the American punk scene in the early 2000’s so I’d practice a lot of mohawks and vibrant colors on friends in my bathroom. It was during that time that I met my mentor, Tanya Mia, who offered me my first position working in the industry after school and on the weekends. Read more>>

Neil Hughes

We opened our doors in December of 2006, as the salon was being built, I was recruiting stylists through My Space. Before the doors opened, we had a team of 7, we were branding ourselves by doing hair for various fashion shows throughout San Diego. Read more>>

Eva Wennes

I’m a Pilates instructor and a corrective exercise specialist. I work with people who suffer from chronic pain (neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, foot, etc.) and/or have a chronic condition, such as Parkinson’s disease, MS, scoliosis, asthma, etc. I help them become pain-free, so they can return to their favorite activities and feel good in their bodies again. Read more>>

Lorraine Galindo

Since the age of 18, I have always been in the customer service industry. Impeccable customer service has always been the strong base to all of my work. I worked for Nordstrom for several years and was a manager for two of those. The last couple years of working for Nordstrom I was a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Read more>>

Julia Perez

The catalyst to enter the skin care industry for me was always about the need for connection and the desire to help individuals feel like the best version of themselves. After over a decade working with reputable salons and spas and even a stint educating other estheticians, I knew finding a space where I could practice and continue to sharing my knowledge was my next step. Read more>>

Ariel Simonetti

I’ve been an esthetician since 2006 but I feel like I really began my career in 2009 when I worked at a brow studio in Nordstrom Fashion Valley. All day long I would shape eyebrows which is how I began building a clientele. I loved working there and have fond memories there but after a couple of years, I realized I wanted to build my own business where I would offer other beauty services that I loved. Read more>>

Hanna Glenn

I always wanted to be a small business owner. So when I was faced with a new transition in my life a few years back, I decided to make my next chapter in life a true reality not just a wish and worked my tail off and created Mariposa Electrolysis. I never could have imagined it would be helping people get rid of their unwanted facial hair, but now that this is my reality I couldn’t be happier. Helping people feel confident in their skin is so rewarding. Read more>>

CJ Thomas

Have you ever been in one of those jobs where you just want to smash your head on the keyboard? That’s where I found myself at age 20 after having moved from Reno, NV to San Diego, CA to pursue my lifelong dream of being a professional musician. In order to pay the bills on my shoebox studio apartment, I took a job as an estimator/project manager at a commercial construction company. Read more>>

Kelly Jett

I started shooting weddings in Virginia after I separated from the Army in 2007. At first, it was difficult for me to find a job, so I began volunteering to shoot weddings as a second photographer and get experience. Somehow, I ended up being the only photographer at all of these weddings, so I was always a little nervous, but the challenge was exciting. Read more>>

Troy Cook

Specializing in San Diego weddings and corporate events, TNT has entertained at all of Southern California’s finest venues including the San Diego Convention Center, Qualcomm Stadium and the Hotel Del Coronado. Read more>>

Michele and Daniel Schlanbusch

My lifelong love affair with fitness began over 20 years ago in college when I was introduced to fitness as a freshman in P.E. class. It was love at 1st sight. I loved everything about fitness. I was pre-med at the time. When I met fitness, it changed my life. I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Thus, my journey began. Read more>>

Angela Grande

I was among the first stylists in San Diego to discover Keratin treatments. A close family friend and stylist of 40-plus years introduced me to this product a decade ago. After trying it, I was 100 percent convinced that it was something special. I believed in it so much, I chose to become a sales representative and educator for Keratin treatments, teaching classes and certifying stylists throughout San Diego. Read more>>

Rachel Krentzman

Embody Physical Therapy & Yoga started as a unique idea to blend Yoga with Physical Therapy in 2002. After suffering from scoliosis and a herniated disc, I learned that Yoga was a very effective way to heal from back pain and other injuries. I initially started seeing patients in my garage in Ocean Beach, then moved to renting a room in a yoga studio, a holistic health center and finally opened a center of my own. Read more>>

Cindy Cate

My introduction into the beauty industry was by way of managing a hair salon called The Lab a Salon owned by my dear friend Adrianne Tolentino. I found the beauty industry to be fun, fast-paced and full of passion and creativity. In my years of experience managing The Lab, I recognized a need for business minded professionals in the industry and knew this would be a good direction for me. Read more>>

Archie Underwood

I was raised in a holistic household. We ate clean. I went to acupuncture. Did a little yoga. My parents received a type of Structural Integration when I was 15, they both went through the traditional 10 series. So I had early exposure not only to holistic healing as a lifestyle but also as a potential career. Read more>>

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