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North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 11.16.2017

Kyleen “Kai” Maciel

My yoga practice started in 2011 at Corepower Yoga in Point Loma. A friend of mine took me and I instantly fell for it. At first, I was focused on the physical benefits. After some time and lots of practice, I felt like I hit a plateau with the classes. Read more>>

Reggie Toledo

As a native San Diegan, I couldn’t help but love and appreciate the beauty of “America’s finest city”. As a graduate of PLATT College and UCSD’s marketing program, I went on as lead designer for projects with high profile clients such as McDonalds, reebok, and corona. My biggest client being the competitor group Inc. Read more>>

Tony Troccoli

As a USA Triathlon (USAT) certified coach, I attend at least one annual in-person re-certification clinic to learn from industry experts on topics including swim, bike, run, strength training, equipment, nutrition, and physiology. I also complete the U.S. Olympic Committee SafeSport Program that teaches individuals how to identify misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue and provide training and resources. Read more>>

Jason Hernandez

Pooch Selfie is the first invention I’ve ever created. Prior to the invention, I had various sparks of ideas, but never took any of those ideas to fruition. The idea for Pooch Selfie was discovered in my very own backyard. One Saturday morning my wife and I were hanging out with our dogs in the back yard. Read more>>

Jolin Putrus

Started out a music fan and would frequent music establishments. Most of the clubs and events we attended always were missing something. Whether it being lack of help, poorly set up, or just bad music. I decided to start in the music industry with some help from friends. Read more>>

Hector Tellez and Alberto Luna Lara

I always showed an interest towards photography but it wasn’t until I finish my bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences that I truly decided to put more work into it. My dad gave me my first camera, a 35mm Nikon FG-20. I took a photography class back in college, everything was dark room stuff, nothing digital. Read more>>

Shaun Baker

I’ve always had a passion for creating. When I graduated from college with my film/television degree and six production certificates, I immediately started working with HBO and 20th Century Fox. It wasn’t too long after that when I decided to start on my own photography business. Read more>>

Lisa Fijalek

I worked in my school’s computer lab back in 1990 and we used to update the computers both hardware and software quite a bit there. After leaving the University of Maine Campuses I have built all my own machine and fixed friends up from time to time. Read more>>

Christopher Peterson

I grew up in San Diego and love my community. When I met my wife just before college I told her I wanted to be a science fiction writer, which is pretty far from what I have become. When I started taking science classes at UCSD, I realized that my passion was definitely in the real world of science. Read more>>

Connie Terwilliger

My story meanders. There wasn’t a plan, just a lot of preparation meeting opportunities resulting in 40 years of wearing a lot of hats revolving around media production. My path to a career started with KCOE-FM (see photo) in Cedar Rapids Iowa while at Coe College. An art degree led to weekend graphic artist work at WMT-TV where I was quickly moved into full-time work running camera and floor directing. Read more>>

Liza Marians

I always knew I wanted to help people. That was for certain. I started my college career Pre-Med with the desire of being a pediatrician. That dream faded quickly with the introduction of Chemistry. Read more>>

Kathy Thurston

I learned about power lifting in high school and loved lifting weights. As a kinesiology at CSU, Sacramento, I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting and fell in love with the sport. After years on the corporate ladder, I decided to open a gym where I could share this wonderful sport with people. Read more>>

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