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North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 11.3.2017

Diana McCaskill

Richard and Diana McCaskill started Fruition Consulting in 2005, after gaining extensive operational experience in hotels, convention and visitors bureaus, convention centers, entertainment/restaurant businesses along with general business development consulting. Diana’s 20+ years in the hospitality industry provides a level of expertise perfectly suited for leading this team. Read more>>

Lauren Burnham

I decided to go to massage school after having many injuries from athletics. Massage was an affordable enough option for treatments and it brought me back to life after each set back. The business got started by working on friends when I was in school at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Read more>>

Angela Garzon

I’ve always had an interest in photography but I discovered my love for it while in college when I took some classes as a part of my Graphic Design degree. After graduation, I got an internship with a wedding studio in San Diego and started to develop who I was as a photographer. After about 5 years of side-hustling it, I finally quit my full time office job to grow my business full time. Read more>>

Tom Hill

I was born in North Jersey and grew up playing three sports (football, baseball, and wrestling). I started sports-specific training at the age of 12 and continued that training until I was released from professional baseball in 2008. Read more>>

Ley Hohnstein

I started this business 6 years ago after a friend and I planned our own personal events. I had a wedding, she had a quinceanera. We are shocked at the cost of linen rentals and quickly realized that there was a need in our area for budget friendly rentals. After our events, we began renting out the linen that we had purchased. Read more>>

Dominic Richards

I’ve had various careers in my life but my most successful ones involved assisting others on a one-on-one basis. I moved to San Diego from Phoenix during 2011 when the recession forced me to shut down my real estate brokerage. It was a wonderful opportunity to start over in a city I’ve always wanted to live. Read more>>

Joanna Yanez

I was born and raised in the San Diego area. I have cultivated an interest in the healing arts since my youth, beginning with my Great Aunt, an energy worker. My interest in natural medicine and healing practices have taken me up and down the west coast and deep into Central America where I had the privilege of studying native medicine, and abdominal therapy with Indigenous healers, Herbalist, Sobadores (traditional body workers), and Midwives. Read more>>

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