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North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 12.20.2017

Tiffany Jane

My name is Tiffany Jane I’m a singer/songwriter/vocal coach/blogger/vlogger/lover of expressions of art. I started off my career at 4 years old touring in a musical called “Reunion”. My background continued in musical theatre in such venues as The Old Globe & The La Jolla Playhouse. From there I went onto college at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA to earn my degree in Vocal Performance. There I found my love for soul music, songwriting, & vocal training. Read more>>

Lucy Hernandez

I started Lucy’s Whims almost 3 years ago after having left my corporate job when we had babies. I was doing some styling on the side and Instagram had just exploded as a business platform. The blog was a vehicle for my personal styling and a way to share bits of my lifestyle. I pretty quickly fell in love with creating my own original content and started seeing the potential of the blog as its own standalone business so I committed to the blog full time. Read more>>

Joan Green

I had a major career change after 10 years in marketing. I was feeling unfulfilled and decided to take some time off to find myself. Daily, I would drive by this preschool in downtown Seattle, which looked like a really fun place to be, with art in the windows and families hanging around. They hired me on the spot and I began my journey with children! My naiveté helped me in this new career. One day the teachers were out on a rainy walk with the children. Read more>>

Shane Farmer

I first came to San Diego via a move to Mexico in 2005 as a 19 year old when my life was in transition, unsure of where I was going to school, and what was next for me. Luckily, that fall I was accepted to the University of San Diego (as a waitlist student) but didn’t know anything or anyone in the area. One of my first days on campus I was approached by a fellow student who had been recruited to row at USD and he suggested I give it a try due to my size so I obliged and gave it a shot. Read more>>

Eder Escamilla

I spent a lot of my college years in the darkroom studying photography. I was fascinated with being able to capture moments and tell stories. That expanded as I started to photograph people. Creating portraits that showed an individuals personality was one of my favorite things to do. I had no idea that a career in photography was even a possibility until I was getting ready to graduate from college and my photography professor recommended I continue my education with an internship and some real-world experience. Read more>>

Carolina L. Mery

I worked in the hospitality industry for many years, my last position as the VIP Manager at Hotel Del Coronado. There was a point about 12 years ago when I decided that I wanted a more “normal” schedule, meaning I did not want to work every evening, weekend and holiday. I had never considered leaving the industry, so I had no idea what I wanted to do. I tried several things but didn’t feel passionate about any of them. Read more>>

Christopher Adler

I came to San Diego in 1999 to being a job as a young Assistant Professor at the University of San Diego, and have developed my career as a composer, performer and improviser, and cultivated my identity as an artist since that time. My work is multi-faceted. Working with Thai and Lao traditional music takes me frequently to Asia, and southern California is about the best place in the U.S. to pursue this work because of the vibrant southeast Asian communities here. Read more>>

Melissa Canales

Quantum Microgreens was started by my husband and me in early 2017. I had been practicing law with a non-profit legal services organization, Learning Rights Law Center. I’d started with the non-profit, while I was still in law school at Loyola Law in Los Angeles. After a few years practicing, I left to work for a Native American Tribe in Northern California, and then circled back around to do work again for Learning Rights. I primarily practiced special education law, representing students with disabilities and their parents. Read more>>

Brian Parker

Since 2009, the San Diego Metal Swap Meet has brought a unique event to Southern California. The event provides a place for heavy metal merchants to sell their clothing, art, CDs, vinyl, patches, and just about anything else heavy metal related. It also offers a DJ, playing everything from early heavy metal favorites, to obscure metal gems. This is not only a merchandise central event, but it is also a social event, where old friends meet, and new friends are made. Read more>>

Bill Perrine

I’m a San Diego native, born to blue skies and 70 degree days forming an infinite scroll. Upon learning to feed myself and walk I embarked on a wide variety of childlike activities, one of which was photography, another of which was falling off skateboards at high speeds from even higher elevations. Smash cut to: a fully grown Bill Perrine purchasing a succession of comically larger then absurdly smaller cameras as 80s hair metal gives way to late 90s alterna-rock. Read more>>

Crystal Daigle

I can remember walking around our house in Schenectady, N.Y. when I was a kid, feeling a buzzing in my body — the urge to create. I happily made drawings and created stuffed couches for my barbies on an old sewing machine my mom gave me. At 17, I went to the Philadelphia College of Art where I studied drawing, painting, fibers and performance art. I sold my first painting while still in art school. I’ve shown and sold my work since then. Read more>>

Victoria Sandoval

I started working in the industry as a Junior Loan Processor in 2005 and then decided to become an agent. No matter how the market was, I was always knocking on doors and cold calling, I stayed focused, kept my goals in mind and thought that the hard work would eventually pay off. I worked at many major firms until 2015, when I decided to start my own company, Select Premier Properties. While I cover all over San Diego County and beyond, a lot of my clients tend to be around Chula Vista. Read more>>

Oscar Poche

I was Raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Washington Heights. While in Brooklyn I was mesmerized by the dance music since of the mid 80’s and I was influenced greatly by stories of the early days of the Paradise Garage. “Brooklyn was where I discovered myself through music. After working at Marvel Comics for 2 years, at age 21 I landed a job with famed manager, and club promoter impresario Vito Bruno’s AM:PM. Bruno ran promotional operations for clubs like The Palladium, The Tunnel, Limelight, Studio 54, Red Zone, and almost every important New York venue in dance music history. Read more>>

Sherrie Long

I started my career apprenticing under a celebrity hair dresser in London. We did hair for fashion shows, and fashion photography. I loved the lights and glamour on set and wanted to continue down that path, so I decided in order to do that, I needed to learn more! I moved from London to Los Angeles & enrolled at The Institute of Studio Makeup LTD in Hollywood, CA. I learned everything from basic beauty makeups to special effects. Read more>>

Summer Golden and Jeff Bushnell

“Stick with me and you will”. This was my new boyfriend’s reply when I told him my dream of owning a theater in 1999. That boyfriend is now my husband of 10 years and our theater is 15 years old. After 2 years of searching, we found an abandoned hair saloon and began turning it into a real theater. Today, North Park Vaudeville has produced over 550 short, brand new plays from around the world. N.P.V. is also the home of the STARS acting program for people with disabilities. Read more>>

Shannon Isselhardt

I started working on computers over 20 years ago when I was a photographer. Every other job I held I always knew more than anyone else about computers so I always became the “IT” guy. About 10 years ago I got hired at a small, one man, computer shop. I did the repairs and managed the shop. We went from 2 of us to 6 people working in the shop. My wife and I had our first daughter 2 years later and I decided to become a stay at home dad and work out of my house repairing computers for the customers who only wanted me to touch their machines. Read more>>

Nathan White

Our team has extensive experience in Real Estate Development. Our story for Agess, Inc. started six years ago based on a need to restore devastated ecologic conditions. We took a focus at the Salton Sea which has been plagued with indecision and lack of creativity. Our background in architecture has given us a vital role to play in how and why decisions should be made. Most notably is Return On Investment (ROI) but that is not the only need to consider. Read more>>

Eva Lu

I want to share Chinese Medicine with the world. Cupping, gua sha (skin scraping), herbal medicine and food therapy has been used in my family for generations. This is the medicine I grew up with at home. My parents used a combination of these methods to treat my sister and me for colds, digestive issues like food stagnation, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and stomach issues menstrual cramps, and body aches and pains. Read more>>

Jon Ray

I became involved with the local Burning Man community in 2008 when I put together a series of successful fundraiser parties for a non-profit called Burner’s Without Borders. My reputation from those parties led the people who organized the unofficial San Diego Burning Man Decom event to ask me to take over for them. I produced the 2011 decom event, then we re-named and re-categorized the event as an Official Burning Man Regional called “YOUtopia”. Read more>>

Brian Mohler

The Ugly Dog is about to celebrate it’s fourth birthday next month (in human years, lol). This location, however, has been a pub for over 40 years under different reincarnations such as the Quaff Barrel, Kelly’s Pub, Java Joe’s, State House, and McMurphy’s. This location is haunted with memories and good times. It’s always been known for cheap beer and great entertainment. Read more>>

Rachael Price

I moved to San Diego from Waynesboro, Virginia, and attended San Diego State University where I received my degree in Interior Design. Unfortunately, my graduation was at the height of the recession, NO ONE was hiring, and the economy was in the tank. So, after my internship, with no hope of a design job, I started my own company, determined to come out of the recession with experience. Read more>>

Kathy Christmas

Originally from Arizona, Kathy started her professional career as an Aviation Electrician with the United States Navy, serving honorably for 10 years while on active duty, followed by 2 years in the Navy Reserve. Her personal values and military service have allowed Kathy to succeed as a business owner. In 2002, she went into real estate; she earned her Broker’s License in 2006; in 2007, she opened Golden Property Management (GPM). Read more>>

Tyler Blair, Jim Blair

After professionaly sucumbing to the Mortgage Industry (getting laid-off) in 2009, I needed to do something. Finding a job was difficult so I thought I would buy one in the form of a business. After doign about a year of research, I honed in on the Laundry industry. My research showed me there was room for improvement in an industry that had changed little. I pitched my ideas to my Dad (investor) and away we went. Read more>>

Randy Janson

Born in California, grew up in the skateboard, surf culture. Worked in the skateboard industry prior to tattooing. Skateboarding had a follow “no rules” element to it, upon exiting that industry, tattooing had the same appeal in 1991. Freedom and ability to expand my artistic mind lead me to tattooing. I was given my break when I was hired at Avalon Tattoo in 1992. I spent close to 12 years working there, I traveled all over the states and Europe during this time making a name for myself and learning tons. Read more>>

Terry Ribera

The shop opened its doors in July 2011. 2 years ago, I had an opportunity to purchase 1930’s Spanish building in North Park, across the street from our original location. We are now located at 3009 Myrtle ave, San Diego. 92104. The business runs out of a converted 1930’s Spanish house. I’ve always been drawn to older architecture, furniture, and art in general. I have a bit of collecting habit, from vintage taxidermy, antiques, art you name it. Read more>>

Tony Schubert

I originally got started thru a friend of mine. At the time I had just graduated from college and was working at a RadioShack (R.I.P) trying to figure out what to do with my life. My friend was a co-founder of a social media marketing company and got me an entry-level position as a social media manager. After several months of working there, my manager at the time started talking to me about SEO. She had many years of SEO experience and encouraged me to start learning on my own. So every once and a while she would teach me some random SEO techniques here and there. Read more>>

Stacy D’Aguiar

I’ve been given great gifts of which I’m grateful beyond words. I became an artist at an early age. I’ve lived in San Diego for 17 years, but originally from Washington DC. I received a BA in graphic design from Virginia Tech where I was also enrolled in many art classes ranging from life drawing to painting to sculpture. My medium for many years was mainly pencil and colored pencil. I pursued my design career after graduating in 1996, and used my drawing skills to design t-shirts, toys, costumes, logos, and corporate branding. Read more>>

Jon Phenom

I began as an apparel designer for a skate label in Convoy in 2000. Following that, I crafted handmade jeans for custom orders worldwide. I moved to LA in 2002 to work for several labels and work up to Senior Men’s Director and eventually Creative Director and then Brand Director of the last label. in 2011 I started a YouTube channel to help others launch their clothing lines as I began consulting, In the last 18 years I’ve styled music videos, owned my own high-volume screen printing company and flown all over Asia for production. Read more>>

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