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Old Town-Mission Valley 10.19.2017

Francine Sablan and Jason Tweed

Francine Sablan’s passion for transforming the body by utilizing the power of exercise and nutrition becomes obvious by spending just a few minutes with her. She leads by example “walking the walk”, inspiring her clients and those around her with her own personal drive and discipline. Read more>>

Laurie Hagstrom

In 2007, I decided to buy a spray tan machine because I was tired of being in the sun and damaging my skin. With a couple skin cancer scares I decided this was the safest and best way to be tan. Little did I know how popular it would be so I decided to start a business and CHEAT THE BEACH was born. We provide custom spray tans with a proprietary blended solution at the salon or in the comfort of your own home or office, we are fully mobile. Read more>>

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