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Old Town-Mission Valley 10.26.2017

Christiana Gerber Honnet

It’s My Tea Party came to life back in 2009. I had the honor of hosting a very good friend’s baby shower. Like any good friend, I wanted something memorable with a touch of fab and elegance. Of course, a gorgeous tea service! With a tight budget, I hit a few obstacles. Read more>>

Samantha Anderson

I started doing a variety of art at a very young age and continued it throughout high school. In Jr. High, I was introduced to a new passion of musical theater which consisted of acting, song, and dance; all different types of art and expression. Read more>>

Jessica Kost

I’ve been an artist for about twenty years but one thing I always enjoyed was making art with friends in a social atmosphere. I started a meetup group about five years ago called Encourage Creative with a friend. We planned various meetups to do fun and creative projects. Read more>>

Kristy Smith

I started Serenity Skin & Body Treatments in March 2017. After I finished school, I quickly got a job at massage envy giving facials and worked there for a year. I quickly realized that I could offer more personalized care and affordable skincare information and truly help people if I ran my own business, so I ventured out and opened up Serenity Skin & Body Treatments. Read more>>

Janelle Koch

When I first heard of eyelash extensions in 2006, I was hooked. I immediately took a training and began practicing until I could perfect the skill. As I began seeing clients, I saw that there weren’t many people offering the service at that time, and even fewer who were dedicated to doing it properly and not harm the natural lashes. Read more>>

Shawna Parks

I got started the same way as a lot of women do. I was a mom with a camera. My husband became a freelance broadcast photographer in 2001 when our youngest was about 6 months old. Up until then, he was the one behind our cool new digital Canon Rebel. No film? Sweet! But since he was now a freelance guy, he traveled A LOT. Read more>>

Merritt Jones

My journey into integrative medicine was born out of my own need for better health care options. In my early 20’s, I became very sick and struggled for years with terrible digestion, chronic fatigue and horrendously painful periods. It took me almost 10 years of suffering before a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of holistic medicine. Read more>>

Helen Hu

I was raised in China and at an early age, studied Chinese Medicine. Later, I studied Western medicine at Hebei Medical School. After practicing internal medicine and cardiology for 9 years, I immigrated to the United States in 1991 and passed the United States Medical Exam in 1997. Read more>>

Will Chitwood

It all started in 2000 in Colorado Springs, Colorado when a friend asked me to join his DJ business. At the time I was a competitive pairs figure skater for Team U.S.A, but I usually had my weekends free for events. It wasn’t long before I realized I loved DJing! Read more>>

Erin Warfield

After giving birth to my first son almost 16 years ago, I knew I had to establish myself professionally in order to take care of my son. I was a single mother working as a server in a local restaurant. I wanted more for my son. I worked as a caregiver for a quadriplegic man after leaving the restaurant biz. A few times a week my client would have a Massage Therapist come and work on him. Read more>>

Cory DeLisle

I’ve been in the health & beauty industry for 20 years now. I’ve worked in many different fields-sales, marketing, training, education & services. I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years. I love being a part of an ever growing & evolving industry. I am result-oriented & love being able to use quality products to obtain those results with some of the latest technology. Read more>>

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