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Old Town-Mission Valley 11.16.2017

Keahi Rozet

It was the hardest decision that I’ve ever had to make! You see I grew up in Hawaii and I have been singing and playing the ukulele since I was a kid. My grandmother was an amazing singer which truly inspired me. Read more>>

Jessica Wells

I know it sounds cliche, but my love for photography began when I was about 10 years old. I’ll never forget the first time I wielded a disposable camera and the sound the gears made as I wound the film around that 35mm spool. Read more>>

Roger Ma

My family and I have always kept pets. Our house was literally a zoo. First thing you’d encounter would be the dogs that greet you at the door (though our cats would come and say hi as well if they weren’t sleeping). Read more>>

Brian Grasela

Well the business started like most, out of my garage about 6 years ago. I would advertise online and meet up with people after work, selling them slabs of hardwood for different projects. As time went by I noticed more and more popularity so wrote a business plan, crunched the numbers, found a building, and opened Made Lumber. Read more>>

Ninfa Skezas

Originally of South American descent, I have been exposed to and trained on various types of dance throughout South America and beyond.  I have always loved to dance and been focused on fitness but hadn’t necessarily thought of doing it as a career.  Read more>>

Brenden Masar

I’ve worked for an advertising firm since graduating college in 2005. I was the lead copywriter for several years, writing mostly real estate-related marketing material. In 2009, during a trip to Russia with a friend, I picked up a video camera for the first time since film school and re-discovered my love of filmmaking. Read more>>

Devin Morrow

Let’s see, I’ve always had an affinity for tools. I used to sneak into the garage as a child and play around in my mother’s tool bench. Dad would break things, she always seemed to know how to fix them. She is artistic and tool savvy. Read more>>

Heather Hansen

I am the Owner and Head Coach for Playball Kiddos. I have my Liberal Studies degree from Cal State San Marcos University. I have always had a passion for working with children, and became apart of the Playball team in 2007 while I was working on my teaching credential. Read more>>

James Frame

I grew up in San Diego in a musical family with my dad playing music for long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories were getting on the drum set at my uncle’s house and just smashing along with whatever my uncles were trying to play. Read more>>


I originally wanted to be a wedding makeup artist, but life had a different plan for me! One minute I was working makeup jobs with popular brands, and 3 days after I got my esthetician license, I was on board with Anastasia Beverly Hills. Read more>>

Thierry Denis

I grew up in Paris, France and from very early on was always drawn to films. When I was a kid, I was an avid consumer of cinema, and would rent movies from the local video store on an almost daily basis. For the little kid that I was, films were a wonderful escape that would allow me to explore the world from the comfort of my house, be exposed to new ideas and learn new concepts. Read more>>

Fiora Firefly

In 2003 I sold most of my belongings and moved into my van, so I could chase the seasons and (rock) climb. During my second winter down in El Paso, I stayed at the Hueco Rock Ranch, a campground run by climbers, for climbers. Read more>>

Gerald Marino

While attending college, I landed my first “Engineering” job. I was hired for a drafting position at Van Buuren and Associates in San Diego. This was Pre-CAD. All hand drafting. VBA was a mechanical and electrical design firm. I had been hired to directly assist the mechanical engineering division (HVAC). Read more>>

Tara Parsons-Miranda

I started massage therapy 12 years ago out of a desire to help people. After going through school and getting my certification I started a small mobile massage business where I treated clients in their homes. Read more>>

Nadia Arambula

Eighteen years ago, I came to this country pursuing my dream, that dream was to move to another country to share my Mexican culture through my Folklorico dance. I started to dance the Mexican traditional Folklore since I was five years old, I used to hear my mom say that when I was little, I usually wore her long skirts and high heels to dance the music she used to listen. Read more>>

Karen Moy

Hearts for San Diego is a project of love that started in 2014 as a tribute to my mother and father. In 1997, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat cancer and inspired me with her generous heart and charitable activities to help others battling cancer. Read more>>

Savanna Aragon Allen

It all started at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego. I became a PMTS student in 2007, and graduated with the required 1600 hours, receiving my cosmetology license in 2008. For about 4 years I worked in and out of salons around San Diego County providing cut and color for my clientele. Read more>>

Lia Smith

In 1985 I became a Certified Nursing Assistant working with seniors in nursing homes in Chula Vista, later I moved into working within an agency taking care of seniors in their homes helping them to remain independent. I enjoyed working with the Senior population, I still enjoy listening to them and helping them on a daily basis; to me they are the Generation that raised us and still today I feel that they are often forgotten or not represented in Politics, Medicine and other considerations. Read more>>

Corey Doggett

I was working in Marketing out of high school, so naturally I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business. After doing so and working many years in areas of Marketing and Project Management, I decided to turn my love of fitness into a part-time gig. Read more>>

Natalie Meehan and Judy Ann Gadler

It all started with a case of pneumonia. One of the three owners had pneumonia and was lying on the table getting her acupuncture treatment for obvious reasons. As a woman who is constantly on the go and a type A personality, she couldn’t stand that she was lying on this table for an hour. Read more>>

Sam Chen

I founded Aloha PhotoVideo around 2013 in order to provide world-class photography and videography services to the San Diego luxury home & architecture market. But to understand how I got here, we’ll have to go back to 1991, when I started my 1st career in high tech, working at a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley. Read more>>

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