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Old Town-Mission Valley 11.3.2017

Jason McAllister

I wanted to open up a restaurant but it was 2009 and times were tough. I decided to start with a food truck to get the name and quality of food out there. Went 100% catering in 2016. Read more>>

Kathryn Upchurch

My journey to massage therapist began years ago when I was a professional dancer/actor/choreographer. I found a Medical Massage therapist who got me through all of my injuries big and small. I had weekly sessions to keep my body working optimally. Read more>>

Travis Johnson

The story of our clinic actually begins when I was in undergrad. I was studying biology during the day and working graveyard shifts as an EMT at night. It didn’t take long, even as a young EMT rookie, to realize that our medical system was failing Americans. Read more>>

Geena Crawford

I took the first major step towards becoming a professional photographer when I decided to include it as one of my majors at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Before then, I did not ever think about photography as a profession, just something that I had an interest in. Read more>>

Dr. Bruce Allen

I earned my degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State and did my internship with Dr. Victor Runco at the San Diego Running Institute. I decided to further my education and was accepted to SCU (Southern California University of Health Sciences) and earned my doctorate in Chiropractic medicine with an emphasis on sports medicine. Read more>>

Maribel Salcido

It all started back in high school (Hueneme High) where I got the opportunity to take art classes, and venture into my passion. At the time, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and had no real guidance. But I knew that I wanted to be more active in school (I was very shy initially) and that I enjoyed art and writing. Read more>>

Jacynda Jae

I am the owner of Plush Makeup Artistry & Hair Design; along with two other beauty businesses. Plush is my “first born”, my baby! I started my journey at cosmetology school. I quickly realized hair was not for me but I still wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Read more>>

Dennis-Michael Broussard

Originally hailing from New Orleans, Dennis-Michael Broussard (me) relocated to San Diego to pursue graduate school aspirations. During my time in my graduate programs, I created Silk Road Productions as a side project, creating art shows and fund raisers for causes I believed in. Read more>>

Josh Nerenberg

I was on a Premed pathway during college at the University Of Arizona. During my studies I become an anxious bookworm and suffered from panic attacks. I was disappointed in the lack of treatment options from a Western Medical standpoint. I did not want to become addicted to anxiety medications and became increasingly interested in the Psychology. Read more>>

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