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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach 04.12.2018

Tara Sauvage

I started as a footwear designer after I graduated from college. I was working in Los Angeles and then I got into handbag and belt design after a few years as a shoe designer. I can draw anything and I had a good eye for trend and color so I got jobs easily by word of mouth. Read more>>

Megan Siason

The creation of m studio interior design kind of just happened…it was a beautiful thing really and I had a great colleague who gave me the push I needed to get started. I had been working in the industry of residential interiors since 2009 at various showrooms selling designer furniture, fabrics, flooring, window coverings and also worked for a few small design firms. Read more>>

Patric Douglas

As a twenty five year veteran of the global tourism industry with his humble beginnings leading 21 day tours around the planet, Patric has spent twelve years from 2000-2012 as CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) with Shark Diver, a commercial shark diving company bringing big animals to thrilled divers all over the planet. Read more>>

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