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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach 10.26.2017

Raymond Ahdoot

I started my career in the rental industry in 2001, working at a rental shop on Mission Blvd. while I went to SDSU. I was only 20 years old! I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a very early age… I was the kid that would sell you candy in the halls of your Jr. High, would mow your parent’s lawn in the summer and shovel the snow from their driveway in winter (yes, I’m an East Coast native). Read more>>

Dana Mitchell

I began this journey almost 10 years ago, when I moved from New Jersey to San Diego. I was unsure of my path so I decided to move across country to figure somethings out. It has been quite the adventure. I began to take some yoga classes at a few local studios around Pacific Beach. Read more>>

Angela Levy

I’ve always loved taking pictures and felt a deep need to preserve memories. Once I had children, this passion grew to the point that I had a camera with me at all times – and then I needed newer and better cameras to capture the world around me. Photography became my biggest creative outlet. Read more>>

Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf

I am a San Diego native – raised in Point Loma, graduated from PLHS, and got my B.A. in Communications at UCLA. After college it took me a few years of soul searching to finally pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, which I completed at Chapman University in 2011. Read more>>

Ciara Mumford

I’m a 3rd Generation Cleansing & Detox Specialist. I grew up in the wellness industry with a family of detox royalty. My grandmother was the Author of the first books ever written on internal cleansing & my mother is the founder of the #1 school internationally for internal cleansing. Read more>>

Kathleen Lisson

I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist who specializes in reducing that tight, heavy feeling that comes with swelling (edema) after plastic surgery procedures like facelifts and tummy tucks. I am passionate about helping my clients because I have experienced swelling and the trauma of facial surgery not one but two times in my life. Read more>>

Monica Vidrio

My journey in skincare started at age 9 when I got my first break out. Having endured bad skin most my life, I relentlessly seek to find the cure and tried every single product from over the counter, to prescription and any home remedy out there. As an adult I learned to control my acne. Read more>>

Ric Marquis

On my first trip to Hawaii in 2001, I was hanging out at the hotel pool and there was another group of people who were there for a bowling tournament. They all had ukuleles and were just hanging out playing and having a great time. Read more>>

Brittany Hudson

I am also known as the Meditating Mama and started on my path of meditation at the age of 17 discovering the benefits of many different types of meditation. At the age of 21, I was introduced to Mindfulness Meditation and has been in the practice of Mindfulness Meditation for over 20 years. Read more>>

Eldon Bertsch

We have had to jump over plenty of obstacles and been faced with our share of challenges. But everything that has come our way, we have faced head on. We have a full line of Spearfishing/freediving, scuba, snorkeling gear and rentals in our retail store. Read more>>

Richard Tiland and Michael Auchard

New Evolution Video was founded around the same time as YouTube. It became apparent to Founder Richard that video would dominate all other forms of marketing. 10 years later they’ve become a one-stop shop video and branding agency. They deliver the concepts and videos for corporations to engage their audiences with marketing from the heart. Read more>>

Lindsay Tiers

By day, I create bright and unique succulent decor for homes, offices, and events. By night, we are a boutique DIY studio, bringing in local artists to teach the community fun and unique hands-on creative workshops. Read more>>


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