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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach 11.16.2017

Jessica Ragsdale

I started The Lash Room September of 2015, I was working at another lash boutique & after a lot of encouragement from clients, co-workers, friends, & family I decided to take the plunge & go out on my own! After having the opportunity to spend the first few years out of high school moving around the east coast. Read more>>

Blaine Smith

My initial intro to property management was managing the home my family purchased in Mission Beach for my roommates and I to live in while attending University of San Diego. During the summer months we would vacation rent the home during weeks my family was not using. Read more>>

Alex Elms

As many creatives, I started out not being entirely sure of the direction I wanted to move in. After studying at Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK, I got a job in video production. Read more>>

Alan Chalom

Ever since I remember I have had a little spiral idea book. Never thought of myself as artistic or creative but would somehow come up with ideas and jot them them down. My ideas are typically inspired by my life passions: my daughter and the ocean. Read more>>

Michael Hamanaka

I always knew I wanted to help people. That was for certain. I started my college career Pre-Med with the desire of being a pediatrician. That dream faded quickly with the introduction of Chemistry. Read more>>

Janice Pappas

For a long time I believed that my spiritual journey began in the lush jungles of the Big Island of Hawaii. However, if I look really deeply, the journey actually began much earlier than my stay in Hawaii; it began outside an everyday Starbucks on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Read more>>

Alex West and Kyle Buckett

I started volunteering as an adaptive surf instructor for Navy Medical Center San Diego’s (NMCSD) “surf clinic” in May 2014. It was at the clinic that I noticed what an incredible impact the program had on wounded or injured veterans whom benefited from being in the ocean. Read more>>

Yura Lotonenko

LIYRI art | spirit | design – It is a soul journey. I was always wondering about art, spiritual development and how to transform the environment into a space that will help us to live, inspire us and enrich the level of energy through the day. Read more>>

Jillian and Tato Silva

Coach Tato is a personal trainer and former professional soccer player from Brazil. He moved to San Diego 4 years ago with no English to learn the language. His plan was to return to Brazil after 6 months to open his own gym, but then his met his wife Jillian; a former teacher. Read more>>

Abigail Burd

I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon a profession I love at a young age. My dad used to say that the secret to life is to find something you would do for free and then get paid to do it. I’ve been fortunate to learn on the job in crisis houses, community mental health programs, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, drug treatment programs, and schools. (I guess I learned a little in graduate school, too.) Read more>>

Jared Lien

I have been a Cardiac nurse specialist for over 12 years. I have worked at Scripps for the last 11 years. During my time as a nurse, I realized the importance of holistic and preventative medicine. Nursing showed me the importance of assessing all areas of peoples lives. Read more>>

Rolly Uclaray

Playhouse Basketball originally came from the name Pinoy Play House. Established in 1996 in a small town called Delano in central California. It was started by a group of 11 junior high school friends. 21 Years later we are now 6 generations strong and over 350 members. Read more>>

Samantha Hua

I used to be a field biologist, traveling the world surveying wild animals. Nutrition was just an interest. Each time I came home from my travels, I noticed my family gaining weight and diagnosed with type II diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease, etc. Read more>>

Paloma Sanders

I have been a massage therapist since 2009. I attended massage school at Our Lady Of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, LA. A native of Louisiana, I moved to San Diego in 2013. Working as a massage therapist I have gained well over 15,000 hours of massage experience. Read more>>

Kimi Evans

I had some back issues and was looking for a pilates studio about 10 years ago. The least costly place I could find was $60 per session. I knew that would be too costly to do everyday. Then a friend introduced me to Pilates Plus in Los Angeles. It was the first time I had seen a large group pilates session. Read more>>

Stefan Ewing

My obsession with martial arts goes back as far as I can remember–training in my undies, in the living room, with my family of black belts when I was 5 years old. I eventually earned a 3rd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do karate, and have trained several other disciplines. Read more>>

Kali Love

From a very early age I had a passion for teaching and being an entrepreneur. At age 9 I was teaching my toddler niece her ABC’s, colors and animals. Around that same time, my young entrepreneurial spirit made arrangements with my neighbors to regularly collect their bottles, cans, and newspapers in my little red wagon, so that I could earn money from recycling (this was pre- curbside recycling programs, of course!). Read more>>

Alan Chalom

Ever since I remember I have had a little spiral idea book. Never thought of myself as artistic or creative but would somehow come up with ideas and jot them them down. My ideas are typically inspired by my life passions: my daugher and the ocean. Read more>>

Neil McCaffrey

Got started working in and around surf shops at a very young age on the East coast in Rhode Island. I moved to San Diego about nine years ago now. When I first moved to San Diego I got a job at another shop in OB and worked my way up to being the manager and head buyer of the store. Read more>>

Bret Scott

Willow Creek Archery has been in business for approx. 30 years. I bought it one year ago, when my friend (the previous owner) decided to retire, who I had known for about 20+ years. Read more>>

Dave Kamena

The PLASTIC story started in 1998 as a beach volleyball company, just about the time the short volleyball shorts were beginning to look silly. My friends and I didn’t like the fit of the surf shorts that were available; they were made to fit surfer kids, not competitive team sport athletes. Read more>>

Cindy Mohr

I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for almost 40 years starting in New Jersey worked in Colorado, and now in California. I also have experience and education as a cosmetology instructor, and a traveling educator. Read more>>

Marc Johnson

Hang 1 was conceived and created in 1996 with the goal of becoming the communities premier custom picture framing source in Pacific Beach, California. Over the years, Hang 1 has grown into a full service framing gallery and art installation service. Read more>>

Heather Grisco

I took over ownership of the studio a little over 7 years ago. Prior to that, I was working for the Department of Defense. My job with the government was not very personally satisfying. Yoga had always been a good outlet for that. Read more>>

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