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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach 11.3.2017

Nicole Stone

I was introduced to acupuncture and herbal medicine at age 19. At the time I was working on getting my associates degree at Palomar College and was having issues with chronic neck pain and tension headaches. A friend referred me to a gentleman who was a massage therapist, practiced acupressure and Western herbology. Read more>>

Kevin White, Nancy and Eric Jayson

Eric and Nancy have lived in San Diego since the late 90’s and have both been avid beach goers since day 1. When Nancy’s brother  Kevin moved out to San Diego last year looking to start school and a new career path, a lengthy brainstorming session began for a business venture. Read more>>

Jenny De Veaux

The business was started in 2010 by two guys I met who were best friends. They heard that there was a Blonde Personal Trainer at the nearby 24 Hour Fitness that was always doing CrossFit workouts. They found out who I was right away and approached me, saying that they just opened up a gym down the street and I needed to come workout with them. Read more>>

Carly Mahon

I can’t help but think of the phrase, “what a long strange trip it’s been!” When looking back on my journey to today. Being an entrepreneur was never something I saw for myself. I started practicing yoga back in 2007 as a way to recover from an injury sustained after running a half marathon. My physical therapist suggested that I begin going to yoga when I was ready to start exercising again. Read more>>

Rodrigo Medeiros

I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and started Judo when I was 5 years old. At age of 12 I started in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under, Grand master Carlson Gracie, the oldest son of the sport founder, Grand master Carlos Gracie. I won several titles in Brazil and in 1996 I moved to LA, with my Grand master where we open a academy in West Hollywood. Read more>>


In a nutshell, from growing up a privileged suburban boy in Westchester, NY with a penchant for Brad Nowell and Dave Matthews to battling inner demons, traveling the country on foot seeking non-music, spiritual enlightenment with two dogs and various animals in tow to ending up in San Diego CA, steadily procuring Hollywood fame and riches. Read more>>

Edward Mahony

I can reflect on several life experiences and interests that I believe got me to where I am today. As far back as I can remember, owning a business was always been a dream of mine. Finding the suitable businesses/industries that fit the shoe wasn’t always clear and has taken shape over many years. Read more>>

Ismael Bohme

Bike Garage started on 2014 in my house garage in Pacific Beach, the idea started with the necessity of moving around without a car and enjoying the beautiful weather of my new hometown San Diego. Read more>>

John Ruzicka and Roberto Renovales

In the summer of 2006, our band had enjoyed a fair amount of success playing bars and restaurants in Pacific Beach, downtown La Jolla and other parts of San Diego. We decided to try an idea we’d seen in Vegas, where participants from the audience actually join the band on stage to sing. We partnered with what was then called RT’s Longboard in PB to launch Rock Out Karaoke every Wednesday night. Read more>>

Sean Taylor, Evan Moon, and Michael Nisi

Surf You To The Moon started off as the surf lesson company that would figuratively take your surfing skills to the moon. Starting off with pushing stoked customer into waves with beat up Costco soft top boards, to now expanding internationally across the world, Surf You To The Moon has developed into new areas and expanding into new fun activities besides just surfing. Read more>>

Zachary Smith

I have been in the spa industry for almost 20 years at this point. I started as a locker room attendant and have since worked virtually every level within the business. I have been integral in opening and running two different high end spas, most recently at the Marriott Marquis, downtown. Read more>>

Julie Pitois

I had a vision for this company over 25 years ago. Having played sports my whole life from little league to Professional volleyball, I have accrued all kinds of injuries, some big some small, some overuse. But it wasn’t the injuries that were career ending, it was the treatment. Read more>>

Serr Max Bunting

I was born and raised in New York and from a young age remember always being physically active. I participated in team sports (e.g., baseball, basketball, lacrosse, etc.) but also partook in perhaps riskier activities with my friends that tested my jumping or falling abilities as a child. Read more>>

Karey Gregerson

I became interested in Cosmetic Tattooing in 2005 when I had my own makeup done. I had been teaching high school for 15 years & I knew I wanted to try a different career, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. After having my own tattooing done, I told several women about it & some of them did it & of course loved it! Read more>>

Justine Bianca

I was always obsessed with everything that had to do with the fashion and beauty industry. Moving from Jamaica to Hawaii, and with globe-trotting parents, my eyes were opened to different trends and influences worldwide at a young age. Read more>>

Masa Takada, Sao Urai, and Shu Aoki

Masa, the owner of Montblanc Hair Field, came to the United States after working for several salons in Tokyo. After working for salons in Los Angeles and Orange County, he returned to Japan to extend his style portfolio with the latest trends and styles, before opening Montblanc Hair Field in San Diego in 2012. With a strong belief that a beautiful hair style can only be achieved with healthy hair. Read more>>

Taylor Hollenkamp

After college, I moved to Chicago and took a fast pace, high pressure job in finance. I’ve never been a fan of big gyms, but needed something to alleviate the stress from my job. I discovered barre classes and was instantly hooked. Integrating regular workouts into my life transitioned into a passion for everything wellness, including nutrition, holistic practices, and keeping my body as healthy and fit as I possibly could. Read more>>

Lisa (Lorraine) Taylor

Okay…After tearing my knee and having multiple orthoscopic knee surgeries, my doctor told me in order to strengthen my knee, I needed to start working out. After joining a gym (which I loved), I noticed a woman with a guy working out. After a while I asked her who he was and what does he do. Read more>>

Eric and Laura Bache

Wellfitsd is owned and operated by Laura and Eric who have lived in San Diego for the past 30 years and are blessed to be raising their children in American’s finest city. Laura is an accomplished chef and personal trainer devoting her time to the fitness programming and café offerings. Eric, a builder and technology executive, who has spent the last 5 years designing and constructing Wellfitsd’s new facility and will oversee operations. Read more>>

Cathi Brennan

I am an avid beach volleyball player and an athlete. Some years ago I experienced ongoing back pain. . Each time the physician said “lay flat on your back for 3 days”. The pain would resolve for a while, but always return. Read more>>

Chris Waters

It all started with the annual Reddit Secret Santa HolidayGift Exchange. I’d been participating for a few years. I’d given and received some fantastic gifts. Most years, I get someone who lives on the other side of the country/world. This year, my gift recipient (or giftee) happened to live 21 minutes away from me. Read more>>

Kristin Quick

I have been teaching yoga since 2006 and 5 years ago, two of my yoga students asked me to officiate their wedding. I was extremely touched and honored, and I wanted to learn as much as I could about wedding rituals and ceremonies. I had been involved in hundreds of weddings as a florist, but never as an officiant. Read more>>

Ed Gallagher

I’ve made my career in business analytics. I conducted multiple marketing and advertising campaigns for a diverse set of clients including leading consumer financial institutions, software companies and other e-businesses. I had been doing this white collar desk-type job for many years and, like many Americans, I added a pound or two to my weight every year. Read more>>

Margarita Santa Cruz

Viva Brazil started in 2008 when I decided to relocate from Atlanta and moved back to California. At this time, we were the first salon in San Diego area using hard wax for Brazilian (men and women) and doing full body waxing. Read more>>

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