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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach 11.9.2017

Jessica Ragsdale

I started The Lash Room September of 2015, I was working at another lash boutique & after a lot of encouragement from clients, co-workers, friends, & family I decided to take the plunge & go out on my own! After having the opportunity to spend the first few years out of high school moving around the east coast. Read more>>

Blaine Smith

My initial intro to property management was managing the home my family purchased in Mission Beach for my roommates and I to live in while attending University of San Diego. During the summer months we would vacation rent the home during weeks my family was not using. Read more>>

Alex Elms

As many creatives, I started out not being entirely sure of the direction I wanted to move in. After studying at Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK, I got a job in video production. Read more>>

Philip McDougall

My life took a massive positive turn in 2005 when I made the decision to stop being a nightclub manager in Bristol, England and become Royal Marines Commando. I served within the Royal Marines for six years, completing two front line tours of duty to Afghanistan. Read more>>

Tiffney Burns

Always loved sports and helping people. I started off in gymnastics, that led me into cheerleading & dance, Also on the volleyball team as well as cross country & track. There has always been a place for sports in my life, watching, playing & most recently coaching. Read more>>

Melissa Swanson

I started as a young competitive swimmer and followed the steps most swimmers take. Lifeguard, swim instructor, collegiate swimmer, swim coach and then, questioning what next. Read  more>>

Bryan Boorstein and Jennifer De Veaux

CrossFit PB was founded in 2010 by Bryan Boorstein and Anders Varner. Driven by the best coaching and programming available in San Diego and a community full of young and motivated athletes, the culture flourished. Read more>>

Ashley Boyle

I started as a Personal Trainer working at big box gyms and then eventually had a large enough client base to work from home. In 2009 I had the amazing opportunity to buy a boutique Indoor Cycling studio in the Pacific Beach/Bay Park area. Read more>>

Alan Chalom

Ever since I remember I have had a little spiral idea book. Never thought of myself as artistic or creative but would somehow come up with ideas and jot them them down. My ideas are typically inspired by my life passions: my daughter and the ocean. Read more>>

Janice Pappas

For a long time I believed that my spiritual journey began in the lush jungles of the Big Island of Hawaii. However, if I look really deeply, the journey actually began much earlier than my stay in Hawaii; it began outside an everyday Starbucks on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Read more>>

Alex West and Kyle Buckett

I started volunteering as an adaptive surf instructor for Navy Medical Center San Diego’s (NMCSD) “surf clinic” in May 2014. It was at the clinic that I noticed what an incredible impact the program had on wounded or injured veterans whom benefited from being in the ocean. Read more>>

Yura Lotonenko

LIYRI art | spirit | design – It is a soul journey. I was always wondering about art, spiritual development and how to transform the environment into a space that will help us to live, inspire us and enrich the level of energy through the day. Read more>>

Julianne Russell

Four years ago some friends of mine that are members of P360 suggested they add yoga to their schedule and provided my name and email. Bryan and Dave, the owners, gave me the opportunity to join their membership and teach free yoga to the members. Read more>>

Sydney Pratheran and Alyssa Douglas

We started out as a freelance photographer and videographer, doing things on our own here and there. When we met, we really bonded over our passion for photography and from there we decided to start our own company. Read more>>

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