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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach below.

Bettina Hanna

I was born and raised in Brazil and in 2009 I to move to California to study Journalism. I already had a degree in Radio and Television and spent most of my career working for MTV Brazil. When I moved to San Diego, I was focused on my studies, but I wanted to keep creating and making videos, so I decided it was about time to buy a camera and learn how to edit my own stuff. It was hard in the beginning because I was used to having a crew working with me and as a director, I was able to know a little about everything but not much hands-on in terms of grabbing the camera and shooting. Read more>>

Scotty Phanhthilath

Born and raised here in San Diego, currently living in Escondido. Sometime in high school was when I started having a strong interest in tattoos, like the idea of tattoos, what they were, and how everyone had their own unique tattoo. The idea of a wearing art on your skin is super cool to me, and it’s one of my favorite mediums of art to look at. Having an artistic eye for as long as I could remember, the possibility of becoming a tattoo artist was always in my head. Read more>>

Pina Tripodi

I have always been a very sensitive, emotional, and compassionate person drawn to helping others. Originally from NY, I got my undergraduate and Masters degree in Elementary and Special Education at Boston University and spent eight years as a middle school teacher in underserved communities. Despite the crazy days, I truly loved teaching because of the authentic relationships I built with my students and co-workers. Read more>>

Tai Young

I moved to LA from Houston Texas in 2000 to pursue my dreams, and I haven’t looked back. Here’s a little bit of my story! Tai Young has become one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the entertainment industry. In pursuit of that perfect look, young has developed unparalleled, flawless makeup techniques that allow her clients to appear ageless. Young’s clients stand-out in crowded rooms and are recognizable on any carpet; as they are “blended to perfection,” and rarely stray from her signature clean and natural technique. Read more>>

Kamal Johnson

I was born in 1987 from Oakland California. I stayed out there until I was 17 and move to San Diego to attend San Diego State University in 2005. In Oakland, I have seen it all from gangs, violence, pimping, drug dealing, poverty, drug usage, just the whole nine. I was also involved in some of these activities such as violence, drug dealing, and being homeless but thanks to basketball and some of my family members such as Virginia Dorsey (Grandmother), Damu (cousin) and Aaron Dorsey (Uncle), friends such as Jeremy York, Kiveon and Bunthorn and other people that had a positive impact on my life they help me get on the right path and get me through these tough times. Read more>>

Stacy Lemus

Well… I started my path on accident. I was attending CSUDH majoring in Mass Media Communications when one day Ski Beatz reached out to me on Twitter and said he wanted to bring Maschine Experience to LA (he was currently hosting this Beat battle in NY). Of course, without hesitation & no experience at the time, I agreed to help; this happened May 2013 if I’m not mistaken. After the phone call I reached out to everyone I knew that worked in entertainment; my graphic designer Keese Goood, my first LA mentor Bryan Sallis who then introduced me to Chuck Dizzle & DJ Hed of Homegrown Radio, also Willie B. Read more>>

Merlin Cormier, Eric Lingenfelder, and David Cohen

Overload Adventure Company launched two years ago. It is the result of the three founders love for life and adventure. Our desire to share experiences with others has driven us to create our business. Our love for the air, sea, and land of southern California inspires us daily. This is what we do, and we want to share it with others. OVERLOAD ADVENTURE COMPANY is Southern California’s premier adventure company specializing in motorcycle adventures, power and sailing yacht charters, air tours and aerobatic flights. Read more>>

Grant LeBeau

It started with love – the love for a woman and the love of a healthy life. I was just a kid when my dad, Rick, created the first version of Rickaroons. He made them to comfort and supported the woman he loved and cared for during her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Although I was young, I still realized that Rickaroons represented his love for a strong woman and a healthy lifestyle. Read more>>

Chelsey Clime

The Run2Play team is headed up by Joseph Anthony, CEO, and Founder of Run2Play. Joseph is an App Monetization and User Acquisition specialist, with a background as a Mandarin linguist in the US Air Force, and a history of entrepreneurial endeavors starting at age 14. Years into his success with App Monetization and User Acquisition, Joseph realized that he wanted to use his expertise to create something that would help change the world for the better. He approached me, Chelsey Clime, with his business idea. I come from a creative arts background with a passion for community and international affairs. Read more>>

Dr. Rachel Hamel

When I was 19 years old, I went from a vibrant young teenager in college to a completely dependent bedridden patient. This began the 8-year journey of healing. After maxing out western medicine and getting sicker and sicker by the day, it was with the help of a naturopath and chiropractor that I started to regain my health. But this was just the start of the journey. Dr. Hamel decided to go into the alternative healing arts, still very ill but determined for answers. While in graduate school she was introduced to many other brilliant alternative healers, and not only got more answers for herself but led her into the many treatments she now performs in her clinic. Read more>>

Patrick Eckstein

Myself (Patrick Eckstein), and my co-founder (Matthew DeCelles) started William Painter as a sort-of-joke honestly… We were big fans of the newly emerging crowdfunding space, so we submitted our rough-drawn-out project to Kickstarter to be a part of the trend. Our first product, The Hook, was a pair of aerospace-grade titanium, polarized sunglasses, with a bottle opener integrated into the frame. Read more>>


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