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Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from Pacific, Mission & Ocean Beach below.

Nicole Young

I have been going down to Baja California, Mexico for years now and people have always been telling me to start a business where I offer tips on where to visit in cities just across the border. During the pandemic I decided to do it. I was literally hungover, eating tacos with my friends, and said, “I’m going to start a travel page and I’m going to call it Baja Betches.” My friends were very supportive and loved the idea. I wanted to not only share my advice on where to stay, what to do, and how to get around but I saw how COVID-19 impacted tourism and small business in these border towns so I wanted to help those businesses stay in business by highlighting them on social media. Read more>>

Poe aka Chef Poe Earnest

I was born in Chicago Illinois on the south side at Michael Reese Hospital to a wonderful spirit named Carolyn Marie Earnest who first introduced me to cooking through her daily preparations, attention to detail and love for making a satisfying dish. I was enamored with her natural ability to make manifest an abundance of goodness from just a handful of items to work with. I mean my mom was able to get down with the best of them. I must say that was the spark plug I didn’t quite know I needed as of yet. It wasn’t until I turned 20 years old when I caught the itch to cook professionally and learn as much as I could everywhere I worked. By the time, this interview is published, I would have turned 45 years old making this my 25th anniversary in the Culinary profession. Throughout the years, I’ve worked under some amazing popular and or semi popular chefs such as Michael Ty ~ Jonathan C. Harootunian ~ Jackie Shen ~ John Capputo to name a few. Read more>>

O’Neil Mabile

I have always had a passion for art. When It came to school I spent more time drawing than I did studying. I was fortunate enough to turn my passion for art into a career as a full time graphic designer. I Spend most of my free time working on a number of different projects for The Kandy Company. A weird little side project I started about ten years ago. The rest of my time I like to spend with my wife, our dog, and surfing or skating with my family and friends. Read more>>

Rebecca Schulman

I am still always a little surprised I ended up working in holistic health. As a child, I had very high academic expectations placed on me that ultimately I rebelled against in high school. By that point, I only desired to learn from other people’s life experiences. I was a “story” junkie, if you will. I loved the freedom that working in the hospitality industry afforded me, from quick cash to the ability to leave on a trip for a month at a time. By the time I was 27, however, I was questioning my hard living and working lifestyle and recognized my desire to serve others in a more profound way. I had always had an exorbitant amount of energy and physically been a strong and able-bodied person. I had had a couple of massages in my life and enjoyed them, but often fell asleep and didn’t really have any awareness around what I was experiencing in the moment. This changed when I went to a school’s massage clinic down the street from the restaurant I worked at. Read more>>

Azul Isela Gutierrez

I was born in Mexico City and spent most of my formative years in Venezuela and Costa Rica before moving to the US. I have always felt that I’ve left a part of me in different places. Azul Nomad Art was created about 12 years ago while traveling through Latin America. When people ask me where I’m from, I like to say from everywhere and from no particular place. I’m from right here right now, in the present moment. Sometimes I think that certain places choose you. That’s how I feel about Ocean Beach; I would have never imagined that this place would be home. The moment I arrived here, I was able to expand creatively and build a community around surfing, art and yoga. I have never known life without art. My mother is also an artist. Growing up in a home full of her own paintings and sculptures, I intuitively came to an understanding that creativity was my birthright. My creativity has always been my guide in life. Read more>>

Randy Strunk

I feel in love with surfing as a kid and before long that’s all my friends and I wanted to do. Everything was surfing, being a surfer, hanging with other’s who surfed, surfing different breaks and different designs, wearing surf clothes. It was fun and expressive back then. I go my 1st board in 7th grade and by high school surfing defined my life. My high school buds are still my best friends and I still surf with some of them! The 70’s were such an adventurous time and the evolution and progress of surfing was unfolding at such a rapid pace. I identified with two designs, the fish which had a wide tail and was fast down the line and the egg which I felt was the most versatile design for a wide variety of surf that California offered. I didn’t have the means to expand beyond that and I just found my niche and then surfing kind of kept moving and all of the sudden the tri-fin shapes hit and boards went really small and It took me a while to find my place. Read more>>

Ben Fairbrother

When I first visited San Diego in 2016 I fell in love with the relaxed vibe of the people, the beautiful surrounds, and ideal climate – but mostly it was the feeling I got from being here. I started telling friends and family that I would move there someday, and sure enough I did. Having grown up in New Hampshire, I was ready for a radical change. I spent my college years studying at Franklin University Switzerland and traveling around Europe, and after graduating had the opportunity to travel the US representing my family’s business, Moonlight Meadery. In September 2018, when the opportunity came up to represent our brand in San Diego, I jumped on it. As Moonlight Meadery’s VP of Sales I had been searching for a new distribution partner for San Diego – I found Brown Bag Beverage to be the perfect fit, so when owner Susie Baggs said she would carry our brand if we had a rep in the market, I told her I could be there in three weeks. Read more>>

Karina Sanchez

We are Zach and Karina, two young lovebirds who met by the sea. We came from different cultures to form a bond on love of life and adventure. With nothing more than a dream, lots of energy, and a passion for nature, we’re proud to have acquired a top-notch scuba diving operation that creates memorable moments in many scuba divers’ lives every day. One of the things we’re often asked is: “How on earth did you guys make such a bold move at such a young age?” From the first few months as boyfriend and girlfriend, we already knew we wanted to build something together. And we weren’t talking about an iKea dresser or even a house. We wanted to build a socially conscious business to spread our love for nature and adventure. Our very first business wannabe was – a traveling, watersports, and sustainability blog that never came out of draft. The idea for the blog came early on in our relationship when we realized that we shared the common passion for exploring Spaceship Earth, mostly through its waterways. Read more>>

Lea Dlugosch

Anyone who has experienced a full blown panic attack knows fear is powerful. I went through my first one at the age of 24 while working for a German publishing company. I was so invested in my job that I had forgotten about my basic needs. When dizziness became a daily occurrence and leaving my bed felt like a challenge, I knew things had to change. Back then I wish someone had told me about the subtle ways fear can sneak into your mind and body. I was convinced I had a terrible disease but my actual problem was much more complex. Yoga was always in my life: my mother owns a small studio in Bavaria, Germany. But it never became relevant before this part of my life. The incredible benefits of breath, movement, and meditation saved me when I found out about the physical effects that anxiety can create. Eventually yoga became a sanctuary in my routine so I decided to share it. My first training was with YogaWorks in New York, followed by years of additional workshops and events. Later, I found yoga therapy and specialized in stress and anxiety healing. Read more>>

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    Thank you so much for including me and The Hair Cooperative with this amazing group of people! Very cool! 💗

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