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Point Loma & Shelter Island 01.04.2018

Scott Stephens

Vocalist of the “World’s Most Traveled Band®” and skater with one of the most prominent roller derby teams of all-time, Scott Stephens is the embodiment of ROCK and ROLL! Since 1996, Scott has been the driving force behind the musical group Liquid Blue. On-stage he was the band’s lead vocalist, front-person and songwriter for more than 15 years. He is currently the C.E.O. of Liquid Blue, Inc. Read more>>

Jeton Prince

My business partner, Todd Capizzo and I have a shared passion for paddleboarding. We had been working together for a few years on some other projects when the opportunity to get involved with the Courtyard Marriott in Liberty Station came about. We started off 5 years ago with about 15 boards and 4 kayaks. Read more>>

Ken Davenport

I started my first company right out of graduate school at UCSD and never stopped. After doing four start-ups and working in a variety of sectors (healthcare and IT) over a 20 year period I woke up one day in 2010 and realized that I wasn’t fulfilled in my work and that I needed to find a greater meaning in the second half of my career. Read more>>

Javier Velasco

Back in 1990, Robin Sherertz-Morgan and I felt that there was a void in the San Diego Dance scene. San Diego has a long history of creating dancers who have gone on to dance with national and international companies. However, at the time, there was no local organization that offered dancers a season’s worth of employment. Read more>>

Sean Johnson

I started the business as a side gig, buying collection of trading cards and selling the singles on eBay. I taught myself how to grade and catalog inventory as well as follow price trends of cards, which are very fluid like stocks. I learned the ins and outs of shipping and how to package orders, and ultimately failed countless times doing trial and error. Read more>>

Rachel Hiner

12 years ago I organized some super unofficial 5k fundraisers for Team in Training with two friends. Like super unofficial. Runners had to “sign up” for the run by donating $25 on our fundraising pages, we had no permits, we printed the bibs on printer paper, we recruited runners by going to bars and getting people to sign up. Read more>>

Leslie Pierce

When I was a child of six in New York, my grandmother framed and hung my drawings in her home. I thought that was amazing and felt very happy and enjoyed the knowledge that my art had brought her joy. That was my earliest memory of exhibiting art. I was sold. Read more>>

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