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Point Loma & Shelter Island 01.11.2018

Geno Mazza

Got my first job out of college with a company called The Good Guys , I worked there for 10 years starting my way up form Personal Electronics to running my own store. I remember being approached to go into the installation side of the company and jokingly said sure but only if I can get weekends off. Read more>>

Sandy Hanshaw

Eight years ago, i opened The Wine Pub, a wine bar and restaurant. It was my first restaurant. My career was spent in Hotel Sales mostly, but i had been studying wine since graduating from UNLV in 1988. I knew that i wanted to have a business that included my passion for wine, but wasn’t sure what that may look like. Read more>>

Tim Wirick , Ashleigh Glod

Why is it that when you start planning a wedding, you magically get to a $30,000 cost? We kept asking ourselves that question and uncovered something magical – the perfect wedding doesn’t have to cost this much! BRICK was founded to give creativity, flexibility and budget control back to the client. Read more>>

Timothy Smith

In June of 2015 I met with Mark Stevens and Ty Hauter (owners of GTD Golf LLC) regarding the open General Manager’s position at The Loma Club. During this meeting we discussed my visions of the club and what potential there was for the 17 acre property. Read more>>

David Sein

Point Loma Playhouse was founded in 2006 as Point Loma Actors Theatre in the beautiful historic building of the Point Loma Assembly. This ‘Beginner Actor Workshop’ was directed by David Sein while founding Education Director, Patty Hume showcased a variety of comedic short scenes and monologues. Read more>>


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