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Point Loma & Shelter Island 10.19.2017

Desiree Villalpando

I actually started working in a salon in High School as a Junior Apprentice. I worked for a few years then was a ballroom dance teacher for 6 years when I decided I wanted to do hair again. I like most stylists, worked in several salons until I opened my first salon in Old Town in 2005. I began doing more photoshoots, and commercial work so after 7 years I decided to close my salon and focus on freelancing. Read more>>

Mustafa Bondugjie

We are a family owned chain of barbershops (3 brothers). There was a huge void in the Eastlake area for a traditional barbershop, so we decided to take the leap and start a business and open an upscale family-oriented barbershop that specializes in quality haircuts and old fashioned straight razor shaves.  Read more>>

Kelly Soto

I’m originally from Colombia, and 7 years ago I came to the United States. I had studied marketing and I’ve always had an enormous interest in business, which is why I decided that the best course for my life would be to start my own brand.  Read more>>

Lisa Yee

I have always been fascinated with the human body, especially movement I taught jazzercise in the early 90’s and trained other people how to instruct aerobics. I have a background in Western medicine because at one point in my life, I wanted to become a physician. I studied Eastern medicine because I enjoyed the philosophy.  Read more>>

Brian Hall

I started the company in 2005 as a way to take my love and passion for the water and make money. At the time of starting it, my wife was working 30 hours a week, plus another 30 hour internship on top of 18 units in school. I was goofing off spear-fishing each day and she politely informed me that we “were broke, and that I needed to contribute a little more”. Read more>>


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