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Point Loma & Shelter Island 11.3.2017

Patric Douglas

We have been a fixture on the San Diego waterfront since 1971. The Horizon Charter operation started with the Grivetto Family back in the early 70’s with a small fishing boat back when bluefin tuna ran out of the harbor at 800lbs. Those days are long gone, but during the ensuing years they embraced eco-tourism, speak fishing charters, whale watching and scuba diving. Read more>>

Marie Sacks

I am a Personal Trainer and a fitness instructor. I am certified NASM CPT-CES-FNS-GSF, I am also certified Spin instructor, TRX and have some Les Mills certifications. As a Personal Trainer, I have been working a lot with our baby boomers, experiencing muscle imbalances and tightness despite recovering from injuries (low back, knees, hips and shoulders). Read more>>

Juliet and John Conniff

Fourteen years ago as a couple with a passion for the ocean we bought the Islander. The boat was a sport fishing vessel but given the season for sport fishing was short, we set out to find what other ocean activities we could provide to extend our running time each year. Read more>>

Reyes Barrios

From the time I was young I have always known that I wanted to be an artist and a teacher. I just didn’t realize that I would end up teaching Flamenco dance. My passion for dancing Flamenco began at the age of 4 or 5. Living in the heart of Flamenco, Sevilla Spain, you could hear the singing and the footwork throughout the streets. Read more>>

Juanita Franco

Juanita started classes in Flamenco at the age of five years old. At age 15, she was dancing for the king of Spain. She came to the United States after meeting her American husband in Sevilla Spain. Here in the United States, she had four children and went back to teaching Flamenco, she has been teaching the art of flamenco in San Diego since the 80’s but opened her current studio in the Bay park neighborhood in 1996. Read more>>

Abe Al-baba

Looking back, I’ve always kind of had a trainer mentality. When I was a kid, my neighbor’s asked me to watch over their overweight dog, Hootie, for a weekend. I made Hootie run with me everyday. When the family returned they mentioned how happy the dog looked and how he had lost weight. Read more>>

Gabriel and Franco Flores

Gabriel and Franco are brothers, born and raised in San Diego. They come from a family of both barbers and small business owners, and were most directly influenced by their mother who made ends meet by working as a barber/hairstylist for many years. Read more>>

Bruce Antonoff

I own a pet transportation company called San Diego Pet Driver. I have been working with pets for 10 years, I’ve been driving them, boarding them, taking them to the airport and to the vet. I have taken them to the vet for multiple reasons: they have cancer so they need to go to oncology, they have to fly and they need a health certificate, they are injured and need a vet, they need boarding or doggie daycare. Read more>>

Meagan Crowell

I was fortunate enough to know at age 16 that I loved the beauty industry and wanted to open up my own salon. I was so set on this idea that when I turned 17, I found a tanning salon that became available so I called my dad to borrow 50k from him. haha Moral of the story that did not work out (thank goodness) otherwise I would still be in Tyler, TX. Read more>>

Ian Van Tuyl

I’ve been sailing my whole life. My Dad had a boat here in San Diego at the Marriott Marina downtown. During the 90s, my sister and I would come visit him and stay on the boat. Eventually, I got my first job when I was 20 years old working in service for my dad, who was Vice President of Nautical Enterprises/H&S Yacht Sales in the service department. Read more>>

David Gereghty

Recreational Music Center was originally started as a Sole Proprietary music school by my wife, Leslie Gereghty and I in November of 2008. The school was a life-long dream of Leslie’s who credits music for being the reason why she survived her tumultuous childhood. When Leslie and I started the school we were both working in music publishing and our desire was for RMC to be a sort of philanthropic venture. Read more>>

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